It means having enough extra calories to BUILD MUSCLE, not enough extra calories to build muscle AND put extra fucking fat on your face.
I mean mug and ball my fist at every white person I walk by (srs)When I'm mad I actually go to walmart with the sole intent of doing that (srs).
If ure fat I would suggest workout to keep the muscle you have, aswell as dropping weight to whatever BF u like, then you start build for real with a surplus of 200-300kcal a day. He now admits that all the fat he gained during his bulking cycles was a pure waste of time. White men crafted a magnificent work of art in the Aryan nymph while Asian men flung shit at a wall.
I never understood itso I have to ruin my face temporarily?If you get alot of fat in your face while bulking up - unfortunately, yes.
Sephon, the reason you're confused is that you're not understanding that your excess fat can be burned by your body as part of its need for a caloric surplus, leading to a net fat loss along with muscle gain. Bulking is just an excuse for men who lack discipline and get to hide under a cozy layer of blubber while eating like a pig and pretending it's somehow a necessary part of building a desirable physique.
Bulking is just an excuse for men who lack discipline and get to hide under a cozy layer of blubber while pretending it's somehow a necessary part of building a desirable physique. Most guys can't wait and pig out so that they see the needle on the scale move faster, then justify it later by pretending it was part of a necessary bulking phase.

It is absolutely possible to gain muscle while losing fat, and to build a good physique without bulking up.
Red pill: building a desirable physique never involves adding excess fat that has to be lost later. Meanwhile the guy who doesn't get fat ends up with the same net muscle gain over the course of the year, without having looked like a fat slob half the time and without having to severely diet to lose all the useless blubber.
Also, fat shuttles protein to the muscle so don't be a bro and just consume 10lbs of chicken and broccoli and think you're doing it right.
It's like thinking your car will go faster if you over fill the tank and smear extra gasoline all over the paint job and on the seats and trunk. Some people are blessed and can be fucking bulked up yet having a chiseled jaw and all that, others get a potato face as soon as going over 12% bf lol.How old are you?
5 years of serious training will bring you a fucking great physique, given you do everything right (diet, proteins, workout, sleep). Those stupid phrases you wrote have nothing to do with the fact that only broscience losers and miscers still think adding excess body fat helps with muscle gain.
If you have excess fat to lose, that makes it even easier, because you can slightly undereat and your body will burn the fat to make up for the deficit. I've done pretty much every major bro split out there and I can tell you that strength training is where the size is.

That's what fat is for, to provide fuel in times of scarcity.The concept of bulking and cutting is so fucking outdated I can't even believe anybody would still promote it.
When I first started I did a lot of compound lifts very heavy and the sculpting exercises were a moderate weight and the results were incredible.
The best bodybuilding trainers now don't recommend that their trainees ever go above 10% body fat. Why add useless fat that's just going to need to be lost later, AND will lead to a hormonal profile less favorable to adding muscle? If you are interested in lifting heavy this is ESSENTIAL (along with a strong lower back) so I train abs twice a week and I go heavy and for high reps.
I also do hill sprints three times a week to promote test and hgh production and to build legs of steel.

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