With the increased health risks of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, gallstones, infertility, sleep problems, asthma and cataracts that accompany overweight and obesity, losing weight is a high priority for many people. Losing weight quickly is a goal for many, but losing weight too quickly can lead to poor health. When you first start running, do not run too fast or for too long or you will increase your risk for injury.
How many calories you burn each day will determine how long it takes for you to lose 20 pounds. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest losing only 1 to 2 pounds per week, which means that losing 20 pounds can take 20 weeks or more.

Intervals, or alternating your speed between short bursts of vigorous exercise and longer stretches of moderate activity, can increase the number of calories you burn each workout and decreasing the amount of time it takes to lose 20 pounds. Check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise or weight-loss program; he will be able to help you tailor a workout routine appropriate for your physical condition. If you weigh 150 pounds, running at a speed of 8 miles per hour burns 919 calories each hour; if you weigh 200 pounds, expect to burn 1,225 calories each hour of running. To stay healthy and lose weight quickly, aim to burn enough calories through running and maintaining a health diet to lose 2 pounds per week, or 1,000 calories per day. Jog for two minutes at 6 miles per hour, then increase your speed to 8 miles per hour for 30 seconds or a minute, depending on your physical condition.

Hughes received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in psychology from Indiana University in 2010. Invest in a high-quality pair of running shoes that complement your stride and to increase the efficiency of your run. If you want to lose the weight quickly, combine a running routine with a healthy, low-calorie diet.

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