Did you know that nutritionists suggest that you have at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day to maintain a healthy a balanced diet and that many do not even come close to this on the consistent basis? In order to lose weight through dietary modifications, one of the most effective methods is to eat foods that have less calories and are more nutritious and filling. Although canned, and dried fruit, still count as servings of fruit, they are often loaded with unnecessary sugar and preservatives, which slightly defeats the purpose. In case you’re not a huge fan of fruit, here are a few suggestions to help you begin to eat more fruit daily. Have a fresh fruit smoothie mixed with almond milk or yogurt (add some veggies such as: celery or spinach, for an added boost). Include a few nutritive ingredients into your diet and learn more about the healthy fruits to lose belly fat. Kristy came to my gym after spending a couple of years jogging with a local group, unsuccessfully trying to lose 15 pounds of stubborn fat off of her belly and butt. She wasn’t convinced, saying, “I don’t want muscle; where’s my cardio?” I told her if she wanted cardio as well she should take the dog for a walk, not waste her money paying me to jog uselessly on my treadmills. If you are trying to lose body fat, resistance exercise offers a huge advantage over aerobic exercise, such as jogging, even if you run 10-milers. Just having more muscle increases your metabolic rate 24 hours a day, whether you are exercising or not. An average female athlete who comes to the Colgan Institute has about 33 kilograms (about 73 pounds) of muscle.
In terms of calories used per day, Kristy’s 3.4 kg of new muscle gives her a lean body insurance policy. This entry was posted in Athlete Nutrition, Energy and tagged alkaline, body fat percentage, Dr.
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First of all, I have to let you know that this is not the fastest way to lose weight, although I would have to say it is one of the best diets for weight loss. In my earlier post I told you about the 3 hour eating plan, which means I ate 5 meals a day, once every 3 hours. I had to painstakingly compile a list of foods that I liked to eat, and didn’t derail my weight loss plan. Caffeine is not recommended if you’re trying to control eating, so I try to stay away from coffee and tea.
My lunch menu is rather limited, because there aren’t many choices near my work place.
The fastest way to go over 500 calories is taking too much rice, so I try to limit to 1 cup of rice. Again, I try to limit my consumption of rice, sometimes having just half a cup of rice if I’ve had rice for lunch.
In a way it’s easier to control the food we have at dinner, because I can tell Poey Chin what I prefer not to eat.
I try to limit my dinner to less than 500 calories, and I don’t really know how to count calories for home cooked Chinese food. You will be surprised how full you can get with a few servings of fruit or vegetables (try eating two pears and see how full you get). Choosing the right food will allow you to eat until you are full while keeping those calories down.
Eating junk food and calorie dense food will cause you to consume unnecessary calories that do nothing for your hunger. I have to really note that it would be twice as hard to lose weight if you just follow a fat loss diet without any exercise.
There’s nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence, but the key word here is occasional.

Just a warning that high sugar, fried or high salt foods can be addictive so don’t indulge too often. If you lose weight and go back to your old ways, sooner or later all the weight is going to come back. It’s really difficult at first, but I promise you that it will become natural if you stick with it.
Actually you will come to the point where food cravings and hunger won’t have any power over you.
Sylvie Tremblay holds a Master of Science in molecular and cellular biology and has years of experience as a cancer researcher and neuroscientist. Fruit makes up an essential part of a balanced diet, and it should be a staple in your meal plans when you're trying to lose belly fat. Most fruits and veggies offer some vitamin C, but citrus fruits are especially rich sources. While certain fruits are higher in fat-loss-friendly nutrients than others, the most important thing is to eat lots of fruits and veggies, period.
Keep in mind that the only way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than you burn each day. Is it any wonder that so many of us tend to have excess fat, carrying the majority of it around midsections? Fruit fits this description because it is full of vitamins and nutrients, has high level fiber, (incidentally, fruit is one of the best sources of fiber) which is great for regulation of the digestive tract. This means that they provide a great source of energy which is vital to any weight loss program. However, some do have economic restraints, or storage issues, so, if you fall into this category, you can eat some canned or dried fruit for a serving or so of your fruit per day.
Some of the best fruits to eat in order to burn more belly fat are: peach, strawberries, cantaloupe, blueberries, raspberries, musk melon, grapefruit, honeydew, apples, papaya, and bananas. However, if you simply add a healthy amount of food to your diet, it can work wonders without even having to lift a finger. Muscle and bone (and all other tissues) are constantly in a state of breakdown and renewal, replacing billions of cells every day. Just to maintain itself, that muscle alone uses about 15 calories per kilogram per day, or 495 calories every day without moving at all.
But I have been doing exercise science for more than 50 years, and can tell you that most of the huge fat losses you see reported in the media are totally false.
Without moving it, the new muscle requires just over 52 calories every day simply to do its basic maintenance.
With regular articles from our Research and Science Team and the Scientific Advisory Board, you can stay abreast of the latest evidence-based updates about weight management, healthy aging, and energy and performance. You may want to re-read that post to find out why eating every 3 hours can result in more fat loss compared to starving yourself. Just keep the portion small, and make sure you reduce your calorie intake for the other meals.
Based in Ontario, Canada, Tremblay is an experienced journalist and blogger specializing in nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, health and biotechnology, as well as real estate, agriculture and clean tech. Exactly how much fruit you need depends on your age and gender, but you should aim for 1.5 to 2 cups each day, under USDA ChooseMyPlate guidelines. A seven-year dietary survey, published in Nutrition Journal in 2015, looked at the diets of more than 13,000 children and adolescents and found that apples were linked to a lower risk of obesity.
Getting enough vitamin C is important for fat loss, since it appears to play a role in fat burning when you work out. Simply eating more fruits and veggies lowers your risk of obesity, notes a 2015 study published in PLoS One. It shouldn’t be, there is actually a direct correlation between the lack of nutritious, whole foods in ones diet, and the abundance of belly fat.
They also has high water content which helps your body to feel full faster, and for a longer duration of time.

