Did you know that all your favorite high carb foods - like bread, pizza and ice cream - are the ONLY foods instantly available for energy the second they enter your mouth?
Did you know this is one of the primary reasons why carbs can send your fat storing hormones skyrocketing, making you fatter and older with every bite? However, if you understand the 3 simple Japanese carb tricks below, you can AVOID these nasty side effects while eating all your favorite carbs a€“ WITHOUT having to worry about storing fat on your body or making your body look or feel older.
As with most weight loss topics, there is confusing information everywhere when it comes to the subject of eating carbs and fat loss. Remember, low carb, fad diets may work at first, but over time they can destroy your metabolism and wreak havoc on your aging and fat burning hormones and STOP your body from using fat as fuel. The 3 Japanese Carb Tricks below will show you exactly how to AVOID CARB BASED FAT STORAGE, while reprogramming your body to look years younger WITHOUT having to avoid your favorite carbs. EVERY time you take a nibble of your favorite carb filled snacks or consume carbs alone, they immediately spike insulin, which is your body's primary fat storage hormone.
The easiest way for you to avoid this fat storing nightmare is to always combine your carbs with protein and a green vegetable. There are, however, times when you can (and should) intentionally eat MORE of your favorite high carb foods without worrying about fat-storage. When you eat a lot of carbs for a few days and you don't burn them off, your muscle and liver storage tank will over fill, and your body will start storing these unused carbs as fat. However, there is a super simple carb cycling nutrition protocol you can use to STOP stage 3 carb-based fat-spillover, reverse aging and still eat all the carbs you want. Incorrect carb timing is one of the primary reasons that 97% of the population gains back the weight they lost directly after following ANY type of crash diet. But when you consume lots of your favorite carbs at the right times, you'll NEVER have to worry about them making you look fatter and older.
Simply put, if you eat carbs at the wrong times, you'll STORE fat, but if you eat carbs with the right foods at the right times, you'll BURN fat. One of the easiest ways to apply this strategy is by using the proprietary carb cycling strategy called Macro-Patterninga„? that I show you how to use on the very next page.
My 55 year old wife and I (I'm 44) have been using these carb cycling strategies to stay in great shape all year round, while still having a life for over 11 years now and guess what? If you are ANTI carb and are convinced that you can't enjoy your favorite carbs without fat storage and looking oldera€¦ or if you think CRASH dieting and cutting carbs is the only way you can get leaner and younger-looking, then the 4 Cycle Solution is obviously NOT for you. However, if you'd like to learn an enjoyable and easy way to eat a LOT more carbs, while BOOSTING your metabolism and anti-aging hormones, just click the Next Page button below. It's scientifically backed by over 31 published studies, it's unusually efficient, and it's one of the easiest and safest ways to visually SEE your belly get flatter and body get younger in as little as 7 days WITHOUT strict, complicated diets or the pain and suffering of traditional crash dieting.
You also discover how to get a copy of my Food Timing Tricks For RAPID Fat Loss guide 100% FREE just by going to the Next Page. But when you consume lots of your favorite carbs at the right times, you’ll NEVER have to worry about them making you look thicker and fatter. Timing your carb intake properly is one the ways you can enjoy ALL the fat-burning benefits of carbs while ELIMINATING fat-storage. One of the easiest ways to apply this strategy is by using the proprietary carb cycling strategy called Macro-Patterninga„? that I show you how to use on the very next page. This nutrition method gives you the flexibility to eat the foods you love while strategically using carbs, and all your favorite cheat foods, as a way to rapidly speed up your metabolic rate, preserve lean muscle tissue, and trigger fat to be your primary energy source a€“ all at the same time. If you think CRASH dieting and cutting carbs and spending your valuable time trying to lose weight using boring cardio workouts is the only way to get your dream body, then the 4 Cycle Solution is obviously NOT for you.
However, if you’d like to learn exactly how to eat more carbs while you BOOST your metabolism, reset your fat burning hormones, and enjoy dieting again, just click the big red button below.
One of the biggest fitness mistakes Ia€™ve seen people make over the years is nutrient timing.
Understanding how to time your macro-nutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats) the proper way for fat loss or other specific fitness goals is CRITICAL in order to achieve your desired goals and results. As with most fitness topics, the contradicting information and research is everywhere when it comes to the subject of nutrient timing, combinations, and serving sizes.
This guide clears up ALL the confusion of timing your foods as it relates to RAPID Fat-Loss and keeping a a€?healthya€? metabolism. Ia€™ll even uncover strategic food combining and the BIGGEST controversy of all: Fasted vs. I reveal exactly WHICH one is best for losing stubborn fat and I back it up with 3 proven studies to support your fat-loss efforts.
I also cover a sneaky bonus exercise quick fix that will force your body to PRESERVE muscle while simultaneously improving the speed of your fat-loss up to 300%.
Lastly, I share my post workout metabolic trick that NOBODY ever talks about, but it can maximize the hormonal effect of your workouts AND dramatically increase fat burning the hour after your workout. And for the next two days ONLY you can get all my Food Timing Tricks 100% FREE as a valued VIP Subscriber of my newsletter.
Today Ia€™d like to share the undisputed truth Ia€™ve discovered about traditional exercise and weight loss. And if youa€™ve EVER dieted or followed a low carb plan to lose weight therea€™s no doubt youa€™ve experienced the pain and suffering associated with trying to live this way. Youa€™ve also probably quickly realized, like I did, ita€™s simply not possible to sustain a€“ for ANY significant length of time. And whether Ia€™m working with private clients or helping people around the world on my blog, the harsh reality is most people (me included) just don't want to endure the suffering thata€™s caused by going on low carb - low calorie diets or even healthy, balanced diets. Ita€™s very rare I meet someone who wants to constantly obsess over food and always be cranky and in a bad mood because theya€™re dieting. If you really want to burn an insane amount of fat WITHOUT obsessing over food all the time, or constantly being cranky and irritable because you feel restricted, OR worrying about eating too many calories and carbs every stinkina€™ day a€“ then you need the right strategy. If youa€™re anything like me, this is what causes you to automatically associate misery and undesirable sacrifices with losing weight and burning fat.
You see, although there are thousands of weight loss plans that work, theya€™re specifically designed to be temporary.
