I teach Business full time at the Nova Scotia Community College and part time at Dalhousie, Mount St. Objective: A simple method has been introduced for augmentation and restoration of normal chin protrusion as an important element of facial contour in patients suffering from severe skin retraction and scar resulting from head and neck area burns.
Maxillofacial skeletal deformities following burns of the face and neck area are far more common in practice than the paucity of reported cases would indicate.1 Wound healing and skin graft contraction in the lower lip and chin area frequently produce eversion and ectropion of the lower lip presenting as a protrusion of rolled-down lip vermilion and mucosa.
We have examined a new technique for chin augmentation and reconstructing its protrusion, without the use of implants or osteotomy in our hospital on a series of patients. After general anesthesia and preparation of the area, an incision of about 3 to 4 cm was made on labiomental fold. In case of inappropriate overlying skin, the scarred skin was removed and split-thickness skin was grafted to the chin and neck area, or using tissue expander at the neck region (Fig 3), flaps were turned and attached to the scary part. In 31 cases, after making the necessary incisions, submental fat pads were dissected and stitched according to the described method. Eyelid ectropion, lower lip ectropion, and microstomy repair were done in 8 cases, and in 18 patients other surgeries such as nose or other facial elements reconstruction were done. All of the patients were satisfied with the result of the surgery but the one for whom genioplasty was performed. A 24-year-old unmarried woman from Booshehr (located at northern coasts of Persian Gulf, Iran) was referred to our hospital because of disfigurement of lower lip and chin and loss of labiomental and submental folds resulted from extensive burn (caused by flame) of lower face, neck, upper trunk, and extremities at the age of 4. Another female patient at the age of 45 years was referred to the same center because of several deformities and misshapen scars in face, neck, trunk, and upper extremities caused by gas explosion and burning clothes 6 years before. Although other facial structures such as nose are considered very important, chin composition is a central part of facial aesthetics. Alloplastic material replacement and osteotomy are the most prevalent methods for reconstruction of the chin protrusion.
Here, we have described a simple method for restoring normal protuberance of the chin, which can be used beside available techniques for resurfacing skin over the burned area.
Our series of patients showed that success rate achieved with this method is high and can be compared with other accessible methods as 33 patients accepted the outcome.
Taken together, the current technique might be helpful in restoring normal chin protrusion and can be used besides available methods for resurfacing and reconstructing the defective skin.
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Another simple exercise is lifting your chin up, while seated on a chair, with head tilted back. If you can’t take out some time and hit the treadmill as often as you would like to, just walk up to a glass of water! Liposuction is a huge rage in the cosmetic world and one of the easiest & safest bets to do away with all the unwanted flesh in the body. Patients and methods: For releasing skin retraction and compression of the mental area subcutaneous fat tissues, under general anesthesia, 2 incisions were made in the submental and labiomental areas, each about 3 to 5 cm. Like any other surgical procedure, these procedures can cause complications such as edema, infection, and bleeding. Here, we try to describe the method, its results, and complications associated with it during the follow-up. Between 1997 and 2008, patients suffering from burn injury of the head and neck area who completed the written informed consent were involved in the study.
All patients were informed about possible complications and failure of the surgery after which they filled a written informed consent to be involved in the study and all medical procedures were performed without any charge for the patients. Genioplasty and alloplastic chin augmentation were also considered for cases in which the reconstruction failed to create the appropriate chin protrusion.
Infection occurred at the labiomental incision in one patient, and in 2 cases, unilateral swelling was seen because of small hematoma that was treated with small incision and drainage of the hematoma. The results were estimated to be good and excellent in 17 and 15 patients, respectively, but in 2 cases, outcome was not satisfactory.
Most patients stated that their self-confidence and appearance have been improved after the surgery, and 7 patients claimed that if there is any surgical method for skin augmentation over the area, they wish to undertake it.
Under generalized anesthesia, as a result of severe scarring lower lip and chin, sacrectomy was carried out.
