CLEANSE WITHOUT BEING STARVED OR DEPRIVEDFollow the delicious and hunger-satisfying raw-food diets offered in this book and you will lose weight, gain energy and feel vibrantly healthy while clearing your body of toxins.
I came across these wonderful infographics on Pinterest recently and though it would be a good idea to share them here. Some people who have tried it have said that the green tea helps to prevent the headaches you can get when you stop coffee if that is what you normally drink.  His version includes 1 tsp stevia in the tea which a lot of people have said is too much. You may lose a few pounds while doing the detox but it’s likely you will put it back once you start eating again.
If you don’t feel up to living on nothing but green smoothies for 3 days then why not try this second 3 Day Detox Diet Plan which includes food? The first two mornings start off with fruit smoothies but Day 3 shockingly suggests oatmeal with brown sugar and skim milk! Instead of dairy milk, unless you can find raw goats or cow’s milk, you can use some coconut milk or almond milk. If you want to know more about detox and are ready for a longer detox then check out my Definitive Detox Diet.

Don’t forget to share this post using the share buttons below  if you think others would find it useful. Specifically, there is no evidence that these types of strict diets do any detoxification at all. Unfortunately, juice fasts or cleanses don’t really help you lose weight beyond the first few pounds of water weight, which you can lose with any type of caloric reduction and increase in activity. Going on a liquids-only, severely restricted calorie diet will also lead to headaches, lower tolerance of cold, reduced immune function and inability to concentrate. As our bodies are programmed for survival, after a few days of a detox fast, you will be so hungry, that your recovery may induce overeating causing you to regain the fat you lost, and possibly more, as your metabolism has undoubtedly slowed down. A 3 day detox will certainly help to start detoxing your body but let’s face it, a detox cleanse as short as this is not going to get rid of years of toxins that have accumulated in your body. There is nothing wrong with a little virgin olive oil and lemon juice dressing with a few herbs or mustard to perk it up a bit. Many of my clients have read magazines, reporting celebrities using Detox Cleanses or Master Cleanse to shed weight fast, and they ask me: should I be doing a Detox Cleanse?

We already have a special organ, the liver, that knows how to deal with toxins and remove them efficiently from the body.
The low energy levels which will make it hard for you to exercise and will further cause muscle loss. As I explain in my book, Eat More To Lose More, the liver is “the boss of the body” and deals with everything that we ingest. The more lean mass you have, the more you can eat without gaining weight as muscle burns calories even at rest, thereby increasing your metabolism. It is done on a continuous basis and the best way to assist the liver in this important job, is to avoid loading it down with toxic substances. That explains why we feel so tired after eating an unhealthy meal or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.

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