Also, the sugars help to regulate insulin levels which helps to lessen instances of diabetes which is often associated with obesity. Just be sure to make sure you are getting fruit that is packed in juice instead of syrup, and check the sugar content on your dried fruit before purchasing it as, some brands have a higher sugar content than others and some types of fruit are typically more heavily sugared on the whole. Your body uses more of its energy during the 4.7 hours per day that the average American watches TV, than during the hour or so you might spend at the gym. Removing each worn-out cell and replacing it with a new cell takes energy – lots of energy.
Sure, anyone can starve and dehydrate themselves for a few weeks and get big changes on the scale. Over the same 10 years, a girl of the same metabolic type as Kristy, who jogs for the same amount of exercise time will lose considerable muscle. Keeping up with us is easy -- bookmark our page, subscribe via email or RSS, like our Facebook Page, or follow us on Twitter. While no single food melts belly fat -- and it's impossible to lose weight only from your belly, instead of all over your body -- some fruits are particularly rich in nutrients that help with fat loss. Fiber helps fill you up, but it's not broken down into calories, so it helps you feel satisfied after your meal without boosting your calorie intake. Apples also come packed with dietary fiber, although you'll get the most fiber if you leave the skin on.
One 2006 study, published in Nutrition & Metabolism, reported that low vitamin C levels can reduce the amount of fat you burn during aerobic exercise by 25 percent.
Add a handful of chopped fruit to your oatmeal -- try a mix of chopped orange and cranberry, or apples and strawberries -- or add a handful of berries to your favorite salad. Practice portion control so that you're not eating more than the USDA ChooseMyPlate-recommended fruit intake for your age and gender, and stick to a calorie-controlled diet to lose your belly fat. Not to worry, this is sure to provide you with some great information in terms of why you should eat more fruit if you’re looking to lose extra belly fat, as well as ways you can painlessly start implementing more fruits into your diet immediately.
It also helps to cut down on the instances of eating junk food do to strong urges caused by sharp drops in insulin levels. So the best I could give her was a resistance program, telling her she had to muscle up in order to slim down. The jogger’s Resting Energy Expenditure will fall, leaving her prey to the fat gain that’s always hiding around the corner just waiting for the chance to plump your pillows. Simply eating a diet richer in fiber is enough to trigger significant weight loss, according to a 2015 study from the Annals of Internal Medicine. A large apple, with skin, has 5 grams of fiber -- 22 percent of the daily value -- which is twice the amount of fiber found in a large skinned apple. Add sliced fruit to sandwiches -- thinly sliced apple works well in a turkey sandwich, while sliced grapes can add sweetness to chicken salad -- or enjoy fresh or frozen fruit on its own. The more muscle you have, the more you have to replace, and the more energy you use day and night, whether you move or not. We are in the health business, so the changes we get are at the pace the body replaces itself. A cup of raspberries or blackberries has 8 grams of fiber, which is just shy of one-third of the daily value.
One large orange has 163 percent of the daily value for vitamin C, while half a large grapefruit provides 95 percent of the daily value. Strawberries also offer a significant amount of fiber -- 3 grams, or 13 percent of the daily value, per cup.

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