The toxins also cause the release of chemicals called cytokines that damage Leptin receptors in the brain (hypothalamus).  Once the receptors to Leptin have been damaged, Weight Loss Resistance is only the first of many problems.
Once this hormone mechanism fails it will become nearly impossible to lose weight.  Nonetheless, there is hope.
After the first five to ten pounds weight lost, hormone mechanisms begin to work against you.
This science of Weight Loss Resistance will bring us out of the dark ages of extreme dieting and exercise, not only for those who cannot lose weight, but also for those who are challenged with chronic illness. If you don’t visit this site on a regular basis, you receive recipes and read our latest posts via Email. A good idea for carb intake for those who need to gain weight is to eat bagels, they have extra calorie dense and a good source of complex carbohydrates. One bowl contains around 500 calories, which is healthy as well as a delicious option for breakfast, It’s also loaded with nuts and oats which are great for our bodies. Weight training help you’re body gain muscle weight consume a good source of protein after a workout, this will help build muscle. Make sure all of your food groups are present in every meal, even if you are trying to gain weight, the healthy way. Trans fat snacks, these are called the “empty calories” they fill you in but not for long and don’t do any good to our bodies and they are loaded with unhealthy nutritional facts. Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation.
While the winter festivities and get-togethers from Halloween to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years give us that warm and fuzzy feeling, it usually also means holiday weight gain for those who went too far in indulging their love for sweets and all kinds of rich, fattening festive meals. In a study by Brian Wansink from Cornell University and Koert van Ittersum from the Georgia Institute of Technology, it turns out diners who eat from smaller plates or bowls tend to eat less.
Therefore, the next time you’re serving food at Thanksgiving, dedicate larger plates for the vegetable dishes while less healthier meals should be served in smaller plates. Flaky buttermilk biscuits or crispy fingerling potatoes are without a doubt a treat to the palate. Rather than filling in your plate with refined carbs while listening to All I Want For Christmas at your high school reunion, consider having more of the roasted beef tenderloin or stuffed fish and less of the lasagna, or lentils and beans if you’re currently exploring plant-based options. In hindsight, embrace some fats this holiday season by adding a bit of olive oil into your dressing, having avocado with honey for dessert, or even indulging on the bacon-wrapped chicken thighs! Aside from diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes and improving your immunity response, getting high-quality sleep has been shown to be one of the major factors to help prevent weight gain. The next time your office buddies are trying to convince you to stay a bit longer at the annual company party, politely say no, get home, and get more sleep.
It’s no secret that exercise doesn’t just help you lose weight but also makes you feel good.
With careful planning and by being more mindful of your habits, there’s no reason for you to dread the holiday weight gain. What other strategies have worked for you in the past to avoid putting on weight during the holidays? This entry was posted in Marketing, Wellness Solutions for Doctors and tagged body temperature, calories, Christmas, diet, festive meals, gaining weight, Halloween, holiday, holidays, keep yourself warm, New Years, paleo, protein, sugar, sweets, Thanksgiving, weight loss on October 22, 2015 by BodySite Editor.
It was great meeting hundreds of integrative and functional medicine doctors at the Freedom Practice Coaching quarterly meeting last weekend in San Antonio. Exclusively for FPC members, we’re extending our discounted monthly price and our free trial offer if you enroll during this calendar month. This entry was posted in Marketing, Wellness Solutions for Doctors and tagged clear change, core cleanse, detoxification, eating plan, FPC Quarterly, freedom practice coaching, functional, gluten free diet, institute, institute for functional medicine, integrative, meal plan, medicine, mediterranean diet, paleo diet, preventive, vegetarian diet, wellness on August 25, 2015 by John Cummings.
After working with doctors, wellness and weight loss practitioners for the past 15 years, I’ve learned that most medical professionals are terrible at marketing to new and existing patients.
We recently held a very popular webinar about some of the very basic concepts around better patient and practice marketing by leveraging your website and the knowledge you already have. Watch this video and then let’s unwrap what might be effective and engaging about this marketing message. To effectively reach more clients, customers, patients, your message has to be engaging and it needs to engage patients on their level, where they are. Most doctors’ websites primarily highlight all of services that they offer along side lists and lists of accomplishments and curriculum vitae. The video featured above is offered as part of the services built into the BodySite Wellness platform. Watch for a follow up to this article where we’ll address patient retention through patient education rather than simply pushing promotions to your patients using your CRM. This entry was posted in Marketing, Wellness Solutions for Doctors and tagged blog marketing, engagement, marketing, patient engagement, patient marketing, patient marketing video, patients, practice marketing on March 10, 2014 by John Cummings.
