See other types of restaurants & cuisines in Evanston, including area Eclectic & International and Greek.
In nearby Glenview, take a look at a number of other restaurants, including Wildfire and Grandpa’s Place. Don't forget to check out the many restaurants located in and around Wilmette, IL and Skokie, IL. Evanston calls itself "the dining capital of the North Shore," and it has good reason to make such a claim. Las Palmas is near the intersection of Benson and Emerson, which is about two blocks north of Church Street.
Find whatever you're craving, see what's good at any restaurant and learn what foodspotters, friends and experts love wherever you go.
Evanston is blessed with over one hundred restaurants, and a large number of them are not your run-of-the-mill chain eateries.
It has since been replaced be a new restaurant, which I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting. As you would expect from the name, this establishment serves Cajun food and other Southern specialties.
This is a Spanish tapas restaurant, which means small portions that are shared by all at the table.

They have a small bar area, which is usually used by those waiting for a seat in the dining room. They offer 32 wines by the glass, and even if the restaurant is filled, you may be able to find a seat at the small bar. They feature a Mexican buffet, which is what I usually order, but you can also order entrees from the regular menu. This restaurant serves traditional Italian dishes in what the restaurant calls a "white tablecloth casual" setting. Their entrees include several miraculous combinations of chicken, vegetables, fresh herbs and garlic mashed potatoes. This is a good place to go with a group of people, because it is fun to compare the various stir fry concoctions that people come up with.
The best thing on the menu is the fajitas, which are served sizzling on large trays over a flame.
Malnati's pan pizza is made Chicago-style, with gourmet chunky tomato sauce layered over the sausage and cheese.
Astro and I had our wedding reception here, so the original Va Pensiero has a special place in our hearts. I limited the list below to restaurants that I have tried myself, and even then the list is still rather large.

This restaurant has a reasonably large bar area, and I may wind up moving Tapas Barcelona to the Restaurants with Bars page.
Their vegetarian risotto dishes are also delicious, featuring creamy risotto with asparagus, saffron, or other varying combinations of herbs and vegetables.
The beef fajitas include onion, green pepper, and tomato, with soft corn tortillas and a side of refried beans and Spanish rice. Note that the stained-glass reference refers to an empty glass of wine, not a decorative window. The dessert specialty of the house is an incredibly rich and moist chocolate mousse cake that is truly amazing. The chips are served warm, and they are better than the free chips offered at many Mexican restaurants. The Penne Mediterranean pasta is nowhere near as large or substantial as its photo on Bravo's Web site suggests, but tastes good nonetheless.

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