The 48 hour diet, also known as the Hollywood Diet, claims to make you lose as much as 10 pounds in 48 hours. It is used for both weight loss and for detoxifying, as it washes away toxins and fat within the body through a diuretic juice formula made from fruits, antioxidants, oils, vitamins, and minerals. The 48 hour diet is not meant to be done regularly, but rather as a crash diet and detoxifying method, so you can give your digestive and circulatory systems a break and start anew.
It also claims to help restore biochemical processes in your body, and provide minerals to your blood as well.
Although it claims to replenish your body with nutrients, the juice itself severely lacks in many other minerals and vitamins that may make you feel weak and fatigued. The 48 hour diet is a diuretic, and no diuretic has ever been advised to be a healthy and safe weight loss plan.
The 48 hour diet has also been reported to make one have intense food cravings, automatically backfiring on the foundation of the diet. There is no known safe and healthy way that one can lose such a dramatic amount of weight in just a few days. There are many “miracle cures” available in the market today, but be wary, as they also have many side effects, such as this 48 hour diet. Keeping this in mind and learning about the importance of various food groups is the right approach to a long-term commitment to health and longer life. The most successful liquid diet plans include a fasting period of up to 800 calories daily for three months and the supervised eating of meals. Experiment with various juices and recipes to help you lose weight and stay on the liquid diet plan. A fruity yogurt is also a great dinner combo that you can include in your liquid diet plan.

The clear liquid diet is generally used as a therapeutic regimen in clinics but may also be used for weight loss. A master cleanse diet on the other hand helps your body get rid of toxins, eliminating fat, and relieving muscular and joint pains. The most effective liquid diets that work best are those that include all the necessary vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients for the body's optimum performance. This type of diet plan is best taken by individuals who have serious health risk because of obesity. Most people in Yahoo Answers recommend that you go with the master cleanse diet or just a plain water diet.
Many who have done the 48 hour diet claimed to gain it all back upon resuming their normal eating habits the next day. The body is made up of 90% water, and flushing out extreme amounts of liquid while only taking in liquid in such a short period of time will undoubtedly leave one feeling drained, weak, and tired. The diet can make you feel hungry that after 48 hours you will be wolfing down foods to satisfy your intense cravings for them. It is unhealthy, and more frustratingly, a temporary solution that may even trigger one to gain more weight than they had lost in 48 hours. A healthy weight loss plan includes a balance of all food groups, and combines exercise with a smart diet. Mix apples, oranges, bran flakes, yogurt and other fruits in a blender and you are good to go. According to many health experts, natural liquid foods are the best liquid diets that work.
Clear liquid diets are made up of clear soups, coffee, tea, milk, coconut water, lemonade and etc.

The coffee diet is based on the principle that coffee speeds up the body's metabolic functions and also functions as an appetite suppressant.
An average American needs at least 1800 calories daily and liquid diets provide you with only up to 800 calories. For this weight loss plan, make sure you choose healthy diet drinks such as fruit and vegetable juices.
But along with that, you should also include fresh fruits and vegetables into the diet plan.
You will notice the results fast but it will be difficult to maintain them once you are back to regular eating habits. This recipe is a nutritious combination of shredded cabbage, onions, green bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, sliced beans and balsamic vinegar. Among the most famous types of liquid diet plans namely clear liquid diet, master cleanse diet, and coffee diet.
Always remember that the best liquid diets that work are not too hard or difficult to find. So get ready to shape up and try diet drinks that will help you get rid of the extra pounds.

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