Every region has its comfort food, its local dish imbued with memories, tradition, and nostalgia. Meanwhile in the countryside, the wood-burning ovens that were once so common in people's backyards have been vanishing as well, victim to the modernization bug that prompted homeowners in the sixties and seventies to tear down traces of the past while renovating. No one knows farinata's precise origins, but many of the shops along the Ligurian coast have been in operation for well over 100 years. Chickpeas have been particularly important in Ligurian cuisine, in no small part because of its geography. Recipes created with this flour spread up and down the Riviera coast as the sea-faring population went about its business. Unfortunately, Christopher Columbus didn't bring the tradition of farinata with him when he crossed the Atlantic, although other navigators from Genoa carried it to Argentina, where it's still part of the local cuisine. Unlike Italian farinata, which is either plain or has no more than one ingredient on top, Rose Pistola's offerings reflect American's preference for plenty. That's exactly what Tino Roncoli is preparing for his guests tonight: me and my husband, who is Tino's second cousin, plus a half-dozen friends and family.
We're soon watching the flames leap out of the oven's angular mouth - a veritable Brothers Grimm fairytale scene. Patricia Thomson is a regular contributor to PASTA and is president of La Dolce Vita Wine Tours. To avoid summer bummers, such as sunburn, dehydration and bug bites, protect your family from head to toe with these seasonal safety tips. Call your child’s doctor for a sunburn that blisters or one that occurs before one year of age. Applied ScienceWhen shopping for sunscreen, make sure the product is “broad-spectrum.” These sunscreens protect against both UVA rays, which can cause cancer, and UVB rays, which can cause sunburn as well as cancer. Wash your hands! If you won’t have a bathroom close by, pack a water bottle and soap for cleaning hands and cutting boards. Clean fruits and vegetables at home. Rinse and dry all fresh produce under running tap water before adding it to the cooler. Serve cold foods cold. Keep all foods that should stay cold, such as salads, cut fruits, lunch meat, cheese and yogurt, in the cooler until you are ready to eat it.
Know how long your food can sit out. Both cold and hot foods should sit out for only two hours—only one hour if the temperature is over 90°F. Spending a few hours one weekend a month cooking favorites, such as spaghetti sauce, bread, and even rice and pasta, can make dinner prep so easy during busy weeks.
Dry beans, which are much cheaper than canned, can be soaked overnight and cooked for a few hours on a weekend. Avoid the BurnWhen freezing any food, store individual servings in tightly sealed freezer bags. Call your baby’s pediatrician if the rash doesn’t get better in a few days or if he gets a fever. A teen who can’t stay focused or organized at school may be bored, or he may be having a hard time handling all the demands on his time. Look for signs such as a drop in grades or a child who was once very organized but recently seems to miss a lot of assignments or activities, Dr. In addition to name and date of birth, the office staff will want to know your child’s most important symptoms, including current temperature if he has a fever.
Remind the pediatrician of any chronic conditions, such as asthma or diabetes, that your child has, or drug allergies if medications are going to be called into the pharmacy. The following list will give you some guidelines so you will know how urgent your child’s symptoms may be. Young infants require a little more caution than those over 3 months of age since they can be more difficult to assess and may become sick more quickly than an older baby or child. A skin infection is getting worse—redness has spread to a larger area, you see red streaks, the area feels hard, the infection has pus or, most importantly, your child develops a fever. Always call poison control if any toxic or poisonous material was swallowed, inhaled, or splashed into eyes or onto skin.
Instead of toys with small pieces, choose items such as soft books and colorful teething rings. You hang up and start to wonder, “How in the world did my son get a worm infection?” You may even start to second guess your housecleaning skills. The name “ringworm” comes from the fact that it shows up as a reddish rash in the shape of a ring. Ringworm usually responds well to antifungal creams and ointments that can be purchased over the counter. If your child has ringworm and is in a contact sport such as wrestling, he should not participate until evaluated by a doctor.
Whether kids have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, keeping blood sugar levels under control is important. One second, your children are squealing with joy as they playfully swing each other around by the arms.
Treatment depends on your child’s age, health and medical history and how bad his symptoms are. Before heading outside with mulch and a watering can, plan some fun fruits and vegetables to grow. Another option is to plant “fun-sized” vegetables that make good snacks, such as snap peas or cherry tomatoes. Parents who take time to hold, play and talk to their babies help them become independent, healthy children. During your daughter’s last soccer game, she changed direction suddenly and heard a “pop” in her knee.
According to a study presented at a 2015 American Academy of Pediatrics conference, the number of school-age children and teenagers who are injuring their ACLs, a major piece of tissue in the knee, is on the rise.
