There may not be anything you can do about hereditary qualities, but they know that keeping a trim waistline and getting up and exercising is another way to keep cancer at bay. Charcoal grills might make your food taste wonderful, but the cooking method of charring your food increases your body’s risk for developing cancer – even when you thought grilling was naturally healthy! It’s the high temperatures that cause the most damage – so if you do grill your food, don’t overcook it or char it to the point where it ignites the cancer causing chemicals to get released into your body. Meats are generally cancer-causing foods – especially if they’re processed like sandwich meat (bologna), hot dogs, sausage and more.
If you’re trying to keep cancer at bay, meat isn’t the only thing that you have to lay off.
The snack foods often have carcinogens in them that get released again, during high temperatures.
Studies about sugar and the cancer connection have proven that men and women who consume more sugar and foods higher in the glycemic index are more likely to develop cancer.
Next to heart disease, cancer is the second largest killer of men and women in the United States. Recent studies show that diets high in animal protein are linked to an increased risk of cancer. To protect yourself from the development or growth of cancer cells, make sure you consume foods that empower your body at a cellular level. Your body needs fiber to function properly, so you want to eat plenty of whole grains (not white grains) that will help flush out toxins and keep your system clean.
Fruits, such as grapefruit, berries, and oranges provide antioxidant protection for your body.

Berries in particular are known for their strong antioxidants – with blueberries ranking #1. Remember – supplements are not a good enough substitute for real, solid foods when it comes to giving your cells the nutrients they need to fight disease in your body. What to Expect From Us?Our Goal is to promote a way of eating that can restore the balance that you need to prevent or fight Disease with food.
It’s one of the most feared words in our vocabulary and regardless of which type it is or how early it’s detected, it strikes fear in our hearts. Part of that stems from early detection and vigilance in getting your screenings done on time.
Not only is it about the types of foods that you eat (or miss out on for protection), but it’s about the way those foods are cooked. Enjoying the occasional treat is okay, but don’t make these foods part of your regular diet – because that’s when they become toxic. Bacon is one of the worst offenders – and it’s highly due to the sodium nitrate involved, along with all of the additives and preservatives. These cause cancer to develop and studies have shown that processed meat eaters are twice as likely to suffer from colorectal cancer, more likely to have stomach cancer and have an increased risk of getting pancreatic cancer, too. Beef consumption has been linked to the above cancers, as well as prostate, colon and breast cancer, too.
This is one reason why so many health advocates follow a mostly raw food diet – because cooking not only destroys nutrients, but it activates cancer causing elements. Many foods that are heated to high degrees end up with this danger attached to them, but potatoes are the most susceptible to it.

Sugar is known to feed cancer cells, and it can speed up the development of cancer in your body. So not only do you need to get rid of toxins, but you have to learn how to properly feed your body for protection, too. This is what helps cancer cells generate and thrive inside your body, wreaking havoc on your healthy cells until you start showing signs and symptoms of disease. You want to choose foods rich in vitamin C, because that plays a role in keep cancer cell growth under control.
Everything from potato chips and French fries to doughnuts help contribute to cancer in your body. But cancer cells take that sugar and use it to increase their power and destruction in your body.
Ultimately, it’s up to you to feed your body what it needs to survive – and protect it from toxic waste that prevents it from doing its job. That type of beef contains CLA, which stands for conjugated linoleic acid, which researchers feel helps fight cancer cell development.

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