By ShanThere are some foods which are very easy to digest and do not produce harmful toxins, starch or fat. Apples – It contain high source of soluble fiber and carbohydrate and are less in starch and fat contents. Bananas – This fruit contains a lot of carbohydrates which produces high energy to the body.
Mangoes and Oranges –Mangoes contain carbohydrates and natural sugar and oranges are rich in Vitamin C which increases the level of metabolism in the body.

Calories Burning food  – Foods like cabbage, watermelon, blueberry, beetroot and broccoli burn the calories by giving the body enough time to flush toxins. Sardines – Sardines are packed with high contents of fish oil and high protein which burns fat. These foods are natural and not processed foods which makes it easy to digest in the stomach. This vegetable also helps in flushing out the excessive fat that gets deposited in the body.

These foods get digested quickly and also help to produce more energy than the cooked foods.

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