In order to burn off your back fat, you must make cardiovascular exercise part of your daily routine. Weightlifting supports your efforts to burn back fat because added muscle mass boosts your resting metabolism, helping you to burn more calories daily. Instead of eating three large meals daily, split your calories into five or six mini meals.
Added sugar contains empty calories, and it thwarts your efforts to burn off your back fat.

If you don't sleep adequately, your body's systems won't function as efficiently, hurting your weight loss efforts.
Use an online calorie calculator to determine the number of calories you can consume daily to lose weight.
If you wait long periods between meals, your digestive system and metabolism slow down to conserve energy. Drink three to five cups of green tea daily to reap the benefits and burn your back fat more quickly.

You will burn back fat more quickly if you maintain a well-balanced lifestyle that keeps your body healthy.
While it may not come off your back first, you will eventually burn off your back fat if you lower your overall body fat.

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