Since today just so happens to be Friday, I am going to once again share my picks for Best Reads of the Week. This post came with a ton of ideas for taking the recipes you know and love, and creating a healthier version just from substituting simple ingredients.
This post by fitness expert Annette is a must read!  She shares great points about how to approach fitness and how you can set realistic goals for seeing results.
My sweet blog friend bought some land and now she and her husband are starting the process of building their dream home on the property. Chelsey and her husband welcomed beautiful twin girls, Emerson Faith and Brooklyn Grace, on August 29th. There are some great ideas in this post about how to transition from a summer to a fall wardrobe, and the post also includes a variety of trends to look for this season. I became a wife October 8th, 2011 and shortly thereafter started my first blog: Newly Wife Healthy Life.
With it being a short four day work week in thanks to Labor Day weekend, I had made it to the end of the week before even realizing it.

I have received quite a few positive responses about this series and I enjoy showcasing other bloggers and the posts they create, so I plan to keep going with the idea as long as I continue to enjoy writing it, and you all continue to enjoy reading it! I will be talking more about Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp Monday, so make sure you stop back by to hear about my goals and approach!
There are just way too many recipes to pick just one, but you can bet I plan on trying quite a few during both football Saturday and Sunday this season. Stuffed peppers can be very time consuming, but this recipe still has all the flavor of the original recipe with half the work.
I am so excited for her little family, and this blessing truly couldn’t have happened to a better person!
Seriously, how pretty are those two baby girls?  It has been so special following Chelsey on her pregnancy journey and I am looking forward to now learning about her experience with motherhood as well! That's why we've been loving this quick circuit workout from the American College of Sports Medicine, which burns major calories in a short amount of time. I 100% agree with the article, I couldn’t imagine what my own life would be like without ever having our sweet boy.

Keeping the intensity up — and the rest periods short — is key, so make sure you are pushing yourself during each 30-second spurt! He brings so much joy and humor to our house and I wouldn’t trade our little orphaned pup for all the designer dogs in the world!
Follow along as I learn to be a wife, while also traveling on my own journey to find a healthy and happy balance.
Learn how to do all the moves here, and get the printable poster of this seven-minute HIIT workout here.

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