These findings came as no surprise to Jeffrey Nepple, MD, Washington University pediatric orthopedic surgeon and director of the Washington University and St. The ACL is one of the four main pieces of tissue, or ligaments, that connect the bones of the knee. Strength and conditioning programs, run by physical therapists or athletic trainers, help young athletes gain strength and improve their form while doing things such as changing direction, jumping and landing.
If your child is getting headaches a lot and they affect her daily life, you should talk to her doctor about whether she has migraines.
Young children can get migraines, but migraines are not very common for children younger than 5 years.
If your child is getting a lot of headaches that aren’t migraines, stress may be the cause.
Be sure to schedule a cleaning day and tell your kids not to schedule any activities or play dates. Answers to questions about your child’s health should come from a trusted source, such as the St.
The information is based on expert advice from as many as 10,000 nurse and pediatrician practices. Staying cooped up during cold winter months can bring on a serious case of cabin fever for kids.
The biggest danger is falling on the ice, even for experienced people who may get knocked over. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the safest place for your child to travel on an airplane is in an approved child safety restraint system (CRS) and not in your lap. Look for this phrase printed on your CRS, "This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft." If you do not see this on your child’s device, you may be asked to check the CRS as baggage. Making sure children are on schedule for getting recommended vaccinations is the best way to protect them against serious diseases. Some parents worry that vaccines may be linked with causing certain disorders, such as autism. Taking care of baby teeth also teaches kids healthy habits that keep permanent teeth healthy and cavity free.

For infants up to 1 year old, or before the first tooth appears, rub their gums daily with a wet cloth.
When baby teeth arrive, around age 1, lightly brush their teeth with a toothbrush and kids toothpaste.
Does your child need one for safety reasons?“If kids are getting dropped off and picked up for activities, being able to call mom, dad or someone else is important,” says ?Kathleen Berchelmann, MD, a Washington University pediatric hospitalist at St. If you decide to get your child a cell phone or smartphone, setting strong rules can help ?you avoid the risks. In between school, sports and other activities, making time to volunteer can seem hard for teenagers. Whether your child has a cough, a fever or a head full of lice, deciding when to keep her home from school can be hard. Sick DazeThe viruses that make the usual rounds through classrooms and playgrounds each year can make children of all ages sick. Protecting Their Peepers Newborns can’t tell you when there’s something wrong with their eyesight. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends vision screening by a pediatrician beginning at birth, followed by regular screening during well-child visits as the child grows. If your child isn’t in front of the giver when she opens the gift, she should write a thank-you note right away, Rau says. At holiday events, kids often meet relatives or family friends they don’t know or see very much.
Emily Post, the expert on polite behavior, once said that manners are a way of showing that you are aware of how ?other people feel. Don’t share combs, brushes, hats, scarves, bandanas, ribbons, barrettes, hair ties or bands, towels, helmets, or other personal care items with anyone else. Every three or four days, check members of your household who have had close contact with a person who has lice.
Start with over-the-counter anti-lice products that have 1-percent permethrin listed as the active ingredient.
In Liguria, the region flanking Genoa along Italy's northwest coast, that dish is farinata. Except for a rare escapee, the outdoor ovens where once bread, pizza, foccacia, and farinata were prepared are gone. Today the old ways are turning chic, so one now sees newly built and even prefabricated ovens cropping up, ready to revive an ancient culinary tradition.
What is known is that chickpeas have been a staple in the diet of Ligurians and other Mediterranean cultures since time immemorial. This is a rugged landscape, with rocky hills cascading down to the sea - a dramatic finale to the miles of mountains that encircle the crescent coastline. Since Genoa was one of the most powerful city-states in Italy during the Renaissance, its navy controlled the coastal towns all the way into France, taking its culinary habits with it. In San Francisco's North Beach, for instance, it's on the menu of Reed Hearon's Italian restaurant Rose Pistola. In his backyard, a brick oven is tucked between a rabbit hutch, a fig tree, and a rickety garage. After brother Giancarlo oils a copper pan, Tino carefully ladles enough of the soupy batter to thinly cover the bottom of the pan, then whisks batter and oil together. You can also pack wet wipes or hand sanitizer and use those before and after you touch food.
Serving plates or bowls for foods such as chicken salad and desserts should sit on top of a deep pan filled with ice. Freeze them in one-cup portions to use in burritos or on top of salads, or to make healthy dips for snacking. These are called “executive functioning skills.” The term refers to skills such as making decisions, planning and prioritizing, or deciding which tasks are more important than others. Bosworth suggests working with your child to come up with a plan to get more focused and organized.
