Fat burning foods can make the difference between achieving your weight loss goals and staying unhappily overweight. Sure, if you’re looking for specialty diet products like yacon syrup, then you’re not going to find it at your local grocery store.
Chicken, leaf beef, eggs, and other sources of protein are excellent ways to take advantage of this thermogenic effect. Obviously, eating a tub of peanut butter every week isn’t going to help you burn fat unless you’re running a marathon at the gym every day.
If you ask a dietician about fat burning food, they might tell you that fat burning foods don’t exist. Like yacon, the foods listed above will complement your existing diet and exercise routine. More Yacon Syrup Truth!Top 5 Most Effective Weight Loss Exercises Top 4 Reasons We Love YaconHow Does Yacon Syrup Work? You can thank the high fat content in this little number for kicking your metabolism into high gear. Aside from being carb-dense and totally yummy, wholegrains like quinoa, eaten in small doses, actually help to prevent the body storing fat.

Coffee actually stimulates your body’s adrenaline, which tells your body to burn its fat storage.
Drinking it with milk isn’t necessarily bad, but it does reduce its fat burning properties. But adding a spoonful of peanut butter to your daily diet can speed up your body’s ability to burn fat.
You’re never going to be able to lose a significant amount of weight simply by lying on your couch all day. Cheese is a deadly addition to any diet as it contains butyric acid which reduces your appetite and boosts your metabolism. If an average egg has 155 calories, then you can expect to burn about 50 calories while digesting it.
Many athletes also drink coffee 20 minutes before going to the gym to increase their body’s ability to exert itself and burn away bad fat storage – like the hard-to-reach adipose fat that collects around your tummy and thighs. Drinking four cups of green tea over an eight week period caused participants to lose 6 pounds in a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Get into the habit of drinking green tea a few times per day and consider switching to green tea instead of coffee.

Cottage cheese is one of your best bets as it’s loaded with protein, calcium, magnesium and zinc which all aid fat-burning, but other types of cheese, like mozzarella and feta are also good choices.
It’s fat that can actually burn away other fat – not just collect in annoying spots around your body.
Well because fat is so calorie-dense (it packs twice the amount of energy per gram as protein) it actually gives your body the extra energy it needs to be able to burn the fat that you’ve stored over time. Similarly, a piece of beef with 300 calories may only add 200 calories to your daily total thanks to the thermogenic effect.
It also contains quercetin, which reduces bad LDL cholesterol, and is packed with antioxidants, which help you look younger. Its high protein content also helps to repair muscles after exercise and a denser muscle mass means a higher metabolism.

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