There are certain proteins present within our immune system that hold some specific instructions to destroy the cancerous tumors.
A research conducted at the Pennsylvania State University, has revealed some foods that inhibit the production of tumors and at the same time supports your immune system to combat the cancer cells.
The researchers involved in the study state that, people who subscribe to cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiations, underestimate their body’s healing powers and the devices it can use on its own along with the right choice of nutritious foods. They also claim that chemotherapy damages the healthy cells along with the powerful proteins that are actually beneficial for fighting cancer. Our body is blessed with infinite wisdom, the brain can detect poisons and foreign invaders like chemotherapy.
Green tea owes its cancer-destroying abilities to a group of plant flavonoids it contains known as catechins. I have been continuing my new way of eating these past 4 yrs and can tell you, I will never go back to eating junk again.
This ability is always present in a healthy, well functioning body and does not require your body to use drugs.
Scientists have discovered a molecule that helps to activate a cancer fighting protein in the body, known as TIC 10.

So here they are, the 5 foods that can help you destroy tumors naturally, without any drugs involved. I feel more energetic without the caffeine-high feeling and my mood has been elevated along with a sense of awareness and focus I usually use to lose around 2pm every day like clock work. Sometimes, an uncontrolled growth of the cells or DNA mutations makes these proteins become ineffective.
TRAIL or tumor-necrosis-factor-related apoptosis-including ligand, is a specific type of protein that can suppress the development of the tumors. However, TRAIL can pass through the blood-brain barrier because it is considered beneficial for the immune system, by the brain. Secondly, it boosts the nearby healthy cells and activates their TRAIL receptors that are effective for killing cancer cells. This is a critical function of the catechin, because the same process is known to disrupt the development of cancer cells.
Food toxins and chemical pollution can also override the natural functions of the immune system, again making these proteins ineffective. It also has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, a barrier separating the brain and main circulatory system.

I Chose lumptectomy, refused the prescribed 1 yr chemo and 5 yrs of tamoxifin & herceptin. On the other hand there are few foods which weakens our immune system making us prone to illness.7 Super Foods that Combat DiabetesIt is essential to keep our immune system functioning well. Sadly I was feared into radiation which messed up my throid, but that is now getting better from taking Lugol’s iodine. In today's article we at Boldsky have shared some of the foods that destroys our immune system.
Well, sorry for going on, but I care too much to be quiet about how the cure for cancer exists. Our body finds it difficult to digest the natural sugar found in red meat which paves way to many health disorders including cancer.
The ingredients and sugar contents present in it ruins the immune system and thus it better to stay away from these processed foods.

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