Or you’ve just picked up your 10-year-old after school and learned he hurt his foot playing kickball.
If your child is currently on medications prescribed by a specialist, tell your pediatrician.
If no visit is needed, do not hang up the phone until you understand what treatment is necessary for the symptoms. These include not urinating for 12 hours, dry and sticky mouth, crying without tears, and being limp or not responsive. Baby mirrors in the car could hurt a child in a crash and are a dangerous distraction for drivers.
But try to cover the area with clothing to decrease the chance of skin-to-skin contact with another child. Grow toppings, such as basil, oregano, peppers and tomatoes, and kids will be excited to watch their “pizza garden” grow. A few ways to do this include by bottle-feeding pumped breast milk or formula, changing diapers, giving baths, and spending time holding or singing to babies.
They’re best for children who are not involved in sports that require lots of turning on the knee or changing direction suddenly, such as soccer or basketball. These programs also help a child who has had ACL reconstruction lower her risk of injuring her knee again or injuring her other knee. He may have skipped lunch, not drunk enough water during the day or not gotten enough sleep. Too much stress can lead to tension headaches, which happen when neck or shoulder muscles get very tight.
One reason is that cleaning helps you feel like you’re getting a fresh start, says Kathleen Berchelmann, MD, a Washington University pediatrician at St.
The Symptom Checker lets parents know if a child can be treated at home or if a doctor’s visit, or even a call to 911 or an emergency room visit, is needed.
So parents should listen to their kids, especially if the kids are hurting from the cold, Dr. Buying a ticket for your child is the only way to guarantee that you will be able to use a CRS. A CRS should be placed in a window seat so it will not block the escape path in an emergency.
That way, when germs attack, the antibodies that have already been made are ready to fight back, keeping you from ever getting sick.
But you can ask yourself some ?questions before you spend the money on what can be a pricey accessory. Some groups want kids to be a certain age or will allow children to volunteer only if a parent comes with them. Louis Children’s Hospital is always looking for teenagers age 16 and older to give their time.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, colds in children are responsible for nearly 22 million missed school days every year. They’re seeing family, getting presents and going to school parties—all times when good manners are important.
A deceptively simply street food, farinata is somewhat like a large chickpea crepe, cooked on pizza-sized copper pans in wood-burning ovens and served up steaming hot on wax paper to eat on the spot or carry home. First grown in ancient Egypt and the Levant, chickpeas are a key ingredient in Middle Eastern and North African cuisine and are even mentioned in the Bible. Spectacularly beautiful, with colorful houses and umbrella pines clinging to the hillside like ornaments on a Christmas tree, this land is more hospitable to tourists than to farmers. Thus the French Riviera town of Nice offers an identical twin to farinata under the name of socca.
Even restaurants like I Tre Merli, which has locations in both Genoa and New York, followed Columbus's lead and didn't pack the recipe when they made their trans-Atlantic trip.
Tino's father, Corrado, a spry old man in blue jeans, supervises while his son piles a bundle of sticks in the oven that he built 30 years ago.

To attain the crispy crust, one needs a wood-burning oven with a dome like a low igloo which can throw the flame over the top of the pan.
Slowly, carefully, he slides the shallow pan into the witch's oven, pushing it deep inside with an ancient wood palette.
Too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and too many sunburns can raise lifetime risk of melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer. Don’t forget about easy-to-miss areas like the ears, the tops of feet and the backs of hands.
Do not use the same cutting surface for fruits or vegetables as you did for raw meat or fish. When you’re ready to use those foods, thaw ingredients in the refrigerator—not on the kitchen counter. Creams that contain zinc oxide or petroleum jelly keep moisture from a diaper from irritating your baby’s skin.
But school schedules, activities and study time don’t always allow them to sleep when they want to.
They may have done very well in elementary or middle school, but there are more academic demands in high school.
It can also be spread by contact with items that person has used, such as towels, combs or clothing, as well as pools and shower surfaces. Going to the bathroom a lot and drinking a lot of water are signs of both types of diabetes. If it took several hours for you to see a doctor, your child’s pain may not go away as fast. As the pain goes down, we focus on the second goal of recovering range of motion and putting weight on the leg. This test also helps us see if a child has any other injuries, such as damage to the meniscus, which is cartilage (or flexible tissue) that cushions the knee.
ACL surgery, in general, is very successful at returning athletes to sports, but it will generally take between six and 12 months for athletes to fully recover. Parents simply select their child’s symptoms and then use guidelines to choose the best treatment option.
Art Hill is their favorite destination for sledding. Like most parents, he wants to keep his kids safe.
Kids who use cell phones or other electronic devices have a harder time going ?to sleep,” says David Hartenbach, MD, a community pediatrician at Esse Health Creve Coeur.
They can move from child to child by direct contact with a person who has lice or that person’s combs, hats, clothing or bedding. Crisp and golden on the top, soft and moist on the inside, glistening with fragrant olive oil on the bottom, farinata is a finger-lickin' food that nourishes the soul.
Subsequently Italians up and down the peninsula adopted this versatile legume in various ways - in soups, stews, cold salads, and combined with pasta. Because there is so little open space for growing grain or livestock, the Ligurians rely on the sea for their diets - and on tenacious local vegetation. And the seaside villages on both sides of Genoa are still havens to farinata with regional twists.
Thus the restaurant's most popular version is one with roasted peppers and mozzarella, though Maes prefers the simpler topping of sage, onion, and olives. If they are going to be outside during that time, make sure they wear hats, sunglasses, and long sleeves and pants if possible. Type 1 diabetes usually shows up in children, but Type 2 diabetes is more likely to appear in adults than kids.
Losing weight and suddenly having problems with wetting the bed are also common in children with diabetes.
At the end of the day, reward them for their efforts, for example, with a family dinner at a favorite restaurant, Dr. Kid Care also includes tips for how much medication to give your child and charts that help you keep track of his medications or allergies. Kennedy suggests dressing kids in layers of synthetic material, which dries quickly, and covering up as much as you can. These signs may mean a child has a vision problem, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (misaligned eyes) or even cataracts. Use the product twice in seven days to get rid of lice that may hatch after the first treatment.
Bring up the subject of farinata to any native Ligurian, and chances are good that they'll wax poetic, conjuring up vivid scenes from the past.
Situated across the street from the ancient port, now a popular tourist destination, this tiny white-tiled storefront is one of only three remaining along this stretch. An excellent source of protein, chickpeas were once the first food served to babies after weaning, mixed with broth to form a spoonable paste.
Travel west to San Remo, and you'll find farinata with a sprinkling of rosemary, while in Imperia Oneglia it comes with minced onions or occasionally whitebait on top. After the wood burns down a bit, the embers are pushed to the oven's circumference, forming a circle. Within moments, we're all reaching for strips of golden farinata and smacking our lips over its crispy crust and tender underside. This form is most commonly spread by kittens and puppies, but cows, sheep, pigs and horses can spread it as well. If you have Type 1 diabetes, your body does not make enough insulin, a hormone that helps process sugar from food. The spread of lice does not have to do with how clean you are, and it doesn’t mean your children don’t take enough baths.
Anyone who lives in your house should be treated if you see nits within ? inch of the scalp or if you see live lice.
They'll tell you how as children they picked up golden slices on the way to school to keep for a midday snack, or played truant and sprawled on the sidewalk outside the farinata shop, sharing un gottu (a glass of white wine) and some piping hot slices with friends. Go east to Chiavari, and you'll discover an autumnal variation with pumpkin mixed into the chickpea batter. Then the farinata is shoved in the center and broiled by the flame that licks up the side of the low dome.
In another moment, we're faced with more: farinata with rosemary, farinata with sausage, farinata with gorgonzola. A child who is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at age 10 will have the disease longer than an adult diagnosed at age 30 or 40. They'll talk of farinata vendors who wound their way through the outdoor markets on bicycle, carefully balancing boxes of farinata to parcel out to housewives. For a few dollars, one could have enough chickpea flour, olive oil, and salt - the sole ingredients of farinata, along with water - to create a hearty meal, rounded out by a loaf of bread and a glass of wine. They'll remember the bustling ports of yore, when farinata shops stayed open 24 hours a day to supply the hard-working fishermen and porters with sustenance. When asked about its provenance, the family is tight-lipped; it's off-season for hunting, but these fanged creatures are annoyingly aggressive when it comes to foraging in people's vineyards and fields. And if you're lucky, they'll invite you over for farinata, cooked in an outdoor oven behind their house, where the smell of a wood fire and chickpeas turns the fall evening into a new and perfect memory.
We thank our lucky stars for its timely demise, then take a deep breath as Tino arrives with a pan of pizza from the oven, more wine, and his guitar.
He softly picks an Eric Clapton ballad while we continue talking, drinking, and watching the twilight envelop the mountains.
Later as we lay down to sleep, like Ligurians everywhere it's visions of farinata that dance in our heads.

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