I originally posted How to burn fat during a workout…and burning it before and after too (though titled a little differetly!) on the FemmeFitale Fit Club website as a guest blogger. Your body gets most of its energy from carbs and fats (protein offers a little, but not as much).
This is a  controversial topic because you burn more calories with more intense exercise so it’s usually better for you in the long run.
This is a great way to burn fat during a workout – works great for after the workout too. Whether you choose to use free weights, machines, or body weight, add some strength training to your routine. If you think about the role of the fat in your body, the purpose is to provide an energy reserve when we need it. Make the best of your time and use some of these things to burn fat during your workout, before your workout, and after.
By the way, Memorial Day is right around the corner, so here’s a guide of things to do to stay active (and to burn more fat!).
FacebookTwitterReddit For many people cardiovascular exercise is the core principle of fat loss, every time you glance at a park you’ll notice men and women jogging as a way of burning extra calories to reach their diet goals easier. Burning fat is even better.  The number on the scale gives you a great idea of what is happening in your body, but how do you know whether you have lost more fat than muscle?
Carbs are a much easier and efficient energy burn, so your body will go after that first, then the fat. Your body takes from different energy stores based on it is working, and less intense cardio actually burns more fat. If you’re not familiar with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), you definitely want to be. While some trainers swear by cardio for fat loss there are others who believe that doing cardio is counterA productiveA towards fat loss goals if you want to keep as much lean mass as possible.

Magic happens when you actually burn fat during a workout, opposed to just dropping pounds. So, one strategy is to limit your carbs severely and your body will have no choice but to use fat for energy.
If you were to do nothing but cardio, and you lose weight, you’re going to lose a lot of muscle along with the weight. Add a simple strength training routine to your cardio and target fat loss opposed to muscle loss. Everything you do during your workout has some effect on whether you burn fat, muscle, or both. So for most of us, the point on a treadmill or elliptical where we can still have a comfortable conversation, but get a little tired, is likely the fat burning zone. The main difference between HIIT and steady state cardio is that the exercises are typically more intense (which is why the workouts are shorter) and you don’t typically do the same exercises during the entire workout. The point in our cardio where we will be exhausted at the end and can only manage inaudible grunts is the carb burning zone. So, for example, a one minute run during traditional cardio might be a 30 second sprint, then a 15 second jog, and 15 second walk during HIIT. The only way these things are going to get tapped is if something unique (and often unplanned) happens. Every type of workout requires energy and recovery time, doing too much jogging, running, swimming or any other cardio exercise willA compromiseA your fat loss goals, recovery and could lead to muscle loss problems.They idea here is to get all the benefits while avoiding any negative side-effect and finding that place is not easy. While it’s impossible to completely avoid some muscle loss when you lose weight, there are some really great strategies to minimize it, and burn as much fat as possible.
However, it’s a harder road to travel since you have to rely on losing weight alone to see results, opposed to using your natural muscle to help define your shape. Research has found that HIIT workouts have led to 2% higher loss in body fat in test subjects when compared to steady state cardio.

It also makes the future more difficult, because your metabolism won’t be as high and it will be harder to lose weight down the road.
If they wanted to move simply because you had a good workout or skipped a meal, they would have done it by now. Try something different for 30 days and you can really land on a goldmine for burning the fat in your body. When a newbie reads this he suddenly starts to fear muscle loss as a huge problem and something inevitable when trying to get a nice body with visible six pack abs.
This basically means that your body continues to breathe in more oxygen and work harder even after the workout, so you burn more calories and really burn  fat during your workout and it continues until your body cools down.
Who knows exactly what they’re thinking, but we know we have to change something to get that fat out of there!
My advice is if you feel like cardio is bad for you just stop doing it or limit the amount, sometimes all we got to do is just listen to what our body says. Typically this won’t be a problem for you and these extreme hard gainers are very rare. What I found to be most effective is maintaining a 140 heart beat rate for 20 minutes while jogging and if I feel too tired I would just skip the cardio for one day until I recover my strength. Usually while cutting I try to utilize a little of both as both methods have their ups and downs.

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