Not only is the construction and style great, but the bright, happyA stripes sure would make your aches lessen, too!A  Thank you for a great idea and pattern!
I like the idea of having a washable bag or cover, though it's a shame to cover up the original pretty design, so your idea to have idividual rice bags is a good one. Wondering if you could leave the long side open, stitch the dividing "pockets", fill each section with a measured amount of rice and then stitch it closed. Just came across your pattern and liked it so much I pulled out my sewing machine, dusted of the cobwebs, and made one in no time flat. Hi, I was just at the fabric store and looked for a nice s polar fleece fabric, but for the life of me could not find any that were100% cotton, they were all polester. The XpressHeat™ Heating Pad technology helps provide soothing heat relief in 30 seconds for fast heat and fast relief. The XpressHeat™ Heating Pad features a unique fast-heat technology, which allows you to feel the heat in 30 seconds – for faster pain relief! Almost didn't purchase this because it was more expensive than other heating pads on the market but based on all the reviews about it on the internet I figured I would give it a shot. The Sunbeam 756-500 Standard Dry UltraHeat Heating Pad achieves the highest temperatures and maintains consistent heat for maximum relief. After under a minute in the microwave, you'll get up to an hour of safe, warm heat without the dangers inherent in electric heating pads: burns, fires and electrical shock.
A I don't sew much so I'm sure there's a reason not to do it this way, but can you explain what that A is?
And I used a combo filling of lavender, rice and flax seed.A  My only regret is that I didn't make more of these as gifts this year.A  Guess what everyone will be getting next Christmas or for birthdays next year! Is there a reason the rickrack is cut longer than the side (which also has a seam allowance)? A A caution: the first time I used the compartment approach on a different design I broke a needle trying to sew through a grain of rice.
My husband has neck and lower back problems so after I finished it I heated it up and gave it to him, he absulutly loved it :) So it looks like I now have to make another one for him for his lower back. Because the heating time is mimimal, as you mention, we haven't experienced any issues at all.

Feel the heat-therapy work to help increase blood flow to sore areas for muscle relaxation and faster healing.
I loved the extra large size, I loved the cover is attached so it didn't fall off of the heating pad and leave the heating pad exposed and able to burn me.
The size of this heating pad covers my spine from neck to lower back and has an adequately-long power cord. It comes on right away, has enough heat settings to be sure at least one of them is just right for you and is very comfortable. Electric heating pad cautions actually read: Never use in a situation where you could fall asleep. Then taking your basic design, sewing a long plastic zipper to one of the long sides and creating individual pockets to place the rice bags in. Either that or you could just sew 'pillow slip' openings on the washable cover and slide your bags inside.
If you are concerned, you could certainly use ticking on both sides or subsitute flannel for the fleece.
The larger size and flexibility of the unit makes it perfect for those of us suffering from Sciatica.
As advertised, it warms up quickly but one of the most important features to me, which many of the other higher-priced pads did not have, was the ability to set it for two hours or continuous heat. I've made several of the heating bags using flax seed and lavendar buds and everyone I gave them to love them. The fact that it came with a 5 year warranty was a huge plus as well and helped to justify it's cost to me and added a safety net to the purchase. Granted my husband says I used it too much, but I didn't buy it to leave it in the box. Pad seems very durable and has the option of shutting off at 2 hours or staying on all the time.
My question is - how can I make a slip on cover out of the extra material that can be washed.
Also one cannot discount the convenience in cleaning it as the whole unit (minus the electronics which unplug of course) goes directly into the washing machine.

I use mine every day and finally I have a heating pad that satisfies what I was looking for. I cut out squares to patch together but can't figure out how to sew them all together so I can actually use it as a "pillow case". That is 2 times faster than standard heating pads– for faster healing and pain relief. The only issue I have is waking up sweating because the material is plush and thick, mixed with the heat. They're good for muscle aches or when you feel a chill and don't want to turn up the thermostat. 6 Heat Settings Plus Moist Heat Option - Provide ways to personalize heat therapy to your needs. Just don't use anything with metal threads (unless you want a fireworks display in your microwave). Ticking is an old timeA fabric that was historically used for covering pillows and mattresses because its tight weave kept feathers, horse hair, and other fillers in place.
Today, ticking has once again become trendy for design accessories like throw pillows, as well as for upholstery. There is something classically soothing about those woven stripes.Ticking is available almost everywhere fabric is sold. We use A?" seams throughout.If you want to add a label as we did, add that first to the center of one of the compartments. It should be about 2" from the bottom at a minimum.Pin the rick rack to the two long sides, centering it on the A?" seam line (ie. Turn right-side out and press, folding in the raw edges of the opening so they are flush with the sewn seam. Your rick rack should pop out along each edge.Find the center of the neck pad and and mark with a pin.

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