So if you really want to burn off belly fat like nobodya€™s business and live life with a lean, sculpted, healthy body a€“ therea€™s usually gonna be a big price to pay. And then therea€™s always the fear of gaining the weight back (the dreaded rebound weight gain syndrome) AFTER youa€™ve made all these sacrifices. Thata€™s because we automatically associate the word a€?dietinga€? with pain and we instantly link cheat foods with pleasure. Tony Robbins (world famous self help guru) calls this phenomenon neuro-association and it can make or break your weight loss dreams and goals. When we diet, wea€™re either constantly irritated or angry because we feel so restricted, OR we a€?snapa€? and binge ourselves into oblivion and end up sabotaging our efforts. Well believe it or not, you, me, everyone has astounding fat burning potential just waiting to be tapped. And when you uncover how to carb cycle the simple way, youa€™ll never have to worry about the dreaded rebound weight gain a€“ ever again.
Simply put, ita€™s an enjoyable solution to getting your best body while fixing your broken metabolism. And on this very page right now - Ia€™m going to reveal 3 Metabolic Triggers you can instantly control to start using carbs and even cheat foods as your greatest fat burning weapon, while cutting your exercise time in half. Best of all, this unique approach is based on the real science of how your body digests, stores, and uses the food you consume. So I finally reached my breaking point and got fed up and burned out on dieting down, suffering my way through restrictive food choices day after day and missing out on all the parties and fun just so I could stay lean. I was always in a bad mood and felt like I was losing my grip on the entire purpose of being lean and healthy.
I started to feel like I was obsessed during times when I had to do media appearances or photo shoots.
Finally, after spending thousands of dollars and several hundred hours of experimenting, fine tuning, and refining, I discovered how remarkably simple the entire process of staying lean can be.
Which also meant that I was finally able to end the pain and suffering of a€?dieting downa€? once and for all. Simply put, Macro-Patterninga„? is a simple way for you to outsmart your metabolism by using various types of lower carb deplete days in a strategic sequence during the week to triple the effectiveness of exercise and burn more fat a€“ while using a variety of higher carb and cheat days on other targeted days of your week to simultaneously keep your metabolism humming along and gaining lean, toned muscle tissue. This is the secret to helping you continuously overcome the a€?Adaptive Responsea€? that stops you from losing weight a€“ while keeping it simple and fun at the same exact time. Simply put, almost every low carb plan and diet on the planet doesna€™t address life WITHOUT dieting. They dona€™t take into consideration that eventually youa€™re going to say, a€?screw ita€? and stop obsessing with food, party a little on the weekends, and live it up at social functions during the week. After all these years, I would have to be a complete idiot not to recognize that everybody who wants to burn fat and get super lean still wants to have a freakina€™ life while they follow a structured nutrition plan! As youa€™re about ready to discover like I have, with the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan it IS possible to stay lean and still have a fun life! Ia€™m sure youa€™d agree with me that getting the body you want and staying lean is a journey, not an event.
So why not find a system and program thata€™s actually fun to follow and can fit into your normal lifestyle? After all, other fad diets just disappoint you once you lose the weight (IF you even lose the weight).
You get to rotate and strategically move around cheat foods and your favorite high carb snacks so that you can party with the best of them and not throw your plan out of whack one iota.
Before I reveal how you can apply these powerful fat burning secrets on your body, ita€™s crucial to understand that therea€™s a specific pattern to how your metabolism responds to food intake so carb cycling can work on your body properly.
Just remember that your body is always trying to evaluate and adapt to how much energy youa€™re taking in (calories and macro-nutrients) vs. To survive, your body has to keep the amount of energy it takes in and the amount of energy it expends in balance. Remember, the minute your body thinks you're on a diet, it will do anything and everything it can to hold on to as much fat as possible because it knows you're going into starvation mode.
Your brain will send the rest of your body a signal to conserve energy for the coming dry spell. If youa€™re reading this, you probably already realize that lowering carbohydrates can facilitate more fat loss.
And ita€™s exactly why a€?Adaptationa€? or the a€?Adaptive Responsea€? can be your #1 enemy when youa€™re trying to burn fat. This is where we bring in carb cycling to help you bust through adaptation by manipulating your metabolism. As you can see, if you really want to achieve maximum performance and insane fat loss, you must overcome the Adaptive Response of low carb diets by skillfully manipulating your metabolism in an unfair (but healthy) manner. So - how can you metabolically manipulate your metabolism for crazy fat loss with carb cycling to overcome the adaptive response? Macro-Patterninga„? is the simple process of carefully regulating and alternating protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake to combat your body's adaptive response to your eating patterns.
Glycogen (in case you didna€™t already know) is just a fancy word for the stored energy that comes from carbohydrate consumption. In almost all cases, your body automatically chooses carbohydrates rather than fat as its main source of energy because the second carbs enter your mouth they instantly become available and ready to use.
Remember, your body is still functioning even when you're not putting food in your mouth, and the next source of fuel it taps into is the glycogen stored in your body's muscles and liver. Only when glycogen stores are low - from reducing carbohydrates or creating an energy deficit through exercise (or both) - will your body find and use excess fat for fuel.
When we live our everyday lives haphazardly or even when wea€™re trying to be healthy, we tend to consume the wrong kinds of carbs, at the wrong times, and in the wrong amounts. In other words, if youa€™re not consistently burning off more carbohydrates than youa€™re taking in, your muscles will a€?fill upa€? with glycogen.
By cycling your carbs and Macro-Patterninga„? your food intake you can easily limit and take total control of fat spillover. But by incorporating specific days within your plan where you intentionally raise carb intake youa€™ll a€?sparka€? your metabolism, keep all your fat burning hormones at optimal levels, and prevent the breakdown of lean precious muscle tissue. Additionally, this is a great way to plan out social events or other days of your week where you want to intentionally take a break from dieting. Plus, if youa€™ve EVER dieted real hard, been up and down on the scale from yo-yo plans, or youa€™ve been living and eating unhealthy for any length of time, the likelihood of your metabolism being severely damaged is VERY high.
Thata€™s why the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan is not designed to be a quick fix or a dieta€¦ita€™s a solution. If youa€™re one of those people who might be a€?on-the-fencea€? about this approach, here are a few success stories of other regular folks just like you who have radically altered their bodies through this efficient system. Everything is laid out and hea€™s made the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program literally a€?dummy proofa€?.
Ia€™m up everyday at 3am getting ready for the morning news, so I've always thought the fitness lifestyle was impossible with my hectic schedule, but not anymore. If anything, I think my thyroid began to slow and my hormones have been suppressed due to constant low carb competition diet, and I wasn't mixing up cardio enough like you teach with your sequencing and bursting. So if you really want to end rebound weight gain once and for all and youa€™re tired of suffering through restrictive crash diets that ruin your metabolism, youa€™re not all alone on an island. Simply put, the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan will give you the flexibility to eat the foods that you love while strategically using carbs, and all your favorite cheat foods, as way to rapidly speed up your metabolic rate, preserve lean muscle tissue, and burn an INSANE amount of fat a€“ all while giving you unstoppable energy.
