If you are looking for a fun way to lose weight, then nothing can beat pleasures that entail in having sex.Women can burn as much as 88 calories having a mere 25 minutes of sex.
Who doesn’t like sipping cool, tasty and delicious cocktails while enjoying evening breeze on the terrace?
Motivate yourself for weight loss As New Year rolls in, every person makes a list of New Year resolutions to follow. We’re not going to lie: Losing weight isn’t easy, and it isn’t always fun (so long, office cupcakes). That means instead of gunning for a big, scary “goal weight” that seems so far in the future you can barely imagine it, set tinier targets instead. So stop picturing what you’re going to look like a year from now (you’ll get there eventually!) — and start imagining how much better you’ll feel when you forego that side of fries for veggies instead. It may seem counterintuitive, but don’t get bogged down by the fact that you have 10, 20, 50 or even 100 pounds to lose. If you’ve got a long road ahead, create a mini goal of losing five to 10 percent of your body weight first, says Lisa Cimperman, RD, LD, and clinical dietician at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland. It’s also helpful to think about not just what you want to lose, but what you want to gain — whether that’s more energy, better self-confidence or a longer life, Cimperman says. The good news: You don’t need to give up carbs for good, commit to a vegan lifestyle, or swear off alcohol for months to lose weight. Instead, Mangieri likes people to make small tweaks to address the weak spots in their diet (like drinking soda, or eating too much sugar). While exercise alone won’t get you to your goal weight, setting fitness goals along the way might help keep you motivated, Cimperman says. While TV shows may depict people shedding crazy amounts of weight in a week, that’s not actually reality for most folks. If you’re losing at a more drastic rate, it might feel good for a while, but you could eventually end up plateauing — or gaining it all back, Mangieri says.

Don’t forget to take time to revel in all the hard work you’re doing — and how it’s paying off. Plus, plotting your weight loss over several months, can help remind you how well you’re doing — even on an off week. If you just want to ‘lose weight’ how will you know when you’ve reached your ideal destination? The human mind functions best when it has a goal – to focus on and work toward – to provide motivation. BMI should only be taken as a general guideline as it does not take into account, for example, the fact that muscle weighs far more than fat, therefore those with a very athletic build and high muscle mass percentage are likely to have a higher BMI than someone with far higher fat percentage of the exact same height.
Generally speaking if you are in the 25-30 or 30+ category then BMI can provide a sound guideline of the weight-range that you should be targeting: a ‘healthy’ 20-25.
If you are in the 19 or below category then it is unlikely that you need to lose weight at all – perhaps you are confusing the desire to ‘tone up’ with the need to lose weight. Once you have established a healthy and realistic weight loss goal, break it up into mini-goals to aspire to on a weekly basis, in order to remain focused.
Studies have shown that people with more realistic goals and do not rush themselves to lose weight are usually more successful at losing weight.If you suddenly stop eating junk food all of a sudden, chances are that you will crave the same and cheat on your diet. Cocktails have become quite popular as it offers a mix of tastes that are perfect for tingling the taste buds. Many individuals are resorting to weight loss programs in order to attain a perfect physique. But that doesn’t mean you should just toss your scale and give up before you’ve even begun.
Check out these six weight loss success stories to give you that final push you need to get started. You have your plan ready and you are about to spring into action, but have you considered what you goals are?

You may have just had a baby, you may be slimming down for a special event such as a wedding, you may have been directed to by your healthcare professional or you may just want to drop the pounds that have gradually crept on over the years without you really noticing.
If you remember a time (during adulthood) when you looked and felt at your healthiest, then dig up photographs to provide motivation – a goal. Remember that any more than 1-2 pounds weight loss a week is falling into ‘crash diet’ territory which will only serve to slow down your metabolism and limit your progress on the long term. No wonder we find newly married couples shedding a lot of weight immediately after their marriage.
If one is obese, then he or she can’t fit into her favorite dresses and also skipping beach picnics for the dread of wearing that beautiful bikini. I could say with confidence that it is possible to lose those extra pounds whatever situation you may be in.
People adhere to this list of resolutions for one or two weeks and after that ease back to the same situation which was prevailing 2 weeks before. In other words, hopping on the treadmill won’t compensate for a diet full of processed foods. You may even be able to find clothes that you wore at that point, which you can use to effectively measure your progress. Crash diet basically refers to a diet which restricts the calorie consumption of an individual. 20-25 is considered ‘healthy’ and if you fall into the 25-30 category you are toppling into ‘overweight’ territory. This is often a far more effective method than looking to the media for inspiration, as often the bodies that you see in magazines are airbrushed to unrealistic dimensions.

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