Leadership coach Lolly Daskal and Psychologist Art Markman answer our first reader question. When I started out my career, I was incredibly passionate and had a burning desire to succeed. How do I map out the next chapter of my life and maintain the drive to keep going onto the next stages of my career? Given the way you described your situation, though, I’m not surprised that you are feeling unmotivated now. If you want to advance but need a jumpstart of motivation, start thinking about what you haven’t accomplished yet. To help you explore your options, I recommend the technique of looking back to look forward.
Studies on regret show that, when people in their 70s and 80s look back on their life, they often regret things they didn’t do (like never learning to salsa dance or playing a musical instrument) rather than mistakes they made or ventures that failed. This perspective often helps bring to light other dreams that you can pursue as you move forward. Once you set your sights on a new goal, it is time to generate a specific plan to get there. Instead, you need to focus on actions that you can take on a daily and weekly basis that will move you forward in your goal. Even if you don’t want to go to graduate school, consider what other skills you want to build.
Finding the next step is not an easy one, especially if you had an incredible passion and now you have to cultivate it all over again. The road to connecting with your passion and desire begins with going inward—slowing down, tuning in, and spending time with yourself. It means you literally have to shut off your mind so you can hear your heart speak and find the things that bring you meaning.
Another motivational approach we used was to tackle their learning through practical application and activity. For example, say we were learning about food chains; rather than just study it via a book or online, we would go out for a picnic at a park or anywhere we might see some wild life, plant life, or birds, chat about what we saw in relation to the topic. Through this practical and hands on approach to their learning there was never a problem motivating the children when they were home educated. And as the children become older and are in the habit of working in such a way it’s a natural progression into perhaps less appealing activities.
Generally speaking, we didn’t really need to coerce our kids into their education because children have a natural desire to learn anyway.

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January 28, 2015Follow Tone and Tighten on Google + for even more great workouts, motivation, and wellness advice! To help you navigate the often uncertain terrain of work-life, we’ve tapped a panel of experts to answer your trickiest questions. His latest book, Smart Change, focuses on how you can use the science of motivation to change your behavior at work and home.
Psychologists have found that the more satisfied a person is with what they have achieved, the less motivated they are to advance, and vice versa.
A common thing that holds people back from really committing to make a significant career contribution is that the path isn’t clear because their career goals phrased abstractly.
If you want to completely change your perspective on work, or start an entirely new career, consider a master’s degree.
The first step is letting go of your expectations and trusting what you may uncover in the next phase of your journey.
There is also a wealth of courses and coaches to help you find your inspiration and tackle any confusion you might have—which is the most detrimental feeling of all. When you don’t know what to do for sure, try something that you think might be on the right track. By trying something new even if you're not sure of the outcome, you may discover a passionate interest by accident. When you’ve spent the whole day in school, often bored and clock-watching except on rare occasions when the lesson was really inspiring, why would you want to do more again at home?
We didn’t see the point in doing endless academic exercises for test passing that were of no inherent purpose at the time. For example; we count, budget, talk about percentages and decimals, amounts, distances, time, so often during a day. But by this time, having had discussions about why, what and how in relation to their ongoing education, and having had some control over what they do, they are more motivated to take on any more tedious parts of their study for themselves as they become inspired to reach certain personal goals, like qualifications for example.
Persuaded that the missed exercises are not as important as the experts say, soon or later you realize that you fully back to your old habits – like the old jeans.

These individuals have learned to navigate urban environments by leaping over obstacles and climbing walls.
A song on the radio, conversation with a friend—anything may give you an indication of those things that will lead you to your passions. Reflecting on what makes you special, through your own perspective or that of a friend, a coach, or mentor, will help you with the next adventure in your life. Committing to the next step can be quite daunting, but taking small steps each day inward can help you take giant steps outward.
The things we studied were of interest, usually involved an experience of some sort and were decided through discussion. We felt that all we needed to do was be a bit ingenious about guiding that desire towards the knowledge and skills we felt they should have.
Through first-hand experience and discussion of a subject, children’s understanding grows and any academic study is more meaningful and readily absorbed and remembered. There will always be things that come up that can potentially get in the way and knock you off course. The people interviewed talked about how their growing skills helped them to see handholds and footholds that were invisible to them before. This gave the children a sense of being in charge of their education rather than being at the mercy of teachers and subjects that you saw no point to.
Mostly we could incorporate skills and subjects needed into the children’s everyday lives in a way they saw a point to, even if enjoyment was the point – they always learned something from what they did. We are involved with science all the time; you can’t get through a day without exposure to some scientific theory that comes up on the National Curriculum. Similarly, the expertise by expanding your skillset will help you to see opportunities that lie dormant in your world. But when subjects are laid out academically as they are in schools, usually for the purpose of testing, it can make them dull and seemingly pointless.
And then there’s geography to be discussed (when you visit different sites), historical concepts and how they’ve affected our world today (by visiting museums), all sorts of creative activities to be explored (which extend thinking skills among others) and any amount of physical activity (also develops mental capacity).

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