In this week’s Walgreens coupon matchup, I wrote about a free-after-Register-Reward deal on Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner. I would recommend to try and go at a different time when there may be different cashiers working. Have you asked if they have those items maybe in the stock room or some other place in the store? Sometimes the registers don’t want to scan my coupons, but they always find a solution to fix it. The cashiers in RA and CVS are more knowledgeable when it comes to coupons and the sale items are no where to be found.

It is so annoying I am not sure if one person clears them or the store just had a couple to begin with. I went last time and saw they were out of the item then asked them and turned out they had it placed somewhere else not even near the tag for it! Head to Walgreens and snag a Walgreens Vitamins and Supplements coupon book from the medicine aisle. Last week I got $200 worth of product for $20 OOP and earned 18,000 Balance Reward Points, which equals $22.50 (I wait until I have 40,000 points before I cash out).
You might try several different stores and see if you can find one where it seems there aren’t many couponing customers!

You might try another store; the cashier should enter it manually since it is being used correctly. I think it just depends on which location you go to, but I certainly don’t want them to go out of business.
I’ll go 5 blocks in each direction (I live in a small town) and the prices are extremely different.

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