Several surgeries and split-thickness grafting had been performed for correcting the deformities but still several deformities such as incomplete closure of eyelids, upper eyelids ectropion, lip incompetence, retrusive chin, and unidentifiable chin folds existed on her face. In suitable dimension, outline, and location, it can significantly improve the normal harmony and equilibrium of the face. Lower invasiveness compared to osteotomy and the use of auto graft instead of alloplastic material are the most important advantages of the current method.
Beside patient attitude, in our opinion the results were satisfactory in almost all of the patients but 2 of them in whom suboptimal results were obtained.

More invasive approaches like osteotomy genioplasty can be considered for cases in which the current method fails to restore satisfying chin protrusion. You won't have to worry about posing for photos or using a webcam, or holding your head at just the right angle to minimize your double chin fat, or taking care not to look down so you don't make it look even bigger, anymore.If you have double chin fat then you probably wonder why you have been cursed with not one, but two, chubby chins.
Sagging skin under your chin can make you look fat, twice your age, and even a big turn-off at times! Rest your palm against your forehead and push it for 10 seconds while gently resisting it with your head and neck tightly. Even drinking eight big glasses of water in a day has proven to contribute significantly in weight loss. Just get your hairstylist to give you a cool haircut that draws attention away from your round face. Work your abdominals in a unique motion and boost your anabolic hormones to gain muscle and lose fat. After dissection of the superior portions of labiomental and inferior pedicle of submental fat pads, turning over and attaching them together, the skin over the area was reconstructed as needed. The most common complications associated with genioplasty would include potential for relapse, neurologic deficits, and soft tissue deformities. All patients had scar contracture in the neck and submental area that had caused severe pseudomicrogenia.
Demographic data on age, sex, profession, burn injury, and grade of the preliminary burn lesion were collected using a simple questionnaire.
After mobilization of the skin flap, labiomental fat pat at the inferior pedicle was dissected.
In 3 cases due to inappropriate skin of the chin area, split-thickness skin grafting was performed after removing the scarred skin over the chin. Most complications were due to skin grafting and in 2 out of 3 patients, patchy incomplete graft taking was observed. Genioplasty about 6 mm was performed in one of the patients whose result was not acceptable but the other patient was satisfied with the result and requested for no further surgeries. Afterward, displaced tissues that had obliterated the natural chin folds were unroofed and by 2 hinge flaps, made of submental and labiomental subcutaneous fat pads, chin projection and folds were augmented.
Deformity of lower lip, chin retrusion, and unidentifiable chin folds besides scar of previous burn before surgery are evident.
After surgical correction, the form of the chin is augmented significantly and labiomental and submental folds are notable.
Under generalized anesthesia, upper eyelids ectropion was corrected by skin grafting and liberating the skin contracture, which was followed by chin and lower lip reconstruction.
Severe chin retrusion in addition to previous skin grafting signs is obvious and again natural foldings of chin area are not identifiable (left). Other than usual complications associated with any surgical procedure, each method according to its nature has specific complications. Lower period of hospitalization due to its simple and contained nature might be other possible benefit.
This preliminary study reveals that further studies with larger sample size might be performed to evaluate possible complications that are not seen here and also to estimate more accurate success rate. Correction of retrusive chin in the reconstruction of face and neck burns using sliding genioplasty. Fracture of the mandibular body and ramus during horizontal osteotomy for augmentation genioplasty.
Complications of genioplasty done alone or in combination with sagittal split-ramus osteotomy.
Both men and women battle with excess chin fat and it can be difficult to get rid of and even more difficult to live with. The good news is that there are some chin specific exercise to bail you out of this trouble. Drinking water also helps to ease bloating or water retention on your body, making your face look fresh too.
It helps to melt the underlying fat in the skin by sending light waves, which is then dispelled naturally by the body. In addition to this workout, add healthy eating and positive thinking and you will accomplish your goal.
