Did you know that too much of stress can mean that your brain can shrink and your belly grow? Instead of trying to perform 1000 push ups at a time, try for short exercises at different intervals of time. Laying on your back with your knees slightly bent, use your abs to pull your knees up towards your chest. Laying on your back with your legs extended and feet straight up towards the ceiling, use your abs to pull your butt off the floor (lifting your feet towards the ceiling).
Mix all ingredients well and put the resulting mixture in a glass jar, which you should afterwards store in the refrigerator. Consume one tablespoon of the remedy every morning on an empty stomach, during three weeks.

Belly fat can be easy to gain and even after hours of workout, can be difficult to get rid of. I tell people all the time that losing weight is at least 90% diet and only 10% working out.
While this workout will shred your abdominal muscles in a hurry it’s nothing without a healthy diet. Focus on each one of those areas during that particular exercise and I PROMISE this one will torch your abs! The more weight you have, the higher are your chances of contracting chronic diseases like heart diseases, strokes and even cancer. This foods will ensure that you intake your required proteins while ensuring that you remain healthy.

Add to it the fact that nearly 69% of Americans are overweight, and you know just how important keeping a check on your weight is.
Take less of sugar which can mean your body producing less insulin, one of the sure shot ways to reduce belly fat.

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