Terica’s transformation shows the amazing progress that can be made in short amounts of time when you just have determination.
Read about how Natasha Gage overcame her fears after being fitted with a pacemaker to achieve her dream body in this interview.
Corina lets us in on how she maintains that amazing figure and still indulges her sweet tooth on her blog Live Fit.
When the skin color is affected and its texture and appearance is changed then it is termed as Rashes.

These 11 inspirational ladies prove it is possible to not just lose the weight, but to keep it off as well! Learn more about Yasmin’s diet and the workouts she used during her inspiring weight loss by visiting her tumblr and Instagram pages. She now shares her journey and keeps us updated on her website and Facebook page (German language).
Few other common causes for rashes are allergies from food, insect bite, metals, etc, anxiety, fungal infection, vaccination reactions, skin diseases like acne or eczema.

Rashes in the nose or mouth, eyes, rectum or anus, vagina and edge of the penis in men can be life-threatening.

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