Planning a good hardgainer diet is the most time consuming, but most important part of succeeding in gaining muscle and mass.
If you have forgotten your password, simply enter the e-mail address you used to register on this site to begin the password reset process. For convenience sake, this diet plan is tailored for a male weighing 61-70kg who eats 3 main meals a day as well as 2 snacks.
Part 1 of the diet plan will only look at main meals while Part 2 will look at snack options.
Either way, I will lay out the diet plan for different types of people who want to gain lean muscle mass while on P90X. The best diet plan for you would be Phase 2 for the first 30 days, and Phase 3 from Day 30-90.
This is the category for those who have been skinny all their lives, but due to stress at work and bad diet, you’ve gained some weight especially around the waist.
You progress picture on Day 60 would determine whether you should do Phase 3 diet plan or not.
Hi Jason, the recommendation bf% was for the guys, since that’s my target market and most of my coachees are guys. All but one of the above probably can’t be changed over night and they will all have an impact on your journey to build muscle. Carbs – Fruit to restore glycogen stores, oatmeal, all bran cereal, grits, sweet potatoes and pancakes with no syrup. This is exactly how I will be working out in the coming months and how you should workout too, if you are a hardgainer. Incoming search terms:hardgainer (2518)hardgainer workout routine (1059)hardgainer workout plan (954)hardgainer meal plan (353)hardgainer routine (133)hardgainers workout routine (118)hardgainers meal plan (109)hardgainer workout (103)hardgainer diet plan (96)workout meal plan for men (89)Be Sociable, Share!
You can workout as intense and with as much volume as possible, but if youa€™re not meeting your nutrient requirements needed to gain weight, nothing is going to happen.
This sample hardgainer diet plan will also exclude supplements which you can easily incorporate in by replacing it with a snack or two.

This sample hardgainer diet plan aims to achieve a total daily intake of at least 3524 calories, 485g of carbohydrates, 176g of protein and 97g of fat. And contrary to popular belief, the P90X diet plan can be used for either losing weight or gaining lean mass, or anything in between. How much calories you should consume would depends on your daily activity level and your height.
From Day 30-60, I found that staying at Phase 2 diet plan would do the trick at medium caloric intake. The first one should be focused more on leaning down, while the second round would be focused on being ripped. Although I happen to already have a low body fat percentage, I think a lot of people will have a tough time getting this low. My body shape has always be slender but in years past i have noticed my upper body being alot skinner and smaller then my lower, like my hips. This bodybuilding lifestyle is a part of YOUR life and life itself never is written in black and white. I will obviously make some adjustments, as I am currently focusing on bulking while retaining deep cuts. This is why ita€™s important to spend a bit of time developing this plan and making sure it works for you. Better yet, you can have your supplements on top of your snacks and main meals to bulk up even faster! Just to refresh your memories, P90X diet plan consists of Phase 1 (low carb), Phase 2, and Phase 3 (high carb). As long as you lift heavy, and take your supplements, you should see results within 90 days.
Until you could see the outline of your abs, you should not attempt to have surplus of calories to bulk up. To determine how much calories you should consume, you’d need to discuss that matter with your Team Beachbody Coach.

If you’re a guy, your bodyfat should be down to around 8-9% and for girls, around 12-15% before bulking up. Once you’ve leaned down after 90 days, you could start your second round of P90X after 1-2 weeks break. 12-15% is widely considered quite low for females as it is, and is certainly well below the average.
There are many ups and downs, things will often become quite colourful and the journey will be different for all of you.
For more tips on making the most out of your diet plans, why not read our a€?Hardgainer Dietsa€™ article as well as our a€?Meal Planninga€™ article.
Unlike many other hardgainers diet plans, this will include a lot more variety and not just variations of the broccoli, sweet potato, regular potato, rice and meat mix. Hardgainer is someone who is naturally skinny, who no matter what he or she eats, always seem to have trouble gaining weight, whether in the form of muscle or fat. Depending on how lean you are, you could either start at Phase 1 diet plan as usual or skip to Phase 2 diet plan. To help get you started however, wea€™ve formulated a 7 day sample hardgainer diet plan which you can easily tweak to help you build that muscle while you formulate your own diet plan. I’ve started the P90x program, but I am kind of lost on how to honestly start it, and I have no idea how to use the diet plan. Do not confused the term hardgainer with having hard time to gain muscle mass, because if that is the case, almost everyone is a hardgainer.

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