These 10 foods have the power to help you lose weight and lower cholesterol without giving up flavor.
Without a doubt, achieving a healthy weight is one of the top recommendations for improving health, especially when an individual is already on the road to a more serious condition such as heart disease. Thanks to ongoing research into cholesterol in the body and the diet, the availability of nutrition information for food products and restaurant menu choices, a better understanding of how nutrients work in the body, and a wealth of dietitians and chefs who know how to make delicious food work for our health and palate, we can satisfy our taste buds while losing weight and lowering cholesterol. While your primary care doctor and a registered dietitian can make specific recommendations for your situation and health goals, the 10 foods below have been shown to help with both weight loss and cholesterol reduction and deliver on flavor at the same time.
Whole Grains – These nutrient-dense foods have long been top picks for lowering cholesterol, keeping blood sugar steady and achieving a healthy weight, thanks to high levels of fiber. Oats –Make overnight oats for a quick breakfast, add them to fresh fruit and yogurt for a grab and go parfait or try an oat recipe like these Stuffed Turkey Burgers with Smoky Aioli. Apples – Chop them up to add to your oatmeal, add slices to your sandwich or salad, enjoy as a quick snack or bake for a healthier dessert like this Apple Pistachio Crisp Recipe. Salmon – Fatty fish like this are a great way to include heart-healthy omega 3s in your diet as well as add plenty of protein.

Black Beans – Mix with veggies and spices to create a unique side or make them the star of the meal as a soup, salad, burrito or other tasty option. America's Incredible Pizza Company has been voted the #1 Family Entertainment Center in the world two times.
Find out how Healthy Dining's dietitians and marketing team can help your restaurant meet the nutrition needs of your guests. Attention Dietitians, Health Professionals,  Worksite Wellness Directors, and Physicians!
Healthy Dining can provide you with tools to introduce Healthy Dining Finder to your patients, members, and employees. In fact, just a 5%-10% weight loss can help improve cholesterol levels, one of the risk factors associated with heart disease. This year is the International Year of Pulses, a great time to start making the most of these nutritional powerhouses. What if you could do something that helped you get to your healthy weight and lower cholesterol at the same time?

The DASH diet is the solution for these ailments: It is scientifically proven to lower your high blood pressure and it is a natural treatment for high blood pressure hypertension. The DASH diet is also considered as a High Cholesterol Diet and it will enable you to lower your Cholesterol level. This book has plenty of information about the Dash Diet and plenty of Practical Advice On The Best Foods To Eat On The DASH Diet. In order to manage and prevent hypertension, high blood pressure and lower high Cholesterol it is essential to follow a healthy diet. A few years ago I had a breakthrough: I've invested time and money in health and diet education. This education helped me to identify the best diet programs in the market and I successfully used those diet programs.

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