Q: Right now my main goal is to burn body fat while keeping as much of the muscle I built over the winter intact. Then, once you’re done, have a meal that contains only protein and essential fatty acids — no starchy carbohydrates or fruits. About two hours later have another meal that contains low-glycemic-index carbs- — along with a complete protein, of course — and you should quickly begin to see the results you’re after.
While I understand this trainer’s thought process and the physiological mechanisms he is referring to, in the real world the result of such a practice is almost always a severe loss of muscle.

A trainer at my gym told me not to eat for about two hours after I’m done to keep burning more body fat. Your solution is rather simple and will allow you to experience the best of both worlds — rapid loss in body fat and effective maintenance of your lean tissue. That will keep your insulin levels very low, which will allow for a prolonged fat-burning effect from your cardio while at the same time providing necessary amino acids and fats for muscle maintenance and sustained energy. After one week of doing that, I feel as if my muscles look smaller and flatter and that I’m losing all that I worked so hard to gain.

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