And today youa€™re going to uncover the research-proven Macro-Patterninga„? tactics and the results driven carb cycling meal plan and exercise routines that will melt ugly fat off your body WITHOUT making you feel like your missing out on all the fun things in life.
After all, who doesna€™t want a rational and sane way to look better, feel better, and have more energy, increase their self esteem and pretty much improve every other area of their life?
And thata€™s exactly what happens when you use the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan to accelerate your fat loss in healthy and sustainable fashion. Most so-called a€?healthya€? desserts, which youa€™ll find in any grocery store, are labeled a€?low fata€? which means theya€™re packed with sugar. Unfortunately, a€?sweet treatsa€? like this end up making you fat and theya€™re terrible for your overall health.
But what if you could enjoy delicious desserts without a care as to how it might affect your waistline or fat loss during your 14-day journey? If you want to achieve 14 days of your fastest fat loss ever AND indulge on sweets then I have some great news for you. This Fast Start Bonus contains 14 delicious and healthy desserts that work in synergy with your Food Macro-Patterninga„? meal plans while you experience 14 days of your fastest fat loss ever. And for anyone who picks up the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss guide today, Ia€™m going to give you my 14 Fat Burning Desserts guide for FREE. Ita€™s different, ita€™s unique, ita€™s fun, ita€™s strategic, and it overcomes every hormonal obstacle directly related to intervals and cardio. A 14 day proven and effective exercise schedule laid out synergistically to work with carb cycling for rapid fat loss so that all your favorite cheat foods are a€?partitioneda€? (stored) inside your muscle tissue a€“ INSTEAD of a€?spilling overa€? and being converted to fat. Access fat and calories up to 300% faster and get more results in 20 minutes than a full hour of traditional exercise with this one simple trick. 95% of the population does NOT address the mental obstacles that BLOCK their ability to stay motivated and follow through with a plan. This section is truly the a€?difference makera€? that will KEEP you on track during and after your 14 day journey.
Youa€™ll get both carb loading and carb de-loading recipes so youa€™re not eating the same olea€™ same olea€™. Those of you whoa€™ve experienced our recipes know already that eating for fat loss CAN be tasty.
Ita€™s a short AND long term solution that will allow you to melt off stubborn body fat like nobodya€™s business a€“ all while eliminating the nagging headaches associated with traditional low carb and crash diets.
But if youa€™re willing to put forth some consistent effort, then the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan is the breath of fresh air youa€™ve been looking for. But I also understand that you may still be a little a€?skepticala€? which is completely normal.
We guarantee this solution will change your body and your life, and if it doesna€™t deliver on ita€™s promise after you follow it, you get all your money back.
If you're like most dieters and exercisers out there, the older you get, the HARDER it becomes to get the body you want and the harder it becomes to burn fat. It ends up being a vicious cycle and every day becomes more of the same fat loss frustration. And that's exactly what we're going to show you how to do inside the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan with Macro-Patterninga„? and Interval Sequencing. The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan is proven carb-cycling system that alternates your pattern of eating macro-nutrients by integrating Deplete Days along with higher carb Baselines Days and Cheat Days to help you a€?outsmarta€? your metabolism and conquer any a€?dieta€? plateau while STILL enjoying all your favorite foods.
The secret is called Macro-Patterninga„? and it reprograms your body and metabolic triggers so fat is ALWAYS your a€?go-toa€? energy source.
And when you time your carbs strategically with the right exercise protocol youa€™ll know, for a fact, every time you go to put time and energy into your plan, youa€™ll be burning fat and creating the maximum synergistic effect between food and exercise.
Q: Will I have to deprive myself of my favorite foods and feel miserable from being carb depleted and calorie restricted all the time?
Q: Is this plan something I can only use once, or can the 14 days be used over and over again?
If you look above you probably saw Erin Nicole and Tara Arellanoa€™s testimonial a€“ one is a local Channel 7 celebrity and news reporter and the other is a pro fitness model who were both already in great shape, but still managed to take their training, nutrition, and their bodies to the next level by using the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan. So whether your goal is to lose the last 10 stubborn pounds or you have 50 pounds to lose, the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan will work. Q: I want to get started now; do I have to wait for you to deliver me all this information physically before I get started?
Q: Ia€™m not a spring chicken anymore; will this program work if Ia€™m in my 40a€™s, 50a€™s or 60a€™s? Although the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan is designed to help low carb and crash dieters overcome the a€?adaptive responsea€?, it actually works just as well a€“ if not better a€“ on beginners because they havena€™t radically altered and damaged their metabolisms from low carb or trendy diets. Q: What if Ia€™m a woman who has hormonal imbalances, will this program work as quickly for me as it does for men? Listen, if you follow the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan just like wea€™ve laid it out for you and youa€™re not floored by the results and this way of living, just contact us and wea€™ll refund every penny. Not only do we live this lifestyle and personally walk our talk, we stand behind our product as the most fun, flexible, and powerful way to burn fat a€“ fast, while still enjoying your life on a daily basis. Timing could be a missing element in weight management efforts, say researchersThe regulation of weight loss is not simply dictated by the balance between energy intake and expenditure, but rather requires correctly timed food delivery, according to new research. Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. Roundtable discussion: A lighter world: whose fault is globesity and what is being done to combat it?
From botanicals to omega 3s, Millennials want products that include particular ingredients or meet specific requirements. Spicy Foods: Foods with a spicy kick to them have been known to increase metabolism while contributing to feelings of satiety.
Work For Your Food: Not only are pistachios, shelled peanuts, edamame and sunflower seeds good sources of unsaturated fats, they’re also foods that make you work to eat them.
Keep Booze Clear: Vodkas and Gins have a much lower sugar content than their golden-tinged counterparts. Eat Juicy Fruits: Fruits like watermelon, tomatoes and cucumber are delicious and nutritious ways to stay full longer. These men’s nutrition tips are most effective when practiced in combination with the right food intake. Carbohydrates: A diet that gets at least 50 percent of calories from carbohydrates allows muscles to store glycogen which helps your body keep up with the demands of physical exertion.
Fiber: Beans, oatmeal and bran cereals provide volume to food without adding a lot of calories. Lean Protein: Chicken breast, egg whites, tofu, crab and shrimp are all great examples of proteins which can help speed up metabolism and help your body with muscle growth and repair.
Unsaturated Fats: Fats can also provide men with energy for a workout and additional health benefits. In a very short time period I had been laid off from my job, watched my Father die, and stopped taking birth control pills I had been taking for the prior 15 years. As a result, I was extremely fatigued, couldn’t sleep, gained weight around my middle, and a bunch of other not so nice things.

