You can sprinkle some powdered sugar or cinnamon before eating, but I prefer to eat them plain. Republic has an ethos of using local ingredients, championing traditional Ghanaian brews and ingredients but serving them up with a twist, and its owners say they are part of a foodie revolution beginning in the region, marking a new dawn in attitudes to eating. Frustration at the way African food has been presented to the outside world has prompted a new debate.
In western Ghana, upmarket beach resort Lou Moon is set on a tranquil bay sheltered from the rough waves of the Atlantic. But although Ghanaians have been going to places like Republic and Lou Moon in search of good food, diners around the world have been eating West African-inspired dishes without realising it. In a large pot, heat ? cup of oil (any kind of oil is fine) on a medium heat, add the sliced onion and fry till it is softened and turn to a brownish color. If rice is still hard sprinkle about ? cup of water, cover it and let it steam for a couple more minutes.
Following a whole-school assembly where we learned more about life in our partner village in Ghana, we took part in workshops to further explore some aspects of life there. We already knew that many people carry things on their heads and wanted to experience this for ourselves. In class we experimented with a variety of plate and bowl shapes to see which worked best and we attempted to carry different loads. There are many skilled dressmakers in the village who make beautiful, brightly coloured clothing from bold, patterned fabrics.

The village dressmakers are able to take measurements and create outfits within hours, producing beautiful dresses, collared shirts and school uniforms.
Although there is now electricity in the village much of the machine sewing is still done manually.
Artsy residents, office workers and expats sit on plastic chairs in front of its wooden façade as dusk turns to night, ordering caipirihnas or snacks such as thick-cut chips and bowls of soup. With fresh fish from the Atlantic, abundant and varied crops and a long heritage of spicy, well-seasoned food, some believe West African countries such as Ghana have the potential to be destinations for foodies from around the globe. The only difference is you will not be  transferring the stew into a foil pan; instead, you will cook the rice in the same pot you are making the stew in. Yam and cassava are chopped and boiled to soften them, then pounded together to make a thick, sticky mixture similar to mashed potato. In Kwamebikrom the pupils learn to drum at school and it also plays a big part in family life. The fabrics are bought from the larger cities where they are hand-dyed or printed in factories. Many of us then had the opportunity to use a sewing machine to make the stitching stronger.
But years of negative publicity and a failure to make local delicacies accessible to the outside world have skewed perceptions of the region.
Adding the water helps reduce the acidity from the tomatoes. This should take 15 to 20 minutes.

Now, I personally like cooking Jollof Rice in a foil pan and inside the oven because it gives me more room to stir as it cooks. During our worshops we learned how Djembe drums are made and explored creating, repeating and following rhythms. At this time, add the carrots or any vegetable you prefer (green beans, green peppers etc.) and the short noodles.
The P1 pupils had the opportunity to create their own Kente cloth designs and make mini drums and shakers.
Mrs Denvir set us the challenge of making her a pair of trousers using scraps of Ghanaian fabric! Leave this inside the oven on 450F and let it cook for about one hour stirring occasionally. When the water has evaporated, make sure to stir from bottom up every 5 to 7 minutes to make sure that the bottom does not burn.
Make sure to turn the heat down to 350F after all the water has dissolved, and keep stirring from bottom up until the rice is nice and soft.

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