Burns calories, increases metabolism, controls appetite, increases energy and aids digestion.
I Love my Herbex slimmers tea, it cleans my stomach regularly out, tastes great, I like it hot with a spoon on lemon juice!!!
I like Herbex Slimmers Tea,I drink it hot without sugar as my morning snack and afternoon snack it tastes very nice I don’t need caffeine coffee now anymore thank you Herbex for this great product.
I just started my herbex journey on monday, and I must say i am absolutely loving the Herbex Slimmers Tea. I just love herbex fat burn tea it has a great taste and I can drink it hot or make ice tea.. Am very sceptical when it comes to herbal products but i must say Herbex fat burn tea works wonders, the taste is fantastic. I have been drinking the fat-burner tea for 4 day’s now, I drink it 3 x a day after 2 meals and just before going to bed.
Though I have drunk it for two days, but I can feel a change, the test itself is very nice, I am taking it with lemon juice.

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Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate for Men combines the benefits of Green Tea extract, Guarana and Ginseng in a tasty berry-flavoured drink.
HERBEX Fat Burn Concentrate for Men combines the benefits of Green Tea extract, Guarana and Ginseng in a tasty berry-flavoured drink. INACTIVES: Sorbitol, Water, Acidifier (Citric Acid), [(Sodium Cyclamate, Sodium Saccharin, Acesulfame K (Non-nutritive sweeetners)], flavourant, colourant. Green Tea extract may reduce appetite and increase the metabolic rate, which assists the body in burning consumed calories and stored fats. It contains ingredients that will reduce the appetite and stimulate the central nervous system. This will ensure that your body constantly has a supply of energy and therefore you won’t ever feel too hungry.

I havent checked my weight yet (out of fear) but I can feel most of my trouser waists being a little loose.
I use to have problems with my metabolism but since I’m drinking the tea I don’t have problems anymore!
I drink about 2 cups of the tea or make myself the ice tea which I like best since I’m not one for hot drinks… Thanx Herbex! I am usually on the go so i prepare my afternoon tea in the morning, put it in a pitcher and have it cold, am still to try the ice tea option, but i like the tea as it comes. Oh by the way, I used to have issues with gas but not for the last two weeks, am very comfortable.

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