The other day I was browsing through my local bookstore and I stumbled across a new book called, The Adrenal Reset Diet by Dr. I sat there for an hour browsing through the book, and I came across a little-known timing gem when it comes to consuming carbs. Traditionally, it has been thought that the best time of day to consume carbs is first thing in the morning.
The rationale for that is that our metabolisms are cranking first thing in the morning so you’re more likely to burn the carbs for energy instead of storing them as fat.
However, as the day goes on, your body gets more and more receptive to carbs and can better utilize them for energy.
Not only that, but eating your carbs at night improves your energy levels, helps control daytime hunger and cravings and will help you sleep like a baby!
You now know the best time of day to consume carbs as well as the time of day you should steer clear of them.
Of course, WHAT carbs you actually eat plays a big role too, so let’s talk about that next. Moreover, going too high or too low with your carbs can both hinder your weight loss efforts by negatively altering your fat burning hormones. If you are able to eat the right carbs during these times, your body will function most optimally and you won’t have that nasty energy slump people who go really low carb generally get.
Also receive a copy of my Fat Burning Blueprint, an home-workout you can do in 24 minutes in the comfort of your own home, and weekly exclusive weight loss strategies to help you moving forward towards your goals. My 4 Step Strategy to Develop Your Own Personalized Low Carb Diet Plan & Ignite Your Fat Burning Hormones.
Attention all food and carb lovers: Are you afraid of eating your favorite high carb foods this summer in FEAR of GAINING fat? END Your Bodya€™s a€?Addictiona€? To Burning Nothing But Sugars and REPROGRAM YOUR BODYa€”to burn the fat FIRST, not LAST (and keep it off for good). WARNING: This article is highly controversial, so most crash dieters and newbies will dismiss this because they have been mindlessly misled to follow the same ole' baloney misinformation and outright lies packed inside diet books making you think you can't eat carbs without getting fat. They are more likely to reach 100 years old than anyone else in the world, a fact that most researchers attribute to their diet. In addition to their high life expectancy, they are known for their unusually low mortality from cardiovascular disease and even certain types of cancers.
But it proves once and for all, that despite all the bad press over the years, many high carb foods like potatoes and rice do NOT make you fat. Ironically, to this very day they're STILL the leanest and healthiest people in the whole world. How do the Japanese continue to eat a HIGH carb diet, while keeping the fat off their body to stay leaner and healthier than the rest of the world year after year?
Do you really think lean and healthy people, like the Japanese, obsess over choosing low glycemic foods, counting calories and carb grams?
You might think it's all in their genes, but when Japanese people adopt a western-style diet, they put on weight quickly and gain fat rapidly just like we do. As you'll discover below, most of the lower carb diet foods you think help you burn fat could actually be making you fatter with every bite, while eating many of the high carb foods you try to avoid can actually help you burn MORE fat. The unfortunate reality is that 99% of Low Carb Diets result in a significant amount of muscle loss. In fact, LACK of healthy carb intake is the primary reason 86% of today's exercisers and dieters look and feel terrible because it robs you of energy, SLOWS down your metabolism, and STOPS your body from burning fat.
As you'll soon discover below, Carb Cycling is something that ANYBODY at ANY age can use to ERASE stubborn fat faster, while still eating LOTS of your favorite carbs. END Your Body's "Addiction" To Burning Nothing But Sugars and REPROGRAM YOUR BODYa€”to burn the fat FIRST, not LAST (and keep it off for good) in only one week's time.
Discover a 2 minute shortcut you can use in conjunction with carb-cycling to DOUBLE your rate of fat burning (No extra workout time required). Stimulate Anti-Aging hormones to keep you looking younger and shedding more unwanted weight. Discover why eating MORE carbs is the BEST way for you to get a lean, sexy, attractive body shape.
Discover foods that your body was genetically designed to run on, so you can instantly increase your energy levels and brain power to GET MORE DONE on a daily basis.
Do you hate having to go out of your way to try and find healthy diet foods every time you eat out or go to lunch? No need to avoid carbs when you’re living the ULTRA-CONVENIENT carb-cycling lifestyle!
So what in the world is this sensible nutrition solution that can help you "outsmart" your metabolism and conquer weight loss plateaus once and for all? Why is Macro-Patterninga„? The Most Sensible Solution to FASTER Fat Loss and Permanent Weight Management? Discover how to effectively use all your excess fat and the food you eat everyday MUCH more efficiently as IMMEDIATE energy, instead of storing it as fat. When you crack the fat loss code with carb cycling, you'll take a few days of the week to lower glycogen levels just enough for your body to grab and burn fat. And when you have more muscle, you can get away with eating LOTS more of your favorite foods because you burn more calories and your energy tank becomes largely EXPANDED. More muscle means a healthier metabolism that loves to burn MORE fata€”all while boosting your metabolism and keeping you YOUNGER looking.
The third adaptive response that you need to overcome is managing insulin and controlling blood sugar levels.
Chronically increased insulin levels and elevated blood sugar promote fat storage, ages you at an accelerated rate, while stable blood sugar and insulin levels make it much EASIER for your body to use stored fat as fuel. When you heat up your body by Macro-Patterninga„?, more energy is used, and your body fat becomes a DIRECT SOURCE OF FUEL. Everybody knows by now that lowering your carb intake can help you lose weight and burn fat faster.
In reality, it's not really your metabolism that's the problem, but rather the effect that most fat loss programs, particularly low carb diets, have on your metabolism. So even if you start pounding away on the treadmill, cutting out all high-carb processed foods, and counting every calorie you put in your mouth day after day, it's simply not enough. Cycle one sends a VERY powerful signal that REPROGRAMS your body to burn fat FIRST, every time you eat more carbsa€”all of which happens AFTER the first week.
How In The World Did My 6 Year Old Daughter Jordan Help Me Discover The EASIEST Way To Lose Fat (WITHOUT avoiding carbs)?? My name is Shaun Hadsall and I grew up in a little farm town in Northern Michigan called Birch Run. After I escaped the backwoods of that small town back in 1996, I went on to become a 3 time on-line best-selling nutrition author and stubborn fat specialist who has been coaching clients from all over the world for 16+ years now. Then one day it all changed when I picked up a magazine called Muscle Media and learned about the Body-for-Lifea„? body transformation contest. It was a very emotional moment to say the least, because I had some very deep personal reasons for wanting to change my body and life. This inspired me to change my philosophy about fat loss and life, and sent me on a relentless pursuit of helping others learn the REAL TRUTH about eating carbs and staying lean. But most importantly, this is how I discovered how ANYBODY can use Carb-Cycling to break the chains that make traditional dieting such a MISERABLE experience.
Now you can probably start to see why I feel like it's my DUTY and OBLIGATION to get you started on the Macro-Patterninga„? solution.
