The Indian kitchens are full of spices and yummy dishes but there are also many easy Indian vegetarian breakfast recipes that help to lose weight. For preparing Oatmeal Porridge take oats and skimmed milk in a pot, in it add condiments and honey or jaggery. In the above mentioned recipes you can add taste and make them interesting by adding generous sprinkling of Chaat Masala. Aloo paratha: A simple and easy to prepare flattened bread with a filling, aloo parathas are a favourite in most Indian households. Dosa: Dish out a whole wheat dosa, famously called adhai, for breakfast if you are bored of your cereal and oats. Upma: A favourite breakfast item, upma - made out of a?sujia"- can be ready in a jiffy and works well as a breakfast option. Poha: Flattened rice takes little time to make, tastes great and makes for a filling meal too. Sabudana khichdi: If you are looking for a healthy and energising breakfast option which will be light on your tummy, then sabudana (sago) khichdi is something you must try. Indian-style Eggs: Masala omlete, boiled eggs, egg sandwich and bhurji are healthy breakfast dishes especially when accompanied by brown bread and prepared with little oil and spices. Daliya: Also eaten as a snack, Daliya is a light and healthy dish which makes it an excellent breakfast choice.
Desi Sandwich: A sandwich filling of tomatoes, potato, chutney and other healthy veggies would work well for a day when lunch is far away.
I have lost count of the number of times I tried soaking sago for making this popular breakfast recipe and using the same for starching my sarees. I simply couldn’t get the correct sago consistency to make the Sabudana Khichdi which is non sticky and fluffy.
A signature dish of Maharashtra in India, Sabudana Khichdi or Sago breakfast recipe is mainly cooked during fasting period when certain food items such as grain, pulses, onion & garlic are avoided. It was only after I met this newly married Marathi couple who shared the common floor with us in the same building.
Heat oil in a wok and crackle mustard seeds, add Bengal gram and de husked black gram (dhuli urad daal) in hot oil and saute for a minute.
This recipe is adapted to my taste and may differ from the authentic Sago khichdi recipe cooked during fasting period, in which turmeric is avoided and cumin seeds are used to temper the dish. If you like slightly mushy upma, add one more cup of water while cooking the semolina mixture. Add fresh veggies such as peas, carrots, beans to the semolina upma to make it healthier and tasty. Many recipes call for boiled and cubed potatoes for sago khichdi, I like this version of fried potatoes. The sabudhana can be soaked for half an hour in enough water and then drained through a sieve and kept overnight,so that it is ready for breakfast in the morning.

Traditionally turmeric and ginger are not added to this dish ,only jira is added to the tempering and peanut powder and green chill mixture is mixed with the sabudhana before cooking .Salt ,a bit of sugar ,lime ,corriander lvs and grated coconut make up the rest of the ingredients. This dish looks wonderful i remember my granmother making sabudana kichdi for her Ekdassi fast.
I am happy that the Indian style oats recipes blogged so far have been a success with those of you who tried and have been kind enough to let me know. Another option, which also happens to be my favorite, is a generous sprinkle of home made spiced lentil powder like Andhra gun powder (Kandi Podi) or Milagai Podi. Mix whole wheat bread powder, oats powder, rice flour, semolina, salt, cumin seeds and mix.
In a separate bowl, mix chopped onions, green chilies, ginger, grated carrot, finely chopped capsicum and coriander leaves.
A healthy start to a long day is important to keep up your pace and finish all your chores in time.
Every recipe has variations in the preparation of the filling that needs to be cooked and then stuffed into the chapatti dough.
Throw in some peas and veggies to make it more nutritious, and remember to use a non stick pan so that you use as little oil as possible.
It serves as a good breakfast item accompanied by curd, chutney, ghee or even cheese and honey.
Unrefined wheat or daliya is full of complex carbohydrates and fibres and can be prepared with almost no effort. Those were the days when I stayed away from mom for higher studies in Delhi and later for job prospects. We would share our breakfasts on holidays and I learned this recipe watching her cook in her house. Sabudana or sago are machine made pearls from the roots of Cassava or Tapioca. This quick, healthy and delicious breakfast recipe often gets transformed into a filling dinner and snack at times.
Add cubed potatoes pieces, curry leaves, ginger, turmeric powder, salt, sugar and cook for about 6-7 minutes till the potatoes are soft and well cooked. I like my sago khichdi with yellow pearls and avoid cumin as my children don’t like it. Include whole wheat bread powder and yogurt in the oats uthappam batter and top it with vegetables while its cooking.
I enjoy cooking for my family using fresh produce from my vegetable garden and farmer's market. My 16-month old boy just gobbled it up I gave it to him without the topping, which was just as good. As you work for the whole day so eating breakfast at the start of day is important so that you can get the energy to do work all day long. Easy healthy Indian vegetarian breakfast recipes given here are the healthier replacements of fattening breakfast options and also help to lose weight effectively.

But, having the same cereals, oats and porridge for breakfast everyday can be so boring that you might want to avoid the the meal altogether. Accompanied by curd or pickle, parathas make for a nutritious breakfast for mornings that need a power punch. Pre-mixed dosa batters are available at a number of stores and all you need to do cook and enjoy. Try eating your idli with honey, nutela or peanut butter if you are too lazy to make the chutney. Bored of my usual sandwich breakfasts I wanted to try my hands on some of the Indian breakfast recipes I used to love eating but would dare not make it.
These white transparent pearls are widely used in making Indian desserts and savory dishes.
Take off the flame and sprinkle chopped fresh coriander leaves and serve hot with pickle or any chutney of your choice.
Fill the roasted groundnut in a zip lock or in a cloth napkin and crush it with a rolling pin. If you do not eat breakfast everyday then you will be running an empty engine till the next meal of the day. All the Vitamins, minerals and goodness of fruit can be obtained from this recipe without excess of calories. Its super quick to put together and those of you who find it boring to eat plain oats day in and day out, should give this winner of a recipe a try.
Top it with your choicest fresh vegetables like carrot, capsicum, onions or cabbage and the likes to suit your taste. I believe that hard work, self-discipline, and a positive attitude cannot help but reap a harvest of fantastic results.
Fruit Smoothie retains fiber which is lost in the fruit juices so it is a healthier and a better option.
Grated paneer (tofu for vegans) with lots of fresh coriander, finely minced green chilies and ginger also works great.
We list 10 healthy Indian breakfast options that are easy to prepare and provide the right boost of energy to kick-start your day. There are many tasty and filling recipes of breakfast that contain vegetable and thus gives you sufficient energy and nutrients and also taste.

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