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Bloating -- that uncomfortable feeling of a distended stomach -- typically occurs when gas isn't released through burping or flatulence. Insoluble fiber decreases bloating by bulking up stool, which makes bowel movements easier to pass and gas less likely to build up in the digestive system. Yogurt contains probiotics, strains of bacteria that regulate the body's digestive system, and eating it daily has been found to reduce bloating by up to 78 percent, according to a study from the University Hospital of Southampton. Although it might seem counterintuitive, drinking plenty of water -- and eating fruits and vegetables with high water contents -- is key to reducing bloating.
This summertime fruit lives up to its name: The melon is made up of 92 percent water, which means your body gets the fluids it needs to keep your digestive system moving and prevent bloating. Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available Foods That Cause Acid Indigestion List of foods & vegetables that raise uric acid List of Foods That Reduce Uric Acid Foods for uric acid reduction List of foods that are gentle on the stomach List of Foods That Contain Uric Acid Juices that reduce uric acid Non-acidic foods list Stomach problems with citric acid Salicylic acid foods Soothing foods for stomach aches How to Avoid Citric Acid Foods Foods that soften stool Foods that have hyaluronic acid Foods That Are Acid Free What are the causes of muscle spasms in stomach?
Digestion truly begins in the mouth, but also revolves around our mental and emotional states- I’ll touch more in depth about the science behind digestion, digesting food and other aspects surrounding that in Digestion, part I. Whole foods that I share in recipes here on the blog are loaded with digestive friendly fiber, prebiotics (the food for good bacteria) and nutrients to keep our bodies healthy.
I personally find this extremely helpful and have so many clients report better digestion after making this simple step. Using straws may help us keep our fabulous red lip on without a smudge, but it’s also an easy entry way for air to get straight into our bellies. Peppermint essential oil and teas are one of my favorite instant go-to for relieving bloating. My favorite healthy fat has got to be coconut oil, I love using it from smoothies, desserts, cooking oil, on my skin and so much more. I’ll go far more in depth about our nervous system and how it impacts our digestion in the Digestion, part I series. I sometimes find if I am feeling a bit rushed and racy, to stop and have a cup of soothing tea like loose leaf peppermint with added essential peppermint oil. Not a odd question at all, but one that’s hard to answer in text- I’ll add this to my QA series on YouTube! I would be very grateful if you had any tip or hint about anything I should take a closer look at!
Hi Selma, I think the best next step for you is to seek out a dietitian or physician to help with further issues! Delicious recipes, wellness advice, nutrition tips and all things that make you feel amazing-- all delivered to your inbox. As mentioned above, HCl activates enzymes in the stomach, small intestine and pancreas to to start breaking down carbohydrate, protein and fat. When the enzymes that are needed to break down these foods aren’t present we start to see mal-absorptions occur. When food isn’t broken down completely gas in the form of belching or flatulence is common. A dependency on pharmaceutical medications like acid blockers is now created that doesn’t address the underlying problem and only creates even bigger problems down the road like a B12 or Iron anemia’s to name only a few (6).
The pyloric glands secrete mainly mucus for protection of the pyloric mucosa from the stomach acid.
The more your digestive track loses the ability to break down protein, fats and carbohdrates the greater the chance for a bacterial overgrowth to occur. As the ratio of good bacteria and bad bacteria becomes flipped in favor of bad bacteria all kinds of bad things occur. One of the most under utilized supplements is HCl, especially if you are already spending a good deal of money on organic food, you want to make sure you are absorbing and assimilating it properly.
If you have serious gastro intestinal irritation or a history of ulcers you should not add any HCl into your supplement regimen with out the guidance and support of a skilled Functional Medicine Doctor.
Maybe the Hulk-size bodybuilders at the gym are grunting because they’re working crazy hard.
Chicken breast and cottage cheese are great for packing on muscle, but they deliver precisely none of the fiber that your digestive tract needs to stay regular.
The key to avoiding and reducing the pain is reaching for foods that are high in fiber, probiotics and water, which all help the body digest food easily and regularly. Fiber-rich foods include whole grains, bran, nuts, beans and vegetables such as green beans and cauliflower. In the study, 34 women who suffered from irritable bowel syndrome ate one serving of a yogurt with live cultures each day; 87 percent of them said they felt less bloated after eating the yogurt regularly for two weeks.