Have you heard about the Iowa teacher who lost 37 pounds in 90 days by eating only food from McDonalds? An Iowa science teacher, John Cisca, ate everything at McDonalds every day for 90 days: from Big Macs to salads to sundaes to shakes to quarter pounders. The second difference is that Cisca started to walk 45 minutes a day, like any normal human being should do. Patients need a specific plan for every day that keeps them on task and they need to actually be told, DAILY, what their plan for the day entails. Put your patients on a directed care path by specifying what they should do each and every day for the next 30, 60, 90 or even 120 days.

This entry was posted in Wellness Solutions for Doctors on January 8, 2014 by John Cummings. Is your medical, wellness, anti-agining or weight loss practice leveraging internet and smart phone technology to provide the highest level of care to your patents?
Well, frankly, most doctors are not trained to give out exercise, diet and lifestyle change advice. Most comorbid conditions that overweight or obese patients face can be reduced or eliminated with even modest weight loss. Here’s one tool that makes it possible for doctors to give comprehensive exercise, diet and wellness information to patients as often as daily to actually support lifestyle change, instead of medicating ailments.
Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of medical and wellness professionals who are uniquely positioned to help are starting to realize that helping patients requires more than just medicine and that a more complete solution involving diet and exercise guidance is needed. Using BodySite’s one-of-a-kind web platform, a doctor’s office can provide a comprehensive plan for diet, exercise, weight loss or any treatment protocol, to an unlimited number of patients and charge any price. Every day, patients receive their doctor’s advice and guidance on the web, by email and by text message. Learn more about leveraging internet and smartphone technology to provide better care and run a better wellness or weight loss practice. This entry was posted in Wellness Solutions for Doctors on October 8, 2013 by John Cummings. The explosive growth in medical weight loss, hormone replacement and other anti-aging protocols means men and women are seeking wellness solutions from doctors more than ever. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released this year, patients are 5 times more likely to diet and exercise if their doctors tell them to do so. The February 2012 report from the CDC seems to indicate that most doctors give their patients lip service about losing weight and getting their blood pressure under control.
Sparked by updates to the National Physical Activity Guidelines, a multi-million dollar physical activity initiative sponsored primarily by Coca-Cola known as “Exercise is Medicine” and more specific recommendations for prescribed fitness coming from organizations like the Canadian Diabetes Association, doctors are now looking for ways to give more specific and supportive advice to patients. After evaluating a patient in the office and determining that a patient would benefit from a particular protocol, doctors typically prescribe a weight loss or hormone replacement plan. This entry was posted in Wellness Solutions for Doctors on September 8, 2012 by John Cummings.
All our graphics kits come supplied on convex ultra tough mx vinyl and can be produced to fit any bike. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. By and large, the researchers attributed it to the Delboeuf Illusion: if you’re eating from a large plate, your brain tells you that you’re eating less while putting the same amount of food in a smaller plate signals your brain that you’re consuming enough. Yet filling up on carbs (especially refined carbs in baked goods) before filling in on your protein-rich meals is one reason why you may be struggling with your body weight.
The takeaway is to be mindfully aware of your protein intake, and to eat more meat fish or beans than refined carbohydrates. Since the 1960s, we have been made to believe that these fat-rich foods are artery-clogging and are huge culprits to weight gain. It’s not just olive oil or fatty fish that are inherently good for you; butter, egg yolks, and the occasional steak could also do you well as long as they’re not heavily processed (hello free range eggs and grass-fed beef) and consumed in moderation. This study’s findings revealed that women who consumed a high-fat and low-carbohydrate diet until they were full eventually lost twice as much weight in comparison to those who consumed low-fat meals. In this 2012 study by researchers from the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Arizona, their findings suggest that those with fewer hours of sleep are more likely to gain weight and become obese. While gym routines could be sidelined due to hectic holiday schedules, there are so many ways to exert effort and use calories all day long. If possible, limit your indulgence and feasting on the holiday itself, not the entire season.
We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook! We are so excited to be sponsoring a group so focused on efficient and profitable wellness practice. And I’m qualified to say this because I practiced law for quite some time and now realize that only lawyers are worse at marketing than doctors.
As professionals, we often get this wrong because we’re too smart (or think we are) for our own good. The overall cholesterol level went from 249 to 170, while his bad cholesterol dropped from 173 to 113. The problem is most doctors don’t have the time, or want to spend the time, to give advice to patients everyday. Even if you have a protocol, do your patents really “get” it when they leave the office?
