If you have been diagnosed with colon cancer, then it is possible that you have begun to notice some symptoms of the condition.
Diarrhea and constipation are changes in your bowel habits that will often result from the onset of colon cancer.
If you suffer from diarrhea, then substances are moving through your digestive system too quickly. Very large amounts of fiber in the diet can cause food to move through the digestive system too quickly and lead to the same problem.
Instead of insoluble fiber that your body will have problems dealing with, you should increase the amount of soluble fiber in your diet. A balanced diet is absolutely essential for beating any illness, and colon cancer is no exception.
If you need any further advice about what you should eat in order to reduce your colon cancer symptoms, then speak to your Los Angeles colorectal surgeon.
A small quantity of stress in our bodies is alright as it increases the productivity and promotes the body’s natural immune system but when it is prolonged and becomes acute it is life threatening too leading to all other ailments in the human body like blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc.
Usually, colon cancer does not start to produce visible signs and symptoms until it is at a relatively advanced stage, but there are exceptions to this general rule. You will also be at an increased risk of becoming dehydrated, due to the excessive volumes of water that are being lost.

In order to combat this, you should try to cut down in the amount of insoluble fiber you are eating. This will slow the transit of material through the digestive system and reduce your symptoms of diarrhea.
Red meat contains high levels of these fats, so you should think about swapping them for healthier options such as poultry and fish. Ensure that you get enough of each food group – the carbohydrates, proteins and fats, along with vitamins.
They will be able to offer some suggestions, and may also recommend that you see a dietician, to ensure that you have a suitable diet. If your symptoms are noticeable and are beginning to cause you problems, then one of the easiest ways to relieve them is to alter your diet. This is often found in the skin of fruit and vegetables, so you should peel and cook these before eating. Sources of soluble fiber include soft fruits such as strawberries, cereals, oatmeal and beans.
If you are determined to eat red meat, then try not to do it on a regular basis, and choose the healthier cuts that are lower in fat – these will be labeled as “loin” or “round”.
This is natural to grab a piece of chocolate or cake or any other tasty food item or supplement to reduce the stress and get relaxed but what it does is to add the extra calories to the body.

You should avoid caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee and cola, as these will make the situation worse. Cooking helps to break substances down and make them easier to digest, so your symptoms will be reduced. Green vegetablesGreen vegetables like broccoli, kale and other dark green ones contain high quantities of vitamin which help replenish the bodies during the times of stress.
Many vegetables also contain potassium, which is good for our nerves and can calm them.Dried apricotsDried apricots are rich in magnesium which reduces heart fluctuations brought about by the stress. They are also rich in vitamin C and fiber content.Sweet potatoesThey are packed full of beta-carotene and other vitamins, and the fiber helps your body to process the carbohydrates in a slow and steady manner. Almonds also contain magnesium and zinc which help in relieving stress.ConclusionThe above mentioned foods are not to be eaten only when one feel stressed inside the body but should be included in the daily diet so that your body is ready to fight the demon of the stress and do not feel burdened to first tolerate it before getting rid of it. These foods not only will reduce the harmful effects of the stress but will also prolong the life span and health of the body if taken in regular quantities.

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