Eating more fruits and veggies is essential both for good health and to help us lose weight.
Asparagus is a great source of many essential micronutrients and antioxidants but its high concentration of folate makes asparagus an especially beneficial food for reducing belly fat. Delicious, low in calories, high in flavor, full of antioxidants, and water content make the tomato a perfect belly minimize. Low in calories (only 40 calories per cup!) and soluble fiber ,highly versatile food is a flat belly must-have because it helps you feel full and an excellent addition to the diet of anyone looking to lose belly fat. This green wonder is loaded with two nutrients that are a key to eliminating belly fat: hunger-crushing fiber 11 to 17 grams per avocado! Grapes are high in water and fiber, which prolongs your sense of satisfaction, and since it can’t be digested, fiber is low calorie, cleans out your digestive tract. Litchi is a fruit very delicious sweet fruit and low in calories, ideal dessert to suppress, which will also help us lose weight .Outside is pink and wrinkled skin and inside is white and tender, with a large seed in the center.
Apples manage your weight and improve your overall health; an apple does not have any fat or sodium.
This fruit has been shown to improve lipid metabolism resulting in less belly fat and a decreased risk of heart disease. This is a fruit you can enjoy as a nutritious snack without ever worrying about gaining weight. Blueberries may aid in burning belly fat, decreasing cardiovascular disease and reducing risk of diabetes, according to University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center. Based on research conducted by the University of California, juice in pomegranates ranked as the fruit juice with the most antioxidants. Watermelon is over 90 percent water, helping to release toxins and fat in the body, as reported by North Carolina State University.
Vegetables and Fruits are a rich source of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for normal body function and good health. A commonly believed thought by many dieters is that celery has negative calories food containing only eight calories. Folate combats insulin resistance, which is a condition in which the body doesn't properly respond to the blood sugar lowering effects of insulin. Cruciferous vegetables are loaded with phytochemicals - substances that display fat burning qualities. And monounsaturated fats, Just half of an avocado contains 10 grams of monounsaturated fat, which helps control blood sugar spikes that can direct fat storage to the abdomen.

Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Cranberries and Blackberries are packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, manganese and fibre. It consists of large amounts of water, which favors its diuretic properties and make it a suitable fruit for weight loss. One component of an apple's peel (which also has most of the fiber) is something called ursolic acid, which was linked to a lower risk of abdomen obesity. It’s high in natural fruit sugars, or fructose, which could stave off sweet cravings.
Well that's not true, and eating certain fruits everyday is indeed helpful to reduce waist size too. In a study conducted by researchers at the university, rats consuming only 2 percent of their diet in blueberries significantly reduced their abdominal fat within 90 days, as well as lowered triglyceride levels and increased insulin sensitivity.
Spicy peppers, such as jalapenos, chilies and dried red peppers are fat-burning vegetables that contain capsaicin, which gives peppers their heat. Every Fruit and Vegetable is a super food because plant foods contain over 5000 antioxidants, which help protect against disease and certain cancers as well as slow the aging process. MUFAs are omega-9 fatty acids that became important components of diet plans like the Flat Belly Diet studies have shown to that MUFAs rev body fat burn in the belly. Studies indicated that people who consumed Litchi during a period of time, reduced their abdominal fat, but in turn obtained other health benefits linked to the prevention of diabetes and hypertension, in turn has great antioxidant properties thanks to its high content of vitamin C. That's because it boosts calorie burn and increases muscle and brown fat often found in overweight people.
Bananas, depending upon the size, contain calories between 75 calories to 135 calories only. Abdominal fat is thought to be biologically active, meaning that it produces hormones, according to Harvard Medical School.
These results are thought to be a result of the high percentage of antioxidants, agents that rid the body of toxins, naturally occurring in blueberries.
Grapefruit is a catabolic food in which more calories are burned digesting the fruit than the calories naturally occurring in the grapefruit. Although there is not one specific food or diet plan that will decrease abdominal fat, Vegetables and Fruits may aid over all weight loss, including belly fat loss, since they are low in calories and fat, high in fibre and water content – three essential ingredients for successful weight loss. Enjoying fresh celery juice before a meal can even help you lose weight and burn belly fat eating it, as it is said will actually end up burning calories for you.
When insulin is properly regulated it converts blood sugar into energy instead of fat and also increases the burning of fat that's already stored in the visceral area.Add asparagus to your diet to reduce abdominal fat.

Tomatoes have been found to reduce inflammation and water retention in the body, as well as reversing leptin resistance. The fat burning activity of phytochemicals is the reason why cruciferous vegetables are considered as belly fat burning veggies. Apples satisfy hunger for few calories so it's not surprising that they can be part of a healthy diet that promotes weight loss. This low calorie snack keep your fat burning engine running smoothly and also have been shown to inhibit colon cancer. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which increase the metabolic rate and allows the body to burn fat at a faster pace. Grapefruit possesses diuretic properties, ridding excessive fluid from the body and reducing the appearance of cellulite. L-citrulline, also found in watermelons, acts in conjunction with other amino acids to lower blood sugar and flush fats from the body. Derivatives of dried red pepper include cayenne pepper, paprika and crushed red pepper, which have been found to increase feelings of satiety and aid the burning of fat, reports the University Catering at the University of Connecticut.
Celery can obviously be eaten on its own but is also a tasty addition to many cooked dishes: stir fry dishes, soups, stews and casseroles. Asparagus acts as a diuretic to relieve water retention, which causes bloating and puffiness in the stomach. Leptin is a type of protein which helps to regulate metabolic rate and appetite, so our bodies rely on it to shed those extra pounds. Also, there are certain compounds known as Xenoestrogens are chemicals that act within our bodies to retain body fat in the stomach area. According to MedlinePlus, pomegranates have been used in experimental weight loss treatment of obese adults. Studies show that berries can reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome, which causes increased belly fat. Researchers believe the effect comes from the high level of phytochemicals that berries contain.

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