Body fat percentage calculator ** recommended for you, Varying degrees of body fat percentage for men and women. How to calculate body fat percentage accurately: 7 steps, How to calculate body fat percentage accurately.
Body Fat Percentage is a measurement of how much fat the body is carrying in comparison to the rest of the body’s lean body mass (bone, muscle, organ tissue, blood and everything else) that is not fatty tissue. Knowing your body fat percentage is very important when you are trying to improve your health and fitness. A higher body fat percentage is expected in females because women have a different body composition compared to men.
If your body fat percentage is lower than the recommended levels, you are at risk of health complications such as organ damage. If your body fat percentage is above the recommended score, you fall into the obese category.
After you have measured your current height (in metres) and weight (in kg), enter the details into the following Body Fat Percentage Calculators, based on your sex and age (in years).

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While knowing your Body Mass Index can be very useful as a quick guide to whether you are a within a healthy weight range, the Body Fat Percentage Calculator also takes into consideration your age and gender as well as your height and weight. This is due to physiological difference such as hormones, breasts, female reproductive organs and the fact that women require a higher amount of body fat for ovulation to occur. If you are an elite athlete, your body fat percentage may be quite low at certain times, however be sure you are giving your body enough fuel that it isn’t burning the vital fat stores that are responsible for protecting your organs. To avoid health complications associated with obesity it is recommended you discuss a healthy living plan with your doctor. Body fat is responsible for numerous functions in the body such as temperature regulation and the cushioning or insulation of organs. Age is also considered when calculating the acceptable levels of body fat in a persons body. There are many other variables and health conditions that can affect the composition of persons body, so if you are concerned about your body fat percentage, be sure to talk to your local doctor before embarking on a new eating or exercise plan.

Building up some lean muscle is an expected outcome of healthy eating and regular exercise so putting on body weight due to increased muscle mass should be viewed as a positive change in most circumstances.
The expected body fat percentages for growing children are slightly higher than for adults.
When people get older, their lean body mass is likely to decline due to reduced lean muscle mass and reduced bone density.
For example, a person who commences a new weight training program may lose 3kg of fat but may put on 5kg of lean muscle mass at the same time. Understanding that their Body Fat Percentage has reduced in this instance can be very beneficial so as not to lose hope at the beginning of a new health plan.

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