When you attempt to lighten your load by consuming less calories than you burn, there is no telling whether the weight you lose is coming from fat or muscle. Almost every one of us has been conditioned to believe in the “exercise more, consume less” model of weight loss but as unbelievable as it may seem, this hasshown to be detrimental to your long term weight goals.
It is now understood by a majority of those in the health and nutrition fields that sacrificing muscle through standard dieting will make it far more likely for you to not only regain the weight you lost, but actually end up fatter after the diet is over! There is mounting research showing that the long term success rate of this method is lower than 5 percent. You can find a video on this page that can help explain to you how caloric weight loss can be unhealthy. You may see your friends or relatives achieve some results with a caloric weight loss but keep in mind that there is a 95% chance this is a short term benefit you are seeing and that almost everyone rebounds and regains the weight. If you are looking for a lifelong improvement in health and body composition then I HIGHLY recommend steering clear of the caloric weight loss trap.
For a vast majority of you out there, your goal should NOT be measured in the amount of pounds you lose but rather the amount of fat you lose compared to your body mass index (or BMI). You should not kill yourself trying to understand all of the medical terms or the scientific reasoning behind the why’s of this method. By recognizing the significant role that hormones have on diet, exercise and lifestyle, you can now optimize them with modern tools you can now control your body’s ability to enforce calorie consumption naturally with only marginal efforts. Practice weight loss properly (aka fat loss as you now know it) by choosing smart exercises and eating logically so that you are able to maintain or build healthy muscle while burning only your unhealthy fat.
Healthy weight loss is the result of eating foods that promote health, as part of a whole lifestyle that supports living at or near your ideal weight all the time. The reason so many people have been drawn to low-carbohydrate, high “animal” protein diets, from Atkins and Paleo to Nourishing Traditions and the Weston Price Foundation, to the typical fitness or bodybuilder diets despite how incredibly unhealthy they have proven to be, is because they deliver dramatic unhealthy weight loss results and rapid muscular growth when combined with intense physical training.
Even if you combine green vegetables to make up for a diet based largely on micronutrient poor animal foods, these nutrient-poor foods still contain substances that your body does not need from food; therefore your diet is still disease-promoting.
Eating “healthier,” on the other hand, a popular mantra, does not deliver quick results like low-carb, high-animal protein diets do— and this is why so many people shy away from eating healthier as a solution to their weight problem, and gravitate towards unhealthy weight loss practices. Most people eating “healthier” are simply eating a healthier version of the Standard American (Western) Diet, which is rich in micronutrient poor animal products, refined foods, and added salt, oil and sugar. Here at Nutrient Rich Life, we do not suggest people eat healthier—we show you how to eat “healthy— nutrient rich,” guided by The 5 Golden Rules of Healthy Eating you learn about here at Nutrient Rich Life.
When you detoxify and build a nutrient rich body, you’ll set yourself up for success, by eating and living in a way, for perhaps the first time that reinforces healthy eating habits. Subscribe to Nutrient Rich for delicious plant-based recipes, wellness and nutrition articles, exclusive offers and more! Let me start this article by speaking a little bit about the generic mainstream and urban myths that plague us every day. I sometimes have clients that tell me that some people around them say that they have been on a protocol with me and only lost 20lbs in 10 weeks. It is crucially important to understand the steps of proper weight loss and how to make it a healthy way and a way that will not only allow you to lose, but a way where you will also keep it off and have fun while doing it. First of all, when it comes to losing weight, it’s important to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy weight loss.
It’s no secret, proper and healthy dieting plays a more critical role in the weight loss equation than exercise. Our fitness and well-being coaches will help you customize the nutrition and fitness program that best suits your needs after a full physical fitness and health evaluation.
You will enjoy the warm and friendly environment in our private health club, a spa with a wide range of services such as massotherapy, and a gourmet cafe — all under one roof.
Our natural weight-control system is being overloaded and poisoned by chemicals that we encounter every day.
When most people hear the word “toxin”, they think of chemicals like pesticides, heavy metals or other environmental pollutants.
One of these toxic food compounds is the protein gluten, which is present in wheat, rye, spelt, barley, kamut and oats.

