Please burn the VIDEO_TS folder of the copied DVD to blank DVD using your burning software.
Other than Windows built-in burning tool, you can burn a CD using third party software specifically designed for this purpose.
When we compare both Windows CD burning tool and CD writing applications, we can easily guess that the former one has many limitations.
If you check the box, Nero can verify the readability and integrity of the data on disk after burning. Other dvd rippers gave me choppy audio and video, but this dvd ripper has always worked perfectly!

However, this is not to promote Nero, because it is the only burner software installed on my computer.
As you can see in this screen, you can choose the type of data you are going to burn: audio, data, copy a disk or ripping. I can’t deny that Nero has many features that will help you to burn Movie, Music, MP3 and even compiling your photo album slide. When you add files, Nero tells the total space used and how much left (See ruler like guide under the white space.
You can burn the files right away or save it as an image on your hard drive and burn it later on.

Usually, the slower the speed means the better the integrity and readability of Data on the disk.

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