Carrie Schwab Pomerantz - Mindful Spending Part 3: What Are Your Top Three Financial Goals? Like many homegrown gyms, Fitlife started because two guys dreamed of building a monument to muscle and athleticism. When Josh Tyler and Zane Moore opened their own gym, they knew they wanted to help people reach their athletic potential. Owner and co-founder Josh Tyler, a former minor league baseball player, gave us the inside perspective. Our driving force for so many years has been to help the community in our own special way, catering to the needs and goals of individuals on their fitness journeys. When we founded our business we started with a basic thought: We want to help everyone who walks through our doors benefit from the fitness experience.
This early belief led to our philosophy that we can individualize fitness for each and every customer. Our workout philosophy can be applied to a weekend golfer who wants to wallop his drive past his buddy, the youth athlete looking to prevent injury and increase athleticism, mature folks who want to retain strength and mobility, or the working mom who has to balance on heels, push a shopping cart, and keep up with her kids. Vickie Bogart: She is well known throughout the facility as someone who will show no mercy and get 110 percent out of you every time.
Mike Cornman: He is the nutrition guru and the research machine behind a lot of our program development.
The three trainers all have their own strengths, which blends with our philosophy and helps each one put their own individual twist into everything we do. We had been toying with the idea for over a year, and after the launch and Myzone did some upgrades, we got the system.
It also automatically uploads to the cloud so our clients and trainers can access the data via smartphone, tablet, or CPU.
The tracking allows us to show improvement over time and help clients get an accurate account of how much energy or calories they are using during exercise and their effort. We also work with local high schools to bring in their special needs and developmental departments for workouts and life skills training.
As health care providers, we constantly treat symptoms of diseases that could be prevented if patients would adopt a healthy lifestyle. The entire operation has been a labor of love, from its inception pre-Katrina; to its fruition a year after the devastating hurricane destroyed the region. Jason McGeorge has been our Personal Training Director and recently became the Assistant General Managera€”he recently took home top honors in local bodybuilding competitions. Specialized wellness programs addressing everything from Smoking Cessation to post-operative knee, back and heart programs, to comprehensive weight loss programs. Melanie has cerebral palsy, but she works out every day, and Mabel lost her leg due to diabetes and poor circulation, and she swims for an hour 3 days per week to make sure she doesn't lose the other one. Recovering from injury or disease can be stressful, but with the help of physicians and recovery specialists, you can get back in action!

This facility is the result of a clear vision to bring about lifestyle change to an area that desperately needs it.
When I moved back east in 2002, the small, training-focused sports performance facilities had not hit the market. We have been in our current location for four years now and have been able to expand our offerings because of it. This philosophy differs from big-box clubs or low-priced centers which only offer a gym membership and do not provide the services you need to make measurable changes in your life.
One of our clients was a retired Marine and had experience in obstacle course construction. We have many Team Fitlife events that include 5K runs, 100-mile bike rides, Dragon Boat Races, and Tough Mudders.
He's a Penn State graduate with an ability to establish meaningful relationships with our clients. He has a quiet demeanor, which is misleading because before you know it, the pounds are coming off and the strength gains are exploding. We also have a strong one-on-one clientele, a private pilates studio for sessions for 1-4 people at a time, nutritional coaching, our obstacle course programs, sports performance training, GRIT Physical Therapy onsite, and coming soon, indoor cycling with a little twist! We establish programs 3-6 months in length for athletes of all ages and levels to help prevent injury and become an all-around better athletes. We believe in heart rate zone training to get the best results, and the MyZone technology allows us to do that. We can see the data on our screens throughout the facility which aids in the training process.
We constantly explore new technology to present the data to our clients in effective ways, but ultimately exercise is still exercise. We wanted to try to address the root causes at their source, to create patients who are partners with us in health care. We have a full array of Wellness Programs, all physician designed and supported, and administered by certified and degreed Wellness professionals. We have so many members whose doctors sent them to us because they needed to be more active, and who swear e-Fitness and Wellness has literally saved their lives. Yet Johnson's family in Valdosta insist he was killed by classmates, fellow teenagers who are accused by name in a $100 million wrongful death lawsuit Johnson's parents filed earlier this year.Federal authorities also launched their own investigation into Johnson's strange death.
They set new definitions for their business and now work to assist individuals on a personal basis. As we grew, we teamed up with a physical therapist who complemented our philosophy and training style.
We had the land and have run several successful 6-8 week training courses since we built the course. They can help grow the skill, but they want athletes, and that is something that will last long past someone's playing days are over.

However, marketing is also key, and we've made a conscious effort over the last year to dedicate ourselves to outreach. We also work with the American Red Cross for blood drives, Alex's Lemonade Stand, CRB1 Fund for curing retinal blindness, the Bike MS City to Shore.
We shut down the facility for an hour so they can have full access to everything, and the kids love it! We encourage serious bodybuilders with our heavy weights and Olympic lifting equipment (our current assistant manager has won several bodybuilding competitions and leads by example). We will soon have serious high school baseball players and professional golfers looking to up their game. Floyd Rose, president of the Lowndes County chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, who has long said he sees no evidence of foul play in the teenager's death. It's cost taxpayers too much money and the families too much grief and caused the community too much confusion."Students at Lowndes High School found Johnson's body in the center of an upright mat Jan. An autopsy found he died from positional asphyxia, meaning his body was stuck in a position that prevented him from breathing. Sheriff's investigators concluded Johnson went headfirst into the mat trying to retrieve a gym shoe.At the end of April, the federal investigation will conclude its 18th month. Meanwhile, rumors about Johnson's death have boiled over into dueling lawsuits in civil court.In January, Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson filed a wrongful death lawsuit accusing classmates of killing their son in an ambush. Their suit named 38 defendants including the local school superintendent, sheriff's deputies and the medical examiner who performed the autopsy.
Johnson's parents say he was attacked by two brothers "seeking revenge" after one of them had a fight with Johnson a year earlier.The accused brothers and their parents filed a counter suit, saying Johnson's parents defamed them by falsely accusing them of murder. The Associated Press is not naming the brothers or their parents because they have not been charged with any crimes.Brice Ladson, an attorney for the accused brothers, said the accusations have had painful consequences, despite being false. He said the case caused a large university recently to withdraw a football scholarship it had offered one of the brothers. An assistant athletics director for the Division I school declined to comment."This criminal matter needs to be over and done with so the family can move forward," Ladson said. The Justice Department concluded within seven months it would bring no federal charges against the Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who shot and killed an unarmed Michael Brown last August. Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia, where she has focused on homicides and cold cases, a spokesman for that office said. Peterman, the chief assistant prosecutor in Moore's office, confirmed Sines is "actively involved" in the Johnson case.

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