An interesting aspect of mLearning or mobile learning is the usage of mobile apps for learning. Mobile Apps are one of the delivery formats that offer the additional flexibility of offline viewing of the eLearning course to the learners from their mobile devices.
Mobile apps can be used equally effectively to offer formal training (bite-sized) or supplement formal training. Learn how to build and style an amazing wardrobe that is perfect for your coloring and lifestyle. It comes as no surprise that most Learning and Development teams are updating their learning strategy to factor for mLearning or mobile learning.

The How to Boost Your Workforce Performance with Mobile Apps Infographic outlines how mobile apps can be a meaningful addition to your overall learning strategy with examples to illustrate how you can use them for primary or formal online learning as well as to supplement it through informal learning.
Several global organizations are offering the flexibility to learners through the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy and are seeing notable gains in learner engagement as well as higher completion rates of online learning courses. However, to track their progress through the Learning Management System, they must be connected to the internet as only then can their progress information be passed on to the Learning Management System). Performance Support Tools (PSTs) (particularly Ready Reckoners, Checklists, Tips, and so on) are designed to be made available to learners within their work-flow. Watch this episode of the Jen Thoden show to learn how to boost your confidence and self image.

Making them accessible to the learners on their mobile devices encourages them to use it on the job.

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