Tip: I love canned wild salmon – wild salmon is more humanely raised than farmed salmon, contains greater levels of Omega-3s and is so easy to use on a sandwich or in a salad!
Salmon, walnuts, sardines, flax seed, Chia seeds and even certain types of eggs (read the box!) contain omega-3 fatty acids. Tip: If you follow a plant-based diet, you can find omega-3s not only in Chia and flax seeds, but also as a vegetarian supplement.
Kale (a true nutritional superstar), spinach, Swiss chard and broccoli are essential to your hair’s health!

Tip: If you have digestive issues like me, consider investing in a quality juicer and drinking your greens.
We mentioned walnuts in the Omega-3 section, but all nuts contain protein, selenium and zinc as well. Not only can you make  them taste good (I recommend adding  carrots for sweetness Рanother great food for your hair!) but your body absorbs the nutrients faster! To keep your hair strong, shiny and thick, we recommend adding these foods into your regular diet!

With Vitamin K and iron to boot, incorporating these into your diet will strengthen your immune system and your tresses. They reduce inflammation in your body which promotes hair growth, keeps your hair shiny and strong, and can even prevent hair loss that results from brittle, breaking hair.

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