Michael Phelps, the most successful and decorated Olympian ever, eats a bowl of oatmeal, bread with cream cheese and some fruits before a big race and never eats proteins because they're not a source of immediate energy. You may be trying to lose weight, gain muscles or increase stamina, but you should never fill your tummy with anything that you can get your hands on, especially just before a workout! There are some foods that will help you boost your performance and help your body replenish important nutrients during workouts.
Bananas are loaded with digestible carbohydrates which give you immediate energy during a workout. Throw that yolk away and all you have is low calories, fats and cholesterol, but a high quantity of proteins, vitamins and minerals - need I say more? A great source for much-needed carbohydrates (means, energy) during your workout, oats are filled with soluble fibre, making you feel full even when eaten in moderate amounts, helping you lose weight as well. Remember that time when you hit the gym, and 20 minutes into your workout were already tired? A slice of wholegrain bread topped with cheese or jam is not just a tasty, quick and healthy snack before your workout, but is also a bank of carbohydrates. If you have seen those Discovery shows which show us how the US Army always has those energy bars during their long and strenuous drills in deep and dense forest for days, with no food and little water, then you know what I am talking about!

These bars will give you a sustained release of energy, maintain blood sugar, a punch of glycogen, and will prevent any post-exercise fatigue. Proteins have amino acids which help in muscle recovery, and yogurt has an excellent ratio of proteins to carbohydrates, which puts it on our list of must-haves. If you are in too much of a hurry to sit on a table and snack before going to gym, just make yourself smoothies with some of your favorite fruits. Filled with concentrated carbs, fibres, potassium, vitamins and minerals, dry fruits like apricots or raisins help you maintain your energy levels.
This exclusive list of food items will give you an added advantage and keep you a step ahead of your competitors!
As you go into intense training, you sweat, and with that your body loses potassium- an excellent electrolyte regulator that maintains nerve & muscle function. Egg white contain Riboflavin aka Vitamin B-2, which helps in maintaining carbs, fats and proteins, that supports a nervous system and again, its potassium content helps in maintaining fluids and mineral levels. Such a drop in energy can easily be prevented with a fruit snack just 30 minutes before your fitness routine.
As far as hydration is concerned, experts say that the proteins in yogurt help in the amount of water absorbed by the intestine.

Fill up your bottle and keep taking a sip or two before your workout and you will not complain about dehydration, indigestion or fatigue. Yes, not only does it kick away your lazy bones and keep you active, but if you drink black coffee, it increases your metabolism and helps you burn those fat cells.
He can spend hours swimming and running, loves reading and writing short stories, flash-fictions and poems. Of course, he is an elite athlete and what he eats matters to him as that can be the difference between victory and defeat.
However, if you are trying to gain weight or grow muscle, you can eat yolk, but do remember that it has very high cholesterol. Yes, this will also keep a check on your waistline and will give you that bright and glowing skin you always wanted.
Find the nearest coffee shop and he's there (writing), from Starbucks', "Cafe Latte" to South-India's "Kaapi", he knows coffee like no one else.

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