If you are trying to lose weight by burning fat, it is important to monitor your heart rate while exercising. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends an exercise intensity range of 55-69% of the maximal heart rate for beginners and 55%-90% for experienced exercisers. Mode: Continuous rhythmic, aerobic exercise- may include low level cardio respiratory activities and light muscular endurance exercise. Below is a chart you may use to determine your maximum heart rate in relationship to your age.

Calculating your target heart is one of the methods used to show you the intensity you are working out at. Gin Miller Fitness StudioGin’s Fitness Studio is located on Main Street in downtown Woodstock, Georgia. The maximum heart rate in beats per minute (bpm) can be estimated by subtracting the age from 220. For example, a 20 year old college student has an estimated maximum heart rate of 200 (220-20).

It is important to remember that whenever intensities are estimated, the duration of the exercise session and the initial fitness level must be considered.

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