Although most patients want advice from their doctors about weight loss and wellness (and are 5 times more likely to follow that advice when it comes from their doctors), only 1 in 3 doctors prescribe wellness programs that include diet, exercise and lifestyle change recommendations. Medical training for decades focused on prescription medications and leveraging pharmacotherapy as the primary means of treatment. Doctors need to become better equipped to provide wellness and preventive care in order to address the growing epidemic of overweight and obesity. This solution removes the barrier of time and effort and provides a turnkey way for a doctor to provide better care to patients, in less time, and potentially become much more efficient and profitable too.
Most doctors don’t have that solution at their fingertips but are looking for a way to figure it out.

Plans can include exercise photos and videos, dietary guidelines and any custom content desired by the doctor to support the doctor’s care and treatment of the patient. As a result, a doctor can provide better care and help patients overcome their health problems in a way not otherwise possible.
Using the internet, doctors can combine their expertise in medicine with exercise, nutrition and other general wellness information to provide a comprehensive daily support vehicle for patients like never before.
Instead of offering any real advice or recommendations about diet and exercise, most doctors tell patients that they SHOULD lose weight, or exercise or start a diet. The Canadian Diabetes Association recently created an “Exercise Prescription” form for patients with diabetes that doctors can use to prescribe physical activity to patients. Patients pay for their prescription and receive their medications but receive little if any daily support for the use of their medications, much less what to do each day to ensure success. Shoemaker is the foremost authority on biotoxic illness, and believes that ninety-eight percent of those who are significantly overweight are leptin resistant, most of which he feels is due to toxicity. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. For many of us, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but also the time of year for putting on more pounds. Follow our outline for sensible, practical, and science-backed ways below to steer clear of added pounds this holiday season!
People tend eat more during the cold weather than the warmer months, mainly because your body’s metabolism works extra hard to generate heat and keep you insulated from the cold. Yet, since people began to label fat as the enemy, obesity rates doubled and heart disease remains to be one of the top causes of death in the country. Before you reach for two or more gingerbread cookies, you would be better served to consider swapping it for sugar from a natural source, like an organic apple or some organic blueberries. So we talk to clients and patients about what we think they should want (way over their head) without regard to what they really want OR we speak down to them as if we need to bridge a gap between our knowledge and their knowledge.
But before you can expect patients to compare your offering and bio and experience to the practice down the street, you need to first engage the patient about what THEY care about.
Does it cast a vision for how you’re going to change the patient’s life or does it just tell them what you do?
Losing weight by eating at a fast food chain for 90 days would not be considered good practice for anyone to recommend, much less as a medical weight loss solution. Practices that offert their patients a laundry list of diets to choose from have patients that have just another excuse not to make up their minds. Doctors can earn new profits from this solution too, with very little additional effort on their part, which is critical to the survival of a robust medical profession. Although the recommendations are fairly general, they give patients guidelines on how much exercise to do and whether to do resistance training, aerobic exercise, etc. Doctors who enroll patients into a protocol using BodySite Wellness can deliver to the patients a daily interactive plan that can include advice about diet, exercise, supplements and any other information the doctor wishes to include in the plan. So put on those layers before heading outside to share the holiday cheer with family and friends! Lastly, dietary fat can actually boost immunity and improve hormone function, particularly testosterone (vital in muscle development and sexual function). Even if that were true, there are things you need to buy that you’re not an expert in and the provider needs to engage you. But the tale is instructive of a basic tenet that is often overlooked in fitness and unfortunately, even by health care providers engaged in preventive medicine.
Obesity contributes to diabetes, heart disease and stroke and the medical costs to treat these and other related diseases could soon be over $300 billion a year. To use the BodySite Wellness platform, doctors simply pay a low monthly subscription fee to participate and charge patients as they see fit. According to experts in medical fitness, most doctors who do give any real advice have been traditionally referring patients to a third party nutritionist or personal trainer or sending patients to find help on the internet, without any guidance. Hardick is the co-author of the best-selling Maximized Living Nutrition Plans, used in natural health clinics worldwide, and a contributing author for its follow-up publication, The Cancer Killers. This insightful podcast by Tim Ferris is a great resource if you’re still on the fence about dietary fat and its role in weight loss and hormone health. Many studies trumpet that it’s healthy to have a glass of wine but be mindful of not falling into the trap of drinking it everyday or having several glasses.
Well maybe in some cases but for the post part the problem is that they don’t really know what choices to make in a sea of information. In a new trend, however, doctors are beginning to see the benefits of actually giving their patients a plan for their weight loss and fitness. Alcohol consumption, not only can lead to the storage of sugar as fat but also can interfere with a number of processes in your body (such as liver functions), because your body is too busy dealing with the alcohol to do other things. So you only have a few seconds to grab their attention and like it or not, you need a leading message, a hook. Most people won’t find their elbow from their ankle if you leave them to figure out what to do in the information age.

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