Smaller items, like fruits and vegetables, can be stored in smaller sized containers or zip-lock bags Make sure that the bags are almost full with very little space left over.
By keeping the freezer temperature stable at one consistent temperature, this can help to decrease the rate at which food gets freezer burn. Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum: Power Comes in Small PackagesTwinings: A Tea Party for Her Majesty! Double check your bags to make sure you have gotten as much air out of the package as possible before closing them.
Freezer burn is when moisture in the outer layers of the food disappears into the freezer air, leaving behind dry pockets in the food.

You want to make sure that food is limited to the exposure of air, making sure that the containers and zip-lock bags are air tight. Foods that have been left in the freezer for long periods of time will eventually develop freezer burn, no matter what. Make sure that spoil and mold quickly, like meats and breads, are packed using a double layer of wax paper, aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Then, as a extra layer of storage protection, you want to place them in a plastic container or zip-lock freezer bag. Check your frozen foods regularly to ensure your freezer food storage is efficient and foods are still good for consumption.

It is not harmful to eat food that has freezer burn, but it sometimes affects the flavor and texture of the food. The parts of the foods that are freezer burned can be cut off and one can salvage the remaining portion of the frozen food.

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