I've also spent the last 19 years meticulously perfecting this system to maximize its results so it can be used by ANYBODY, as you'll soon discover below. Just when I thought I had this whole carb-cycling and exercise thing mastered, that's when I met Karen, who just happened to be 11 years older than me. Unfortunately, this involved harmful chemo and painful radiation treatments that literally turned her ovaries into raisinsa€”FORCING her straight into menopause. Needless to say, the age difference quickly taught me some VERY big lessons about the role hormones play in fat loss and nutrition.
Hormones are EVERYTHING when it comes to shedding unwanted pounds and keeping your body looking youngera€”especially as you get older. That's why immediately after Karen's recovery, she started the very first week of Macro-Patterninga„? (Cycle #1 that you'll learn all about below).
That's because Macro-Patterninga„? helps you control your hormones to help you make quick, and continuous, progress with your diet and exercise plan so it works for anybody. No matter WHAT your age, gender, or current condition you're in, YOUR body has been designed to run on the glucose found in high carb foods since the days of the caveman. We'll show you how to combine Carb Down days with Carb UP days below so you can still enjoy many of your favorite carbs WIHOUT fat storage even though you don't like to exercise. Consume moderate amounts of starchy carbs like sweet potatoes, brown and black rice, lentils, and slow cook oats.Fruits are great choices too, but try to consume your ripe fruits and starches on exercise days to enhance all the benefits listed above.
Most people who fall into this category (weight lifters, high intensity exercisers, and endurance athletes) are severely carb depleted and need MORE white starches and ripe fruits in their diets.
Potatoes, white rice, and ripe bananas are 3 of the best choices you can use if you fall into this category. How would it feel to drop 5, 6, 7, all the way up to 10 pounds of PURE fat in just one short week WITHOUT rebound weight gain or messing up your metabolism? This is by far the most powerful strategy of the 4 Cycle Solution because it reprograms and fixes your broken metabolism to teach it where fat stores are available for immediate and long term energy needs.
Third, it shuts off your body’s dependence on burning nothing but sugars, which further accelerates the break down of ugly fat. Fourth, it helps you aggressively control and stabilize blood sugar for even more rapid fat loss.
This jumpstart is essential for your success because it serves as the springboard that will move you through the next three cycles. Cycle 2 incorporates Carb DOWN and Carb UP days, which allow you to easily plan ahead so you NEVER store your favorite high carb foods as fat. The best part is that if you fall off track because of your hectic life, you can just pick up where you left off! The first cycle is designed as a catalyst to make sure your metabolism is programmed and ready to go grab fat when we ask it to. There’s also specific exercise instructions provided that work in synergy with your carb intake to SPEED up metabolic rate even further while creating even faster fat loss. Cycle 2 is BRILLIANT in its simplicity because it will program your metabolism to LOVE burning fat and carbs as fuel sources on a daily basis, while enhancing your fat burning efficiency through HIGHER carb intake. Even though this may be your first time Macro-Patterninga„?, remember that your body is smart.
The Accelerated Fat Loss Cycle is the first nutrition cycle ever that’s specifically designed to overcome ANY and EVERY type of adaptive response the body has to stop you from losing weight. This tried and true meal plan is only two short weeks, but it will teach you how to easily control energy stores and manipulate your hormones so you can stay on the fat loss fast track.
The "Diet Break" cycle is specifically designed to create a NEW metabolic set point for your body that allows you to eat MORE to burn MORE, while still being able to lose fat.
EVERYBODY wants to take a break from dieting, especially during the summer or holiday season, but NOT if it makes you FATTER. It gives you a HUGE physical and psychological advantage that ensures you'll MAXIMIZE results when using the other three cycles. This is when it starts to get REALLY fun and what makes the 4 Cycle Solution the ultimate rapid fat loss system. Enjoy happy hour every Friday and uncover how to cheat your way through the weekend while maintaining (and sometimes even accelerating) the fat loss process.
Just think how awesome it would feel to wake up every Monday morning with zero guilt or extra scale weight from your weekend feasts. Cycle 4 gives you a huge physical AND psychological advantage and ensures you’ll be able to stick to your plan day after day, year after year. It's a simple decision once you really think about it: AVOIDING carbs for the rest of your life is NOT realistic.
Just continue where you left off and you'll have your body burning fat again in just a day or two. Even though 4 Cycle Solution delivers very extreme fat loss results, especially the first week, it's a lifestylea€”NOT a diet.
An optional 12 minute exercise protocol perfectly laid out to synergistically work with Cycle 1 to create the fastest fat loss possible in ONLY 7 short days, while unleashing a powerful hormone cocktail to make you look and feel YOUNGER. The only times you really need to AVOID carbs and EXACTLY when you should gorge on carbs for faster fat burning and a healthier metabolism. How to master and take complete control of your body's fat-burning hormones through higher carb intake and heal ANY damage you've done to your metabolism from previous bouts of crash dieting. There are over 31 published studies backing up the science behind Macro-Patterninga„?, so it was actually discovered through many years of trial and error.
The original framework was created by a NY Times Best Selling author and former professional bodybuilder. I've also had the rare opportunity to take these methods and apply them on hundreds of local clients and myself to PROVE and validate their efficacy. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to acquire a global license for this proprietary nutrition method over 6 years ago, and that's why it's impossible for you to find the 4 Cycle Solution anywhere else.
Just follow ONE cycle at a time and do exactly what we've donea€”and in less that one week from now you'll be sporting a flatter belly and feeling amazing.
And if for some reason you decide this approach is not for you, you'll be MISSING OUT on all the free bonus gifts we're GIVING away below (this week ONLY), during our new release special promotiona€“but not if you act fast. You think the ONLY way to burn fat is to SUFFER your way through calorie restriction and not eat any carbs.
The first thing Karen and I wanted to do as the creators of this program was to make sure that everybody could use and afford this system.
Of course, you could try to hire us privately, but Karen and I charge upwards of $500 or more just to sit down with a private client and set them up with a weekly carb cycling nutrition plan.
And since our typical client is required to stay with us for at LEAST 8 weeks, this can add up to a few thousand bucks REALLY quick. The 4 Cycle Solution contains NINE guides PLUS 3 FREE Rapid Fat Loss Bonuses that area€”at the very LEAST wortha€”$199. But for this week, and this week ONLY, we've discounted the price substantially to make sure we eliminate any risk or skepticism you may have about using the 4 Cycle Solution. Here's the deal: I've been studying and applying carb cycling strategies on my bodya€”and thousands of others since 1998a€”so I KNOW the 4 Cycle Solution delivers rapid results.
