With majority of the global population masked in a very irresistible and seductive enemy called Scarcity, creating the right kind of mindset for your life and business is not always easy.
Fear, anxiety, depression and a belief in lack is perhaps the biggest obstacle a modern individual seeking to design a life they love needs to learn how to overcome.
If you still didn’t know, there is an inner world and an inner aspect to success that plays the dominant role when it comes to the set up of your life experiences and conditions.
The most important and first step of shifting gears from a scarcity mindset to an Abundance mindset is recognising it and becoming aware of where you are now. Take some time to go through these questions candidly and in the next article we’ll take practical steps that move you into that right abundant mindset. Lifestyle and Wealth Psychology Coach, Entrepreneur, Mental healer and Trainer as well as a proud mum and life optimist. Having discovered a new way of enjoying a meaningful freedom based life, she strives to show others how to become really good at creating a life they love and get rewarded richly for doing what they enjoy. World class training, from people whowalk their talk, real people getting results in their marketing, now, and you can click here for proof. Media, Marketers, Advertisers and in general the whole consumer shopping experts are so used to incorporating the concept of scarcity into daily human awareness that it takes a bit of effort for an individual to rise above it.

If you have been tossed around by these waves, if you were under the concept of life as missing something or full of lack then your manifestations really depend on you recognising and readjusting that starting now. That requires a certain frame of mind and belief system which so far has been conspicuously absent in society. That includes everything from your level of health, happiness and well-being, to the amount of financial prosperity you get to enjoy. Having found that most of society is conditioned into a scarcity mindset, I encourage you to invest a bit of your time recreating your paradigms and reprogramming your mind to reflect a more abundant one. Not to condemn or beat yourself up but to simply become aware so that you can now consciously redirect your creative power. Accelerating your success through the right mindset can be and ought to be a very simple and fun process but at the end of the day, it all comes down to whether or not you are willing to bet on yourself enough and actually implement the suggestions offered. Janette grew up in the Slums of Nairobi, Kenya and had a great hunger to learn and create a successful independent lifestyle.
I can recall a conversation I had a while back when my event organiser was planning out a certain event we were holding and she kept insisting on the fact that we have to make it feel as though the end of the world would come if people didn’t take immediate action. We don’t just want you to make more money, we want you to make a life your absolutely love as long as you are walking this planet.

If you hang out with people who exhaust and drain your energy, who only make you feel bad or not good enough to dream big, then it’s about time you start weaning yourself off that and find yourself a supportive group.
Intellectually consenting to what we share without putting it to play will yield you no results and in fact, is a sure sign that your mind isn’t really working in service to your further progress. It isn’t about increasing your physical effort or time investment but more about increasing your conscious awareness, to expand to a higher awareness that packs up bigger, better, bolder and more beautiful paradigms that sustain a more thriving version of you. So that right there should awaken you to question why you put on hold even simple exercises that are only aimed at improving and developing your minds functions. Much of society does seem to be built on a scarcity mindset and this can be quite a painful thing for an individual who’s trying to create new success. That said, I look forward to hearing what the questions above stir within you and whether or not they provoke new thought within.

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