Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) – The test subject lies on a table on their back for approximately10 minutes while a small x-ray scanner called a densitometer takes a three dimensional measurement of fat tissue mass and lean muscle mass.
BODPOD – The test subject sits inside a sealed capsule and using air displacement and alternating air pressures, body composition is then accurately determined. All three of these methods are highly accurate for determining body fat percentage and lean muscle mass. So what method can the average fitness enthusiast utilize to accurately determine their body fat to lean muscle tissue ratio, cost-effectively in the privacy of their own home? BodyMetrix is a body composition analysis system that uses ultrasound to evaluate an individual’s body mass index, fat percentage, body mass index (BMI) and basal metabolic rate (BMR) and more.
Monitoring your bodily functions and composition is one of the most essential aspects of keeping fit and staying healthy.
In a nutshell, BodyMetrix follows the same principle (and safety) as that of a regular ultrasound scan used for pregnant women.
Data that is compiled and analyzed by BodyMetrix can be broken down into several categories, with each providing an accurate measurement of your body’s internal statistics. For a lot of people, measuring these factors provides them (or their healthcare provider) with a means to come up with more effective fitness and nutrition programs to help them reach their health goals quicker. Aside from the actual ultrasound scanner, the BodyMetrix system comes with software that provides individuals and healthcare providers visual representations of the area where the ultrasound is directed. When purchasing the BodyMetrix system, you are provided with the ultrasound scanner, a software program for proper analysis and monitoring, and ultrasound gels that enable you to obtain a more accurate picture of the area being evaluated. Once everything is set up, you can immediately start using the system to track your body composition and begin gaining critical insight on your overall health. Aside from this, the BodyMetrix system also gives you additional resources such as 3D virtualization, health assessment reporting, and the ability to import data to the software to better understand the benefits of accurately tracking body composition. Ease of use is perhaps the biggest advantage that you’ll find when using the BodyMetrix system. Aside from ease of use, another advantage offered by the BodyMetrix system is that it can be used in the privacy of your home and is extremely cost effective when taking multiple body composition measurements to track your progress over specific period of time.
The disadvantage of using the BodyMetrix system lies in the reliability of the data being presented to the user.

The BodyMetrix system provides accurate body composition readings and analysis in a timely and cost-effective manner within the comfort of your own home. This interactive obesity quiz is part of the Guardian’s obesity crisis report featuring interactive graphics, articles and tips for getting healthy. Keeping the pet well-fed is a goal shared by all responsible dog owners, but did you know obesity is just as hazardous as being too thin? You know there is an island where you can play with puppies at the beach and adopt if you want to bring one home?
Simpkins Have you ever wondered how fat you really are, and if you knew, how would it affect your nutrition and fitness choices?
Unfortunately, the equipment used to run these tests are usually only found in clinical settings and university research labs. The system was designed and developed by IntelaMetrix, a leading provider of health analysis and measurement tools that are used in various industries and fields of healthcare. The question that needs to be answered now is whether or not BodyMetrix delivers on its promise of accurate readings and results.
One is for an individual’s personal use, and the other is for various commercial purposes such as those used in clinics and wellness centers. These categories include body scans that track fat loss and muscle gain, BMI, BMR, relative risks for various diseases, health assessments, and lean body mass among others. From these images, the software then interprets the gathered information and provides a quantitative measurement of a your physique. Depending on the type of scan being done, you can obtain information on your body mass index, body fat percentage, and the amount of calories that you need to consume daily in order to achieve your fitness goals.
The ultrasound scanner is simple to use, as you only need to point it to the specified area for the data to be gathered and analyzed. Although the results provided by the software are very accurate, there is somewhat of a learning curve when it comes to the interpretation of each of the measurements and how they relate to your specific fitness goals. With the data that the system provides during testing, you will gain the insight needed to make the necessary adjustments to your fitness and nutrition program, to achieve the most effective results in the least amount of time!
One interesting article shows that men are bigger than they think while women overestimate their weight and are actually thinner than they think.

Lay your fingers against the sides of his body behind his shoulders and gently feel around the area.
The ones, that are so small you could easily miss them while scrolling to the bottom of the page? Now I’m not talking about weighing yourself on a bathroom scale or counting the notches on your belt, but rather accurately testing and measuring your actual body composition. Once fully immersed they are instructed to expel all the air from their lungs while underwater weight is measured.
This can make it difficult for the average individual to gain access to testing and it can become cost prohibitive when taking multiple measurements for progress tracking. At present, those who use BodyMetrix for personal needs include athletes, competitive weightlifters, and fitness enthusiasts who wish to monitor their physiques and track their progress on a regular basis. The software program itself provides accurate readings and interpretations based on the data gathered from the scanner.
While a little fat under the skin is perfectly fine, you shouldn’t need to press hard to feel each rib clearly. The same links that if I wasn’t told about, could have easily assumed, didn’t even exist? Those who use the more comprehensive BodyMetrix system on the other hand include hospitals, weight loss clinics and therapy centers. The data is immediately available for analysis and interpretation, eliminating the need to go to a hospital or clinic for similar tests and procedures.
The pup may be over his healthy weight If you need to press firmly to feel his ribs or if the skin covering them rolls into folds larger than half an inch.

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