Originally Posted by bluebird71 Ok HUff035, where exactly do I get those newer style vent rings like you have? Originally Posted by InfiniteReality Here's my latest one, I fit a 7" LCD in our 1.5 DIN spot without relocating anything. Originally Posted by redbeauty2012 i know this is an old post but can anyone assist me in how he did this set up i think he used a 7 in monitor and external dvd player under the seat. In my pursuit for a new set of track wheel, since the OEM rears don't fit over my Brembos, I am leaning back towards Dinan wheels.
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Basicially you buy a 7" LCD monitor, most people who do this buy Lilliput LCDs because they are easy to take out of the housing they come in and put in the car how you want it. The content and accuracy of any post are solely the responsibility of the member making the post. Then you have to somewhere in your car mount the computer components (Motherboard, Hard Drive, DVD Drive, GPS Receiver, USB, etc) basicially however you want it. You can buy a special automotive power supply that is made to run a PC off of the car battery and regulates the power correctly so that its just like using a regular PC Power supply and provides a clean source of power. I am mounting mine in a custom made box that will go in the back cubby hole on the drivers side.

And you can also hook up to 2 components to it via RCA like a Back up Camera, Video Game system, etc. I am running a program called Ride Runner which is free and takes some tweaking but it allows me to customize it ANYWAY you can possibly think of.
Has GPS, A nice virtual CD player, DVD Player, bluetooth, internet browsing, pretty much anything you can think of. If you want to look more into this, there is a great Forum for it with a ton of information.

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