Bone erosion and implant displacement and extrusion are also reported with the use of implants,6 although developing new techniques for chin reconstruction is of utmost importance and should be aimed toward simple techniques with lower complications. The same method was applied in the submental incision and submental fat pad at the superior pedicle was dissected and mobilized like hinge flap (Figs 1 and 2). All patients were suffering from inferior lip, chin, and neck burn scars with or without involvement of other areas. For the rest of the patients (3 patients), after expansion of the skin in the neck area, which was planned prior to the surgery, the skin flap was turned over the chin area and replaced instead of the unsuitable scary skin.

After sufficient homeostasis, split-thickness skin grafting from left lateral thigh was done over the chin and lower lip damaged skin and fixed by the means of tie over dressing.
Using 2 horizontal incisions in submental area and lower lip vermilion edge about 4 to 5 cm and liberating vermilion edge and orbicularis oculi muscle from adhesions, severe ectropion of lower lip was corrected. Reconstruction of the chin using subcutaneous fat has enhanced chin protrusion, appearance, and its normal folds, noticeably (right). Gaining extra weight is not much of a concern until we see some visible signs of that extra fat, like a double chin. Opening and closing your mouth as wide as possible is one sure way to burn the chin fat quicker. So, the next time you are bogged down with a bloated face or extra flesh on your face, you know where to head! In 32 patients, the procedure was performed successfully and the results were evaluated as excellent in 15 cases and good in 17 cases. Chin appearance in almost all patients was pseudomicrogenia, which was due to the compression of chin fat pad resulting from burn scar. In the follow-up, graft taking was acceptable and appearance of lower lip and chin was augmented significantly, which resulted in patient satisfaction. Inventing new techniques with simpler methods that might result in lower complications is of utmost importance.
However, in 2 patients, suboptimal results were obtained, which were corrected using genioplasty in one of them. In 25 cases, burn was caused by flame, in 6 cases by hot liquids, and in the rest of the cases (3 patients) due to suicide with inflammable liquids such as gas oil.
Chin skin was released from underlying tissue via undermining the skin from the incisions and hinge flaps from the subcutaneous fat pads were used for correcting proper chin protrusion by overlapping the flaps and stitching them with vicryl string. Double chin is the upshot of excess fat in your body and the best way to fight it out is to change your lifestyle.
Just start from below your ears and brush it all the way to your chin, making sure to blend.
You must work the right muscles and move the right way, as with any exercise, and it works.
Turned flaps at labiomental and submental areas were advanced about 3 and 4 to 5 cm, respectively, and then incisions were repaired and hemovacuum drain was placed under the flap. Highlighting the tip of your chin with some white powder will dramatically add to the slimming effect. However, checking your lifestyle and working towards it before it’s too late and might save you from all the hassles later on.
Tissue expansion and full-thickness skin grafting were used in 3 others for resurfacing the area. The patient was extremely satisfied with the outcome and microgenia or retrogenia appearance was corrected. Conclusion: Taken together, the current technique might be helpful in restoring normal chin protrusion and can be used besides available methods for resurfacing and reconstruction of the defective skin for enhancing the facial appearance.
Excess fat has accumulated under your jaw line and is being stored around the jaw area as fat.
It's really important to change your diet so you eat more fiber, less fat and fewer calories.2.
Eat a healthy diet low in sugar and salt and drink plenty of water to flush your system and help prevent water retention. Salty food will encourage your body to retain water because your body will try to dilute salt.
Omega oils will help to soften your skin from the inside and improve your skin's elasticity so as you lose weight your skin will shrink back naturally and you won't be left with a turkey neck in place of your double chin fat.4.
Now open and close your mouth so that as you close your mouth you can feel the muscles under your jaw stretch.
Repeat this exercise 5 times, 3 times a day, every day to help tone up the muscles under your chin.5. Use makeup to emphasize the beauty of your eyes and draw attention away from your neck and double chin.6.
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