Join Date Dec 2009 Posts 14 hmmm, so your want to gain more lean mass but lose fat at the same time?
Join Date Dec 2009 Posts 52 I guess what I'm trying to do is to convert fat mass into lean muscle mass, is that possible? You can just eat at your maintenance, and then lift hard and do plenty of cardio, and slowly you'll lose fat and add muscle. Join Date Dec 2009 Posts 52 I've been thinking about it, and as of right now, i just want to get cut. Join Date Feb 2008 Posts 949 What I would do, personally, is to go into a calorie deficit. While you are in a calorie deficit, though, your body will naturally want to break down muscles to feed itself, but you will counter this through weight training.
Join Date Dec 2007 Location Moonville, NJ Posts 154 Originally Posted by Eric L -No sugar.
Join Date Jan 2010 Posts 2 Whey protein is very good to take and you can also go with some cardio exercises also you can take bananas with the milk too which is recommended by the gym instructors.
Join Date Dec 2009 Posts 52 I have another question, I went on creatine awhile back, probably in june i think.
Join Date Nov 2004 Location Nebraska Posts 6,465 creatine doesn't figure into fat loss at all. Join Date Jan 2010 Location Philippines Posts 15 My advise is go to the natural way of losing fat. Join Date Nov 2004 Location Nebraska Posts 6,465 Originally Posted by melanie Your fat probably convert into lean muscle mass. Join Date Dec 2009 Posts 52 So I've been dieting well, eating more smaller meals, and cutting out sugar.

The amount of body fat you carry, represented in terms of a percentage, makes a huge difference in your overall health and body shape.
Remember this, you cannoy bulk and cut at the same time however you can design a diet which lets you gain lean mass while minimizing fat gains. I've been doing workouts with weights and machines, as well as doing quite a bit of cardio. I've been eating salad for dinner the past 4 nights, this can get old, not yet, i do enjoy salad, but was craving pasta last night. If you are a woman aged between 20 and 40, 19% to 26% body fat is considered good to excellent. Water is vital because virtually all cellular activities take place in it, including transportation and burning of fat in the body. I work out my upper body a lot, im always tentative to work out my legs because i use them for running and biking, and i don't want them to be too tired out for that.
I do have a barbell and weights at my house, for olympic lifts, i can do things like power cleans, split jerk, front squats. It makes sense, therefore, to cut back on bad fat like trans fat and saturated fat found in meats, while increasing the good fat like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
This means getting your carbs in at breakfast, pre-workout, post-workout (dont forget your protein on these meals) and spending the rest of your meals loading up on proteins and fats. I figured if i ripped my muscles, and consumed enough protein to repair them bigger and stronger, as well as went under on my daily calorie needs, that my muscles would grow, while my fat was deminished. I have trouble squatting on the guided racks at my gym, but i can do front squats at my house without a rack, or leg press?? As far as i'm aware creatine wouldn't stop me from burning fat, though i know i'd lose weight if i got off of it, it would not be fat weight, so that doesn't help.

On the other hand, if you are a man aged between 20 and 40, 10% to 20% body fat is considered good. Intakes of the good fats in moderation is actually a good way to decrease body fat percentage because the good fats enhance the bodya€™s metabolic function, which can trigger use of stored energy and help burn excess body fats. I don't know too much about these things, i'm just trying to lose fat more than anything, i was obese as a child, and i'm still trying to lose the fat that has plagued me. Generally i run quite a bit, though it has slowed down due to winter, and i bike quite a bit. Surprisingly, some people have reported drastically reducing their body fat percentage by drinking a higher than normal amount of water totaling to at least one gallon a day!
I hate the fact that i can run for miles at a good pace, and im in better cardio shape than most of my friends yet im still much much less defined than them. If your body fat percentage is higher than the upper recommended value for your age group and sex, you need to work on decreasing the excess fat. If you are significantly overweight (over 25 percent body fat in males and 30 percent in females), start with low-intensity weight training to burn excess body fat. Low-intensity weight training helps you not place too much stress on your body at this early stage. Workout moderately first thing in the morning (ideally) and then gradually ease into higher-intensity workout routines as you get used to weight training. Aerobic exercises like walking, running and riding a stationary bike are a great way to accelerate the fat burning process and decrease your overall body fat percentage fast.

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