As practice shows, not everyone knows for certain about treating burns on fingers, and therefore, getting such a trauma, many of us are completely helpless. Burn is a tissue damage by high temperature, electric current, corrosive chemicals, ionizing radiation.
You can get burned not only from touching the hot surface or being insufficiently careful when removing the cover from boiling pot.
Formation of blisters is observed in the second degree burns when there is the peeling skin.

In addition to thermal burns , there are also chemical burns – burns from acid or corrosive materials for cleaning and disinfection. Temperature of boiling water is 100 degrees Celsius, however, the steam may cause damage more than the fire. Put the affected area under running cold water and hold it until the pain subsided, then lubricate with alcohol or cologne, without putting bandages. Steam burn, as well as any thermal burn, causes damage of the skin tissue, disturbed circulation, swelling and inflammation.

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