So what supplement manufacturers did is they took this quote and kept on repeating it again and again adding Dr Oz’s face next to it making it more authentic. But anyway Green Tea Fat Burner (one of the celebrity fat burners that go noticed on the market), has been selling like crazy at the start of 2015. Recently, at the end of same year, sales noticeably declined with mixed reviews most were biased towards negativity.
Delivers a wide range of health-promoting nutrients, including superior levels of EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate). Other Ingredients: Soy Bean Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water, Beeswax, Soy Lecithin, Titanium Dioxide and Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin.
3 month, user reports varies however the average weight loss was between 14 – 19 lbs per month. Bauer Nutrition, provides advanced nutrition to help fight everyday deficiencies found in regular diets, as well as helping you to manage your weight and build muscle. This conclusion really surprised us, as some of our written articles in the last year were discussing the weight loss benefits of green tea due to it’s fat oxidation effect. The researchers took blood samples and did extensive testing, all of which indicated that the green tea extract did not improve fat oxidation. These are legitmate independant reviews gathered from users who have used this fat burner for two weeks to one month range.
Considering the current ingredients in Green tea fat burner, which mainly consists of Caffeine and Yerba mate. Conjugated linoleic acids, or a family of substances found in dairy and meat products, which are known to improve immunity, limit food allergy reactions, fight against atherosclerosis and support weight loss. CLA was found to reduce the amount of belly fat and to improve the belly firmness, this explaining its wide use in overweight and obese patients. On the other hand, CLA supplements may alter the body’s sensitivity to insulin, may upset the gastrointestinal tract and increase the levels of potassium, causing kidney problems.
In fact, if you have the time to browse for opinions from real users, you’ll see they are slightly different than the marketing stories used for promoting these fat burning supplements. Although there are people who did manage to lose weight easier after using these supplements, lots of the users who have tried CLA for reducing their body fat percentage have experienced kidney problems. The myth promoted by companies producing dietary supplements and weight loss pills says that green tea products – pills, extract and even the beverage itself – are able to speed up the destruction of abdominal fats, leading to a faster reduction of the belly fat layer and thus to a leaner body.
Hundreds of articles and web pages available out there suggest that green tea extract may have meaningful effects on the body’s ability to burn fats faster.
Are there enough scientific arguments to support the effectiveness of green tea as fat burner in humans?

Researchers say caution should be used when interpreting animal data and applying them to humans. This theory is backed up by scientific studies, numerous research papers showing that EGCG provides high amounts of polyphenols, which are proven to exert anti-inflammatory effects and to inhibit the accumulation of body fat by suppressing lipogenesis.
Also, consumption of green tea is proven to increase thermogenesis, or the process through which heat is produced inside the human body. Then, caffeine – which is found in green tea as well – is known to support weight reduction by increasing both the metabolic rate and thermogenesis. The question is how much tea or green tea supplements should one use on a daily basis, to experience these effects?
In order to experience the effects induced by green tea, the daily consumption of EGCG should be somewhere around 270 mg, in two or three doses. It’s generally agreed that getting 130 mg of caffeine per day is safe, and some scientists say that 300 mg of caffeine is still not threatening for one’s health. Another study published last year in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews showed that three months of daily consumption of green tea preparations only induced a small, statistically non-significant weight loss in overweight adults. And last, this study showed that consumption of 960 ml of decaffeinated green tea for 6 months can cause a slight reduction in body weight and increase the metabolic rate, but doesn’t have significant effects on the weight or body composition.
Then, green tea alone is not able to cause significant improvements in one’s body weight, so for maximum benefits, the intake of this beverage should be coupled with high intensity exercises, as the effects are not impressive in overweight people doing moderate-intensity exercises. Conclusion: if you’re trying to drop the excess pounds, you shouldn’t rely on green tea only. So a healthier option would consist in practicing physical activities regularly, watching your diet and drinking green tea for its other health benefits. Due to the fact, one of Dr Oz’s episodes was about the significance of green tea in belly fat. It was essentially important for us to provide our users a clear review on Green Tea Fat Burner.
So we compared distinct features for both and used PhenQ as a benchmark to rate Green Tea Fat Burner. Over a weeklong period, one group consumed a green tea extract supplement twice daily — the equivalent of eight cups of green tea a day — while another group was given a placebo. Oz Show, but in one of November’s episodes, he talked about some of the most popular belly fat myths and gave some useful tips on how to get rid of belly fat using only natural solutions. Oz, drinking two cups of green tea per day, in combination with a CLA supplement, can reduce the body fat percentage and help one get in shape faster. Oz’s solution also included green tea, and if you’re curious to check the labels of different fat burners and weight loss products, you’ll see that lots of them contain this tea.

Yet, most of the scientific papers discussing this topic refer to the weight loss effects of green tea in mice or other lab animals. While scientists agree that green tea products can be efficient in reducing the body fat percentage and inhibiting the accumulation of new fats, they also highlight the fact that these products may not have the same effects on the human body and that better clinical trials are needed for establishing whether green tea can, in fact, cause significant weight reduction in humans. They started with the premise that green tea supplements may aid in weight control, and that EGCG, one of the active compounds in this beverage, may support the reduction of body fat percentage. Catechins in tea are known to interfere with the intestinal absorption of lipids, preventing the accumulation of fats and acting as effective, natural lipid-lowering agents. Thermogenesis enhances the energy expenditure and fat oxidation, helping in weight regulation. Moreover, the combination of caffeine with EGCG seems to have even more powerful effects, and contribute to more impressive results in terms of body fat reduction and metabolic rate.
Their test showed that, depending on the brand, the green tea supplements provide between 22 mg and 300 mg of EGCG per suggested daily serving. Based on the existing studies, we could conclude that getting 270 mg of EGCG in combination with up to 300 mg of caffeine per day can support the fat loss process in humans, without putting one’s health at risk. In reality, this interesting study published in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal showed that 7 days of green tea extract ingestion can increase the lipolysis (destruction of fats), but has no effect on whole body fat oxidation in people practicing moderate-intensity exercises. It can inhibit the absorption of lipids, accelerate the metabolic rate and contribute to the reduction of body fat percentage, but only when it provides a certain daily amount of EGCG and caffeine. This beverage has several health benefits and can help you lose the extra fats a little easier, but unless you’re physically active and practice intense exercises on a regular basis, you shouldn’t expect for green tea to act as a miracle beverage and melt away your excess fats overnight. Does it mean that the tasty beverage obtained from the Camellia sinensis plant can trim down fats and get you a model’s body? And what about the amount of caffeine that comes together with the ideal doses of green tea? As for caffeine, the tested products provided up to 130 mg of compound per dose (capsule or cup). Yet, for getting the needed amount of EGCG, one generally ends up consuming around 3 capsules or doses of green tea extract on a daily basis. Therefore, we consider Green Tea Fat Burner as a great supplement to maintain weight and prevent from weight gain.

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