As an added bonus, watermelon also contains plenty of potassium, an electrolyte that, in combination with sodium, helps the body maintain hydration and beat bloat.
Today, here are 10 simple steps anyone can start incorporating into their lifestyle that may help decrease belly bloat!
Eating more of these foods and less of processed foods will ensure that you’re getting enough nutrients, fiber without all the additives of sodium, processed fats and sugars, preservatives, and many chemicals and additives that can easily bloat our bellies. The action of sucking a straw forces air along with your beverage into the stomach, hence why many people burp afterwards! Peppermint actually works to decrease and relax the function of the lower esophageal sphincter (i.e.
Watch your portions and stick with meals that are a little smaller that you eat more frequently if bloating tends to get you down.
Our digestive systems require immediate attention and a lot of energy to digest food, especially if we’ve overeaten, eaten large amounts of fat (takes longest to digest) or eaten foods that may be a little tough on our digestion. Start by inhaling from your nose to a count of 8-10 seconds, hold for 8-10 seconds, and slowly release for 8-10 seconds. Please comment below with any digestion specific question you may have that you’d like answered on the blog next time! I have found a tremendous amount of relief with fennel tea and well-formulated fiber supplements, but I would love to hear any tips you might have for managing this condition from a whole foods standpoint.
I have a really hard time not being afraid of fat, thanks to the anti-fat craze that has been going on for decades. Sign up on my services page and we’ll get started- I have a waitlist until June, but let’s work together! As a health coach I am always telling people to chew their smoothies and they look at me like I am nuts!
This helps to decrease the chance of outside infections from proliferating like parasites, bacteria and fungus.
When chyme is released from the stomach into the small intestine the acidity stimulates the gal bladder to release bile and the pancreas to produce enzymes (lipase and chymotrypsin to name a few). If that first digestive domino isn’t knocked over, it’s safe to say you are at a higher risk of digestive symptoms.
If HCl secretion isn’t initiated in the stomach you will start to see a putrification or rotting of the proteins, fermentation of carbohydrates and a rancidifiation of fats (1). These mal-absorptions cause an increase intra-abdominal pressure which can cause a weakening of the esophageal sphincter.
You are now set up for a viscous cycle of poor digestion that almost never improves on its own unless the underlying cause is addressed (3) . As the balance of bacteria becomes more dysbiotic (more bad bacteria in relation to good) this can weaken your esophageal sphincter as mentioned above and allow burning in the esophagus to occur. Pylori or a myriad of other parasites that are notorious for causing these types of issues.
There have been studies showing nutrient deficiencies in calcium, iron and B12 when low stomach acid is present. Some patients need more enzymes and gut healing herbs and nutrients before any HCl is introduced. But just like other really good things, getting tons and tons of extra protein isn’t always better.
Which might be great for weight loss, but not so much for your breath, says registered dietician Jessica Cording.
When you chow down on protein, you also take in nitrogen byproducts that your kidneys then have to work to filter out of your blood. Which means that if you swap too many complex carbs—like whole grains, beans, vegetables, and fruit—for animal proteins, you’ll have a hard time getting the recommended 25 to 35 daily grams of fiber. Drinking more water will push fluids through your system and reduce the uncomfortable feeling of being bloated. Whole foods keep our digestive system running smoothly, although some whole foods like the cruciferous family (broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, etc.) may actually cause gas and bloating in some- just be mindful. Therefore, we need to allow a little time before we go jumping, swimming, and hopping around!
I think you’ll also find the Back to Basics Bundle helpful which includes heaps of good information, but also includes a Digestion Tips ultimate post about tips and tricks I use daily.
I find that incorporating more fat into my diet has made my skin look healthier and improved my digestion, and it helps me to feel more satisfied after meals.

I have two questions, maybe I can search for the answer in your blog but I just wanted to ask you here, Where and what did you study nutrition and ? Then I read hydrating between meals can help alleviate symptoms of some GI issues and it all made sense. NS is the source for a balanced wellbeing sharing simple and delicious recipes, health advice, and much more to keep you feeling your best. When the esophageal sphincter loosens this allows the organic acids from the rotting foods to rise up (reflux or GERD) and burn the esophageal tissue (2). The excess of bad microbes in the G.I tract can produce chemicals that slow down peristalsis or the wave like contractions that move food through your intestines.
Here, five weird ways your body can go haywire when you start eating insane amounts of protein. That’s because when your body burns fat, it also produces chemicals called ketones that can leave your mouth smelling sort of like you drank nail polish remover. Your brain needs carbs in all their sugary, starchy glory to stimulate the production of the mood-regulating hormone serotonin. In fact, one long-term study of more than 7,000 adults found that those who ate the most protein were 90% more likely to become overweight compared to people who ate less of the stuff. Try this next time, drink water or liquids away from your meals, at least 30 minutes before or after. I always travel and go everywhere with an emergency peppermint tea bag just in case bloating occurs- this especially is great for those of you, like me, who may accidentally eat gluten or dairy. My advice once you’ve hit this, is to try taking a digestive enzyme to give your digestive system a little boost and support in digesting heavier foods, but first try to set up yourself for success in the first place and take portions on the smaller side. All of those activities and exercising requires a lot of energy as well from our muscles, it’s best to keep exercise light after eating such as leisure walks, stretching, light yoga or foam rolling. I promise, you will instantly feel more relaxed and calm, ready to mindfully enjoy your meal and digest those amazing nutrients! But I still have that one problem that somedays my belly bloats very much, I seem to be able to cope most foods and I didn’t recognize any intolerances or stomach aches related to certain foods.
I thought this was probably because I normally don’t eat junk, but my MNT professor said it could be fat malabsorption. Remember, esophageal tissue doesn’t have the protection (mucus) from an acid environment like the stomach does.
Strip them from your diet, and you’re more likely to feel grouchy, irritable, or just blah. But when you gorge on the muscle builder, you force your kidneys to work harder than usual to get rid of all the extra nitrogen. I can’t figure out anything particular in my lifestyle that could be causing my belly bloating but I still find it that way very often which is quite unproportional to my slim body. Since the stench is coming from inside you, brushing, flossing, or rinsing won’t make much of a difference. And yes, science backs this up: One Australian study of overweight adults found that those who followed a strict low-carb diet for a year reported more crankiness compared to those who followed a higher-carb, low-fat diet—even though both groups lost roughly the same amount of weight. This goes without saying, refined sugar loaded soda and carbonated drinks are out of the question, these are the worst and not only contribute to air in your gut but also teaspoons upon teaspoons of refined sugars. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.
If untreated, acid reflux and causes problems with the oesophagus lining, ulcers, and hoarseness.
Specifically, avoid fast food meals, because they take longer to digest, which means the stomach produces more acid. Health Castle mentions that beer is the worst alcohol to have when trying to avoid stomach acid issues.
Other foods known for increasing alkalinity include watermelon, spinach, potatoes, figs, and bananas. Rice, whole grain breads, and pasta can help to absorb the stomach acid, alleviating some issues and acid levels.

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