Karen and I believe in 4 Cycle Solution SO much if you're not BLOWN AWAY by the quality (and your results) that we'll take ALL the risk by make you a deal you can't resist with our 60 day 100% money back guarantee. HANDS DOWN we have the BEST customer service in the industry, and that's our promise!A  Our team will answer ANY and EVERY question you have within 24 to 48 hours. In fact, we care so much that my wife Karen even takes time out of her busy day to personally reply to your emails and questions. To celebrate the release of the newest 4 Cycle Fat Loss Macro-Patterninga„? System we're going to POP THE CORK for the first 5 days by giving you a LIMITED time Celebration Week discount below.
So make sure you order now and lock in the special Celebration Week price before we raise the price! Following this simple nutrition manual is crucial for both your short term and long term success because it’s the momentum that willA keep you moving forward a€“ just like being on auto-pilot. This nutrition manual is where the plan starts to getA reallyA fun because we add many of your favorite foods strategically back into your plan. We even provide substitution lists toA replace the foods you hate with foods you love.A Everything is laid out for you day by day including the infamous cheat day. I charge $249 here at my office in Michigan just to sit down and go over this information in person, so when I say this is aA hugeA bargain, I truly mean it.
You'll discover exactly how to overcome any and every type of diet adaptation your body will use to try and stop you from losing more fat. This nutrition manual will show you exactly how toA protect and support muscle tissue, control insulin and blood sugar, manipulate energy stores, produce heat, and create a massive energy deficit to keep you burning fat. Cycle 4 will give you an arsenal of important metabolic factors to keep your body responding.
The 7 Day Carb Depletion Exercise Guide is specifically designed to help you DOUBLE the results of the 7 Day Carb Depletion Diet. These workouts are set up to rapidly deplete glycogen and increase natural output of Growth Hormone to help make each day of the first week even MORE effective.
You’ll quickly discover how synergistically using specific exercise strategies while you carb deplete can create some insane fat-loss. I’ve never metA anyoneA who is successful at long term fat loss without keeping some type of written food journal. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. The ENTIRE 4 Cycle Solution course on video, which includes all 4 proven Macro-Patterninga„? Cycles, to ensure you get a lightning fast start. But since you start 4 Cycle Solution by losing up to 11 pounds in the first 7 days with Cycle #1, your motivation with be at an ALL TIME high. The 4 Cycle Solution is user friendly for anybody who has gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.
If you're a Type 1 diabetic we would never recommend you start any diet or nutrition plan without talking with your doctor first.
We've had many Type 2 diabetics see remarkable improvements in their blood sugar levels after starting the program. Although it's not mandatory to exercise when using 4 Cycle Solution, it's highly recommend considering it can potentially double your results. It's all part of the special package that I put together for you that includes several free exercise gifts. I first heard about this system a year or so ago, but due to scheduling conflicts and my wife battering a nasty M.S.
In Shaun’s new 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution he explains Carb Cycling and how it works and why it works. The program was designed to walk you through transforming your body to one that burns carbs for energy to one which burns fat for energy. The 4 Cycle Solution is based on the actual eating habits of Japanese men and women which have been eating diets high in carbs for hundreds of years. In this part of the review I want to take a look at exactly what you get with the 4 Cycle Solution system. This is the first cycle of the 4 Cycle Solution and in case you were wondering about the name of the program it comes from the fact that this program has 4 completely different, distine cycles.
The 3rd cycle allows you to overcome pretty much every type of adaptive response which your body may present you with in terms of losing weight.
This is the final cycle of the 4 Cycle Solution and if you made it this far you would have tauch your body to overcome any responses your body may present that keeps you from losing weight. You’ll be taught how to increase carbs and calories to allow yourself to setup new metabolic set points. This is a great addon in my opinion because it allows you to take the fat burning and supercharged metabolism you develop from the main program and take it even further with specific exercises which will enhance the material in Cycle 1. In this 4 Cycle Solution gift you’ll get access to a Success Guide and Food Journal and I think these are critical to long term success. Some people can set back their weight loss and fitness goals by months by using the wrong supplements, but Shaun will walk you through the entire guide and you won’t have a question left after it! In this free gift Shaun provides you with the solution to the number excuse people use for not finishing through or sticking to  a nutrition or fitness program and that excuse is motivation and time.
It’s rough when you have to work massive amounts of hours everyday just to make ends meet. In the final free gift from The 4 Cycle Solution Shaun gives you the perfect step by step checklist that guarantee’s everything is where it needs to be for you. This guide also helps you to put all the pieces together in case you’re looking to just do a shorter, more aggressive period for fat loss. There aren’t a whole lot of cons, but I would have enjoyed more workouts with the system.
In this part of the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution review I want to take a look at what I consider are some positives to the course.

So you have a full 60 days to give the program a try and see if it’s a right fit for you.
In addition to the main 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution system you also get a number of bonuses with the purchase of this course.
The ENTIRE 4 Cycle Solution course on video, which includes all 4 proven Macro-Patterning™ Cycles, to ensure you get a lightning fast start. This 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution bonus is a guide where Shaun Hadsall will show you how to double your fat burning potential in just 2 minutes. For once, here is someone who has the experience and knowledge telling us to be smart, do our own research and that carbs aren’t bad for you. Just because you can lose weight eating carbs doesn’t mean you should just eat tons of bread or rice.
Glucose plays such an important part in our bodies because they are used within every single cell in our body and guess where we can get it from? His system gives you everything you need to start adding carbs back into your life and actually losing weight.
If you’re looking for a way to eat carbs and still burn fat then go with 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution.
You'll get 7 days worth of fat burning tips, beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts plus a detailed exercise guide with step by step instructions and photos to help you get a leaner, healthier body. Privacy Policy: We promise to keep your email address safe and never sell it to third parties. Popular PostsFat Diminisher Review: Could a Mineral and Herb Cocktail Be the Solution to Get Rid of Stubborn Excess Weight?
This will stabilize insulin to keep your body in a fat-burning environment and help your body burn off the extra carbs as energy instead of storing them as fat. It's all part of a carb cycling nutrition strategy found on the next page that will BOOST your metabolism and KEEP your body burning fat even as you're getting older. There's simply NO room in your energy tank (muscles and liver) for carbohydrates to be storeda€¦ so they spillover onto your belly, thighs, hips, and butt. You'll discover a unique nutrition method that will TURN OFF your addiction to burning sugars and TURN ON your fat-burning and age-reversing metabolism in as little as 7 short daysa€”all while STOPPING your body from storing carbs as fat.
What if you could strategically eat carbs and cheat foods as your best fat burning friend and rid diets from your life a€“ forever? I had just finished dieting down and low-carbing myself to death a€“ like I always HAD to do, so I could get lean enough to get some new fitness modeling photos taken. I had literally given up all the fun stuff in my life and sacrificed some very important priorities that I shouldna€™t have. Month and month after month - I was like a mad scientist who was determined to find a permanent solution. Thata€™s what the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan brings to the table and makes it completely unlike any other fat burning nutrition plan on the planet.
The secret to conquering the fastest fat loss possible is to manipulate where your body gets its energy, and trick it into using fat as its energy source. When this happens, every time you consume carbs (unless youa€™re burning them off with strategic exercise) they start to a€?spillovera€? and automatically be stored as fat.
This also gives you a huge psychological advantage and greatly increases your chances of fat loss success by being able to stick to your plan.
Then I found macro-patterning and finally discovered how to be a real fat burner and a fun way to eat clean as a way of life. It feels great to get up every morning and feel so confident about myself when I appear on local television. I highly recommend The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan and Shauna€™s program to everybody I talk to. As soon as you put this system to work on your body, youa€™ll instantly realize ita€™s like hitting the bulla€™s eye of your body and life. And even though the a€?low carba€? options might have less sugar, they use chemical-laden, artificial sweeteners that taste horrible along with obesity additives that block your fat loss. Therea€™s simply no recipes or cookbooks for creating delicious desserts with all-natural, low glycemic ingredients. And most of us simply do not have the willpower to resist decadent creations that make our mouth water.
The only way you can get your hands on it is by picking up the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss guide today. If you miss this information then youa€™re only addressing half the fat loss equation and I can almost guarantee youa€™ll fall short of your desired outcome. Although this 14 day system works fast, ita€™s not another a€?quick fixa€? or a€?short cuta€?. Otherwise there wouldna€™t be hundreds of people who transformed their bodies first hand through the Macro-Patterninga„? lifestyle. If you follow the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan exactly as wea€™ve laid it out for you, and do NOT burn off more fat than you thought was possible to burn, while still enjoying everyday life, just contact us and wea€™ll refund every penny. Dona€™t forget, with our Iron-Clad, 100% Money-Back Guarantee, wea€™re giving you a full 60 days to maximize your fat burning potential and discover what so many others have a€“ a way to a€?outsmarta€? your metabolism and burn an INSANE amount of fat without the pain and suffering of dieting down.
Not only does this approach reset your fat burning hormones, but youa€™ll finally be able to avoid all the pain and suffering associated with low carb and crash diets. In fact, youa€™ll be required to use your favorite cheat foods at least one or two days of EVERY week as a primer to burn more fat. This entire system will be instantly available for you to download right after your purchase.
In fact, this program is specifically designed to help women (and men) overcome the hormonal obstacles that typically BLOCK fat loss. Some foods, however, help your body burn more calories, give you a boost of energy and keep you full longer for maximum workout efficiency. Capsaicin, an ingredient found in spicy foods has a thermogenic effect meaning it promotes weight loss.
These foods are high in their H2O content which means your hunger is satiated for longer and you eat less as a result.
Eating appropriate portions of the right stuff will help promote greater weight loss and will aid in making workouts more efficient. Soluble fibers can especially help with stabilizing blood sugar, thus, better controlling hunger. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will run, helping you burn more calories. Stick to unsaturated fats like nuts, fatty cold-water fish and vegetable oils to avoid throwing your caloric intake or cholesterol out of whack. Products featured in these materials are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Your body will convert that sugar to fat because you’re body is naturally insulin resistant first thing in the morning.
In other words, your insulin sensitivity increases and you’re less likely to have them stored as fat.
Christianson maintains that we should go against conventional wisdom and consume our carbs later in the day rather than earlier.
Join the email ist below and become part of a 10,000+ member community who are burning fat and optimizing their health! The Japanese diet staples are high carb foods like white rice and Samurais were even known for eating up to 24 different varieties of potatoes!
The most important piece of the fat loss puzzle is what's been known since the days of the caveman. You can still eat many of your favorite HIGH carb foods, while keeping blood sugar and insulin at bay. Once you learn how easy it is to carb cycle, it truly takes all the guesswork out of blood sugar and insulin. This is done by using carb cycling to balance your calorie intake and regulating your thyroid and leptin levels (fat burning hormones). The EASIEST scientific way to aggressively lose fat using a strategic carb cycling plan that you can actually adhere to all year round.
And how can it help YOU "Crack The Fat Loss Code" to Outsmart Your Metabolism once and for all?
The quality of food and our need to grab the WRONG carbs can make you FATTER and FATTER with EVERY bite.
Stick with smaller amounts of starchy carbs like squash, quinoa, and slow cook oatmeal unless it's your cheat day. It's so simple to follow because it uses four Macro-Patterninga„? cycles that work together, in a strategic sequence, to help you QUICKLY strip off stubborn fat.
You'll automatically look and feel leaner while you visually SEE your belly get flatter in just the first few days. And now that your body is already experiencing rapid fat loss, it’s time to accelerate your fat loss even further with Macro-Patterninga„?. By strategically adding back in your favorite carbs you’ll STOP metabolic slowdown and avoid going into a catabolic state, which will prevent the loss of precious muscle tissue. During the Cycle 4 Diet Break, you’ll intentionally increase carbs and calories even further to create a new metabolic set point that KEEPS your metabolism healthy and burning fat. Before we met, she had already used it on hundreds of fitness models, professional athletes, and natural bodybuilders to help them STAY lean 365 days of the year using this type of approach. But without the help of other fitness professionals paving the way, NONE of this would be possible. Although the 4 Cycle Fat Loss System works fast, it is NOT another diet pill, "quick fix" or short cut. And it's not necessary for you to hire a personal trainer or dietician, because EVERY step of our system has you covered. But the best part is how you'll feel after your body is adapted to burning PURE fat in less than 7 days. That's why when you claim your copy today, we'll also GIVE you these FREE gifts below to help you get the FASTEST start possible. The exact food choices, precise combinations, proper timing, and even portion control guidelines are laid out step-by-step along with detailed descriptions to keep you on the fast track.
You’ll discoverA exactlyA how to eat your favorite carbs to spark your metabolism and elevate your fat-burning hormones to KEEP your body burning fat day in and day out. And since every one of us isA wired differently, that means we all need strategies that are unique to our own personalities. Just pick the strategies that match your personality and you’ll be more driven and consistent that youA everA thought possible.
The Macro-Patterninga„? Nutrition Manual will guarantee that everything is perfectly in place for you to stay on track right out of the gate, while giving you the long term carb cycling principles you need to sustain your results.
The very nature of traditional crash diets destroys your motivation because they don't deliver both quick, and lasting, results. You'll have several gluten free, allergy friendly (and Paleo approved) grocery and food lists to choose from for each cycle so there will be ZERO guesswork when it comes to avoiding gluten and inflammatory carbs. However, 4 Cycle Solution is VERY blood sugar and insulin friendly for those who are concerned about fighting against diabetes.
The entire 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution program is based around this principal which Shaun has refined over the years and pretty much perfected. Although Shaun really takes this further and shows you now how to trick your body into burning fat for fuel, but Shaun will teach you how to make your body adapt to this as a way of life! When Shaun created this course he wanted to make sure you had a simple, easy, step by step scientific solution to cause stubborn, unwanted fat to just fall off.
This cycle will also show you how to finally goodbye to your sugar addiction and how even by eating carbs you won’t trigger those sugar cravings again. It contains tested meal plan which is only two weeks, but it will teach you to keep your fat loss on track, manipulate your hormones and start burning fat quickly while still enjoying your favorite carbs. At this point you’ll be seeing weight coming off and now your body understands it can burn fat instead of carbs for energy. The workouts featured in this guide were designed to deplete the glycogen in your body rapidly and increase the production of a certain growth hormone which helps to make the first week a better and more result based one. Now just because one was included doesn’t mean you have to use them at all, but a lot of people do enjoy the use of them so Shaun Hadsall made sure to include this for you. The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution is based more around nutrition and diet, but I think if he included a complete workout program too this program would be amazing!
Another pro is that the product is completely digital which means you’ll have access to everything within a few minutes of ordering.
He includes all of the Macro-Patterning Cycles to make sure you’ll able to get off to quick start. The guide uses simple, but unknown food timing tricks and you can start applying this guide ASAP. A few things Shaun didn’t include in the main 4 Cycle Solution were included in the bonuses so keep that in mind. Once again, I apologize for the long review, but I do my best to make sure I can provide you with all the information you need to know to make an informed decision about the product.
Carbs can help you to burn fat and lose weight, but like anything in life you have to be smart about it. You have to have some balance in your life and diet and Shaun teaches you just how to do that with his system. Everything in the 4 Cycle Fat Loss System is based upon years of study and research and can be backed up. Not only does it allow you to burn fat and feel great about yourself, but it also allows you to do it in a way where you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite foods.
To learn more about him and stay up to date with his latest endeavors, visit him on Google+. It had been 10 years since I placed 1st Runner-Up in the worlda€™s largest body transformation contest: Body for LIFEa„?.
The results were amazing so I decided to get a little more serious and tried Shauna€™s 7 Day Diet. It makes me a better wife, a better mom, and a better friend because I have a structured plan to follow. Even though I've been competing for a while and always did carb cycling and cardio intervals, I never took it to the level of Macro-Patterning and Metabolic Bursting!
I'm looking forward to using your Macro-Patterninga„? and exercise strategies to help me shoot for a win this year! It can and will produce the mind blowing results youa€™re looking for, but a€“ you still have to bring your game to the table.
Most diets and weight loss plans set you up for failure by running your straight into a wall. Each day is designed to prepare your bodya€™s fat loss systems for the next day a€“ to enhance its effect. Wea€™ve even had several dozen people as late as their 60a€™s and even 70a€™s use Macro-Patterninga„? to experience their own personal transformation.
Studies suggest that hot foods revved men’s metabolisms’ for up to 20 minutes after a meal. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are critical to maintaining optimal health and good fats like conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) can help your body metabolize fats and build muscle.
Any information originating from MenScience is provided for informational purposes only and it is not meant to substitute for the advice of a doctor or health care professional.
The only way to get YOUR body to burn fat, instead of muscle, is to make it easier to do so. We promise you'll see fast results no matter what your age, gender, or current condition is.
If you're not blown away AFTER you take action and get results, you get a prompt, courteous, and FAST refund. That's why we are so proud of the fact that we're handing you the safest, fastest, most effective, and sustainable nutrition system ever developed. Second, you’ll teach your body how to reset itself back to a higher nutrient profile inA favorA of more carbs and fats. I’ll give you my 20+ years of experience and reveal how to make your nutrition and exercise work in synergy with proper supplementation.
But that wouldn't serve your fat loss for a lifetime and we want to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need today to use carb cycling for a lifetime. Believe it or not, the majority of our success stories come from men and women between the ages of 50 and 70.
Shaun has recently updated his 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution so it can include the latest information and is getting ready to re-release it so I thought why not give it the attention it deserves this time.
Now in addition to the main course you’ll also get access to a couple of free gifts as well.
Shaun addresses this and gives you the tools you need to stay on track for 365 days of the year.
It also provides you the long term carb cycling principals you need to maintain the program and keep your results going strong.
You’ll learn a special exercise secret that fitness models, physique competitiors and athletes have been using for years to stay in the best shape. For years I’ve always been annoyed that the media and certain groups like to try and push their agendas down our throats.
I love how Shaun addresses all over his 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution website that you MUST BE SMART about it. As I was writing this 4 Cycle Fat Loss System review I kept finding myself agreeing with different statements and things Shaun wrote in his course.
This system which is based off of his Macro-Patterning Nutrition System can work for people of all ages. You just have to know how to strategetic add them into your diet and Shaun gives you the info and step by step system you need.
Thata€™s why over 95% of people who a€?dieta€? gain all (or more) of the weight back within about one year of losing it. Shaun has shown me a proven system and I tell everyone about this amazing gift he has given me. These efficient workouts simultaneously stimulate both Type I and Type II muscle fibers to help you gain lean muscle while shedding off stubborn a€“ hard to get rid of body fat. Your cheat days will actually reset your metabolism to be a super fat burner the other days of the week. You can also use the 14 day cycle after youa€™ve fallen off track to get your bodya€™s metabolic triggers in place for another bout of rapid fat loss. Among these factors, they report finding found no differences between both groups – so suggesting that the timing of the meal was an important and independent factor in weight loss success. In no event shall MenScience be liable for any direct or indirect damages whatsoever in connection with the use, inability to use, or performance of the information, services, products and materials available from MenScience. The reason you want to do this is because you want your body to start burning fat instead of storing it.
These are extra’s to the main program, but these really round out the 4 Cycle Solution in my opinion. It’s important to track results and stay on top of things and these two items do just that. For years we heard fat is horrible for us when the truth is fat is a critical part of our diets. Our bodies are machines and these machines require a number of different energy and fuel sources and one of them is glucose. This way youa€™ll be able to indulge without ever having to worry about falling off track or sabotaging your results. Ita€™s the only plan in existence that is set up to OVERCOME the a€?adaptive responsea€? associated with diet and exercise. Then you hear people say low calorie diets are the only way to lose weight and the list just goes on and on.

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