What it is: HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone produced during pregnancy by the cells that form the placenta. What it does in the body: HCG signals the hypothalamus (area of the brain that affects metabolism) to mobilize fat stores. Scientific evidence: There is no scientific evidence supporting HCG injections as a weight loss strategy.
HCG ban: The hormone was recently added to the list of “banned substances” in Major League Baseball, as it was becoming increasingly popular among steroid users. Negative side effects: The common side effects include headaches, mood swings, depression, blood clots, confusion, and dizziness. The information provided within this site is strictly for the purposes of information only and is not a replacement or substitute for professional advice, doctors visit or treatment. After reading the book entitled The Belly Fat Diet, we here at I Choose Thin are once again sad to report that we believe this is just another in a long list of diets that really just empties your pocket book, and leaves your belly pretty much in the shape that it is right now. We could write some glowing review, and entice you with a link to buy the book, and profit from that link. We feel as if the book is nothing but a marketing ploy to the uninformed that preys on their seemingly endless quest for weight loss. The book is not the final expense as you are encouraged to join their program for a monthly fee. One main problem with this diet is the feeling of deprivation that causes so many people to fail on what is characterized as a fad diet.

This diet plan does not address what you should do when you are in front of the TV, and want to eat because you are hungry. If you are not the type of person to pour out portions, and count calories then this diet is surely not for you because the requirements are seemingly endless. Let it be enough to say that this diet is an excellent marketing ploy designed to make someone a lot of money, and will only deliver limited results.
Another point to ponder is the claim that you have to do no exercises to lose weight on this diet.
If you were to be chained in a prison cell, and forgotten you would lose weight also, and it would have nothing to do with The Belly Fat Diet. The end result is that you use more calories than you consume and that alone causes your body weight to drop.
It is silly to think you can start a new diet plan, and only lose weight in your belly area.
A true diet plan needs to include your ability to maintain your weight after you lose the weight. On The Flat Belly Diet you will lose weight but in the end it will only be another flash in the pan fad diet that leaves your wallet lighter, and your waistline slightly larger than when you started the diet. The website owner makes a commission if you decide to purchase any products recommended on this page.
But every once in awhile something comes along that seems so dangerous I have to call it out.

This hormone is detected in the blood around 11 days after conception; it is detected in the urine around 12-14 days after conception.
In pregnancy, this helps the body bring nutrients into the placenta, fueling the fetus with the energy to grow. The provided content on this site should serve, at most, as a companion to a professional consult.
Your body will compensate by using stores of glycogen, protein (muscle) and some fat, which lowers your resting metabolism.
In fact, since 1975 the FDA has required all marketing and advertising of HCG to state the following: “HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. Before you can lose true weight, you will be so irritable, lightheaded, and cranky that you’ll reach for whatever food you can get your hands on and have a field day. You should always consult your primary care physician prior to starting any new fitness, nutrition or weight loss regime.

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