Now if this is a bit of a challenge for you, do your best and come back to this each week to see your progress and for maximum fat burning power. Now that’s how you burn fat… reply back after you complete this routine to tell me how you did. About MeHi, I'm Clark Shao This is my fitness blog, and my goal here is to share the best techniques for getting a ripped body and six pack abs. Be sure that your elbow is directly underneath your shoulder and your feet are stacked on top of eachother.

If you want to continue to burn fat at optimal levels, then find out how you can take control of your master fat loss hormone today and start burning fat 2x faster (takes second). I regularly post free workout and nutrition videos here that you can use to start getting in shape right away.
It's my system for getting abs which has been proven to get you tastefully muscular, "fitness model" style abs faster than anything else. I also share articles and written tips on how to get in shape, and I share some of the best fitness advice from others I've found online.

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