Carbamates are a group of insecticides that have been used as growth promoters in animals because they slow down the metabolic rate. One of the ways the liver deals with toxins is to increase body fat to enfold these impurities and to protect the body from their influence.
The truth is that you cannot lose stubborn belly fat through low calorie dieting and hard-core exercise.
Do you suspect that you have a slow thyroid or another hormone imbalance that prevents you from losing weight? Disclaimer: The entire contents of this website are based upon the research and opinions of Dr. This may be hard to visualize since you increase your activity, eat less and see your number shrinking on the scale.
If you consume too few calories and burn the ones you are consuming through vigorous exercise you will undoubtedly KILL you metabolism. Combine this with the intense cravings, unstoppable hunger and fluctuating energy levels that accompany these diets and you are sure to find yourself at the same point you were before the diet… only this time larger and flabbier. Would you ever commit this much time and energy into something that only yields a 5 percent success rate when other, more effective, options are available?
Unless you are 100% certain that you will be a lucky 5%er, why risk the serious implications it may cause you in the future?
When your hormones are optimized and at an equilibrium then these bodily functions will also be balanced, making them far more manageable. When you simply consume less and exercise more, you throw your HEC out of balance and this is end in eating to compensate for the lost calories, a lack of drive for exercise, uncontrollable cravings for poor foods and rebound weight gains.
This method takes great care to balance hormones so that hunger is reduced, energy is elevated, cravings are eliminated, and fat becomes a thing of the past. It’s a style of eating where up to 90% or more of the foods you eat are plant-based nutrient rich “superfoods.” Only the world’s best and healthiest foods, eaten in ways that are optimized for nutrient density, volume, variety and great taste, without any significant addictive substances, will guarantee that you will achieve all 7 of the success results everybody wants. In the process of healthy weight loss, you will discover the most amazing and enjoyable way to eat—with no dieting required. It is important that well educated practitioners like myself take the time to correct all these antiquated notions. Let’s get something straight right now, if you lose 20lbs in 10 weeks, this is very good and you are very well in the average already. These toxic synthetic chemicals are highly fat soluble and the body creates fat tissue to safely store those toxins that cannot be processed and eliminated. It’s hidden in bread, bagels, pasta, pizza, rolls, wraps and most processed foods. Gluten damages the intestine and makes it leaky. Yes, that’s right; the same chemicals used on fruits and vegetables are used to fatten livestock!
Many diets are not successful for long-term weight loss because they are not designed to address toxic impurities. People focus and work harder and harder on their weight hoping to see change and get healthy. Here is the kicker though, you may be losing weight in the short term but you will probably not see any significant changes in the two places that matter the most… namely your shape and your overall health. It is due to the fact that when you burn calories this way, you will burn muscle and fat at essentially the same rate. Studies even show that when a person chooses lose weight this way they have a 66 percent chance at ending up fatter within two years after stopping the diet. You must view weight loss with the same respect as you would with any of life’s other major responsibilities, whether financial, social or professional in nature: a plan that works well in the short term but is impossible to maintain in the long-run, is not a plan that works. Next I will go over a more suitable and healthy way for you to shed your pounds and keep them off for good.
With the fat loss approach, the individual should also pay particular attention to their hormonal health and hormone balance. All you need to understand are the basic principles of hormonal fat loss to see why it is far superior approach.

Increased insulin-like growth hormone, IGF-1, which rises in the body when consuming significant amounts of the high biologically available protein, in animal products, not only increases growth rates, but also speeds up the aging process. No wonder the dieting industry has become a $50 billion dollar keep-you-stuck-and-never-solve-the-problem-industry, even eating “healthier” isn’t really healthy!
With a nutrient rich body, that no longer craves nutrient poor foods; you’ll simply eliminate foods that don’t make you feel good.
At BodyCures, we consult with patients everyday who are doing “everything right” but still struggle to lose those unwanted inches and pounds.
When the majority of what most people eat on a daily basis is toxic, it’s not hard to understand why our health is failing.
Researchers now believe that a leaky gut is one of the major predisposing factors for conditions like obesity, diabetes, autism, asthma, skin problems and autoimmune disease. If your leptin is out of balance, you will not be able to utilize your fat stores for energy.
The key is to optimize your body’s ability to gently and safely rid itself of all toxins. If you began this weight loss approach pear shaped with high blood pressure, you will probably stay pear shaped with blood pressure problems. This is why so many calorie restrictive (or “fad”) dieters go through the yo-yo effect and end up heavier than they originally were after stopping or slowing the diet. This will in turn cause your appetite to reduce, energy levels stabilize and your cravings for junk food will just about vanish.
You’ll lose weight naturally, and just as dramatically as you would with manipulative weight loss diets—only now you’ll be experiencing healthy weight loss, because you’ll no longer be driven to over consume calories, among so many other life- transforming benefits. 1, they are lost when it comes to weight loss and management and anything that has to do with health and therefore, should be using my services more than my clients or 2, they are jealous that they wish they had the mental fortitude to go as far as you did and wished they could start looking like you as well.
This is the ideal rate of weight loss you should average per week to allow your body ample time to adjust to the changes and help you stick to your weight loss plan over the long term. Many researches have proven that, and in each case, the weight loss results were far below the average of 1 to 2 lbs.
Health conscious people must not entirely take the blame when research shows that chemicals in food, water, skin care products, home cleaning products, and general environment can make us gain weight. You may become a more petite pear with a little better blood pressure, but are those really the results you are hoping for after all of that hard work? So stay on track because you are doing very well and the fact that they make such dumb remarks means that you are standing out to them.
When someone in your surrounding tells you that its 10 weeks and you only lost 20 lbs, just laugh at them and turn away because they obviously have much to learn TRUST ME!! I always tell my clients, if you have been overweight a long time and you have much to lose, don’t expect the magic pill from me because if that’s what you are looking for, you came to the wrong place and I won’t take you in to help you. I am completely aware that, for the most part, you are not doctors and that the notion of hormonal fat loss versus caloric weight loss may appear to be a difficult notion to understand but I will simplify it the best I possibly can. I will also add to this that working with someone like myself who understands hormonal modulation, is also a major key factor to your success because if you don’t adjust and rebalance your hormones, chances are, you will always struggle with your weight because everything is directly related to human hormones. I take those who are motivated and dedicated because I can only give my energy and guidance to those who are committed. The best part of doing it the healthy way is that once it’s off, you will keep it off because you will have managed yourself and learned how to maintain it with proper and healthy eating. My diet feels healthier and people are noticing how much better I look and feel!” ~ Allison W. Also, it is important that you also understand that in order to make good sense of getting healthy, we must first and foremost remove body fat and not weight.
We do not know how much our muscles and bones weigh and therefore, we could never really know what our actual weight is until we eliminate the fat that is necessary to be considered a healthy person.

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