The classical hCG diet restricted to be 500 calories per day while the newest theories have proved that there’s no obvious difference between taking 800 calories a day or 500 calories a day.
Energy restriction, most of the hCG diet has set up the strict calories limitation to only 500 calories a day. The hCG diet has always proved to be effective but controversial opinions aroused among many reputable doctors at the same time, as there seems to be no proof to find the real reason of the weight loss caused by low calories taken or by hCG injection? It’s recommended that you should always ask your doctor for recommendation before taking hCG diet. Anyone wanting to shed multiple pounds at once should consider the HCG diet; however, there are some demographics that should consult with a physician first. Following the HCG Diet is simple, but the supervision of a physician is highly recommended.
You should insure that your HCG comes from a safe and reputable Physician or Medical Weight Loss Center like the Bouari Clinic. When you consume less calories than normal, the part of your brain that regulates your metabolism thinks that you are suffering from starvation, and thusly compensates by storing the majority of your energy from food as fat.

The Paleo Diet, or the Paleolithic diet, Focuses on Eating the Simple Foods of Our Ancestors. The 17 Day Diet Uses a Series of Cycles, or Phases, to Keep the Body Constantly Burning Fat. The Low Carb Diet Restricts Consumption of Carbohydrates to Promote Weight Loss and Treat Some Medical Conditions.
HCG is a natural Hormone prescribed by a physician to help patients who struggle with weight loss. Why burn 4,000 calories week, Exercising is necessary for good health, but too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. HCG Diet Secret #2 Follow-Up – for Keeping Off The Fat Key Strategies For The HCG Diet? The classical hCG diet developed by Dr Simeons includes 500 calories per day with  just 200 grams of protein that are taken from lunch and dinner. Although naturally occurring in human body, the diet uses significantly smaller doses, and is safe for both men and women.

If you are unsure if you should follow this diet, consult with your primary care physician. Simeons, who discovered that patients who were injected with the HCG hormone and had a low calorie diet continuously lost up to two or more pounds a day. Daily injections of HCG, or oral drops taken underneath the tongue, followed by a sensible, low calorie daily intake, results in the daily loss of fat and weight. Through either the oral consumption or the injection of HCG, the body will naturally burn between one and two pounds a day.
Although you can self-administer the injections, it is recommended that a physician handle it.
Our program is a medically supervised and integrates the positive benefits of the original HCG Diet with more effective methods.  It provides a unique system that can rapidly burn fat while maintaining lean muscle mass and